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Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 12, June 2019

1. A uniform solution to SAT problem by symport/antiport P systems with channel states and membrane division  
Author(s): Suxia Jiang, Yanfeng Wang, Yansen Su
Pages: 3903-3911

2. Structures of compactly generated lattices described by cut sets of L-valued sets
Author(s): Kai Zuo, Xue-ping Wang, Xiaohong Zhang
Pages: 3913-3920

3. Method with horizontal fuzzy numbers for solving real fuzzy linear systems
Author(s): Marek Landowski
Pages: 3921-3933

4. Operations and structures derived from non-associative MV-algebras
Author(s): Ivan Chajda, Radomir Halaš, Helmut Länger
Pages: 3935-3944

5. Performing CTL model checking via DNA computing
Author(s): Weijun Zhu, Yingjie Han, Qinglei Zhou
Pages: 3945-3963

6. On characterizations of a pair of covering-based approximation operators
Author(s): Yan-Lan Zhang, Chang-Qing Li, Jinjin Li
Pages: 3965-3972

7. Semi-complement graph of lattice modules
Author(s): Narayan Phadatare, Vilas Kharat, Sachin Ballal
Pages: 3973-3978

8. A topological duality for tense θ-valued Łukasiewicz–Moisil algebras
Author(s): Aldo V. Figallo, Inés Pascual, Gustavo Pelaitay
Pages: 3979-3997  

9. On an explicit representation of the Łukasiewicz sum as a quantum operation
Author(s): H. Freytes, F. Holik, G. M. Bosyk, G. Sergioli
Pages: 3999-4007

10. Attribute-based encryption with adaptive policy
Author(s): Yiliang Han
Pages: 4009-4017

11. On distributed user-centric memetic algorithms
Author(s): Antonio J. Fernández-Leiva, Álvaro Gutiérrez-Fuentes
Pages: 4019-4039

12. An angle-based method for measuring the semantic similarity between visual and textual features
Author(s): Chenwei Tang, Jiancheng Lv, Yao Chen, Jixiang Guo
Pages: 4041-4050

13. Fusion of progressive granular neural networks for pattern classification
Author(s): D. Arun Kumar, Saroj K. Meher, K. Padma Kumari
Pages: 4051-4064

14. A stock model with jumps for Itô–Liu financial markets
Author(s): Frank Ranganai Matenda, Eriyoti Chikodza
Pages: 4065-4080

15. A simple water cycle algorithm with percolation operator for clustering analysis
Author(s): Shilei Qiao, Yongquan Zhou, Yuxiang Zhou, Rui Wang
Pages: 4081-4095

16. Bayesian genetic programming for edge detection
Author(s): Wenlong Fu, Mengjie Zhang, Mark Johnston
Pages: 4097-4112

17. Accelerating differential evolution based on a subset-to-subset survivor selection operator
Author(s): Jinglei Guo, Zhijian Li, Shengxiang Yang
Pages: 4113-4130

18. Adaptive cruise control via adaptive dynamic programming with experience replay
Author(s): Bin Wang, Dongbin Zhao, Jin Cheng
Pages: 4131-4144

19. Supporting academic decision making at higher educational institutions using machine learning-based algorithms
Author(s): Yuri Nieto, Vicente García-Díaz, Carlos Montenegro, Rubén González Crespo
Pages: 4145-4153

20. A biased random key genetic algorithm for the protein–ligand docking problem
Author(s): Pablo Felipe Leonhart, Eduardo Spieler, Rodrigo Ligabue-Braun
Pages: 4155-4176

21. Context-sensitive and keyword density-based supervised machine learning techniques for malicious webpage detection
Author(s): Betul Altay, Tansel Dokeroglu, Ahmet Cosar
Pages: 4177-4191

22. Sorting retail locations in a large urban city by using ELECTRE TRI-C and trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
Author(s): Javier Pereira, Elaine C. B. de Oliveira, Luiz F. A. M. Gomes
Pages: 4193-4206

23. Automatic identification of characteristic points related to pathologies in electrocardiograms to design expert systems
Author(s): Jose Ignacio Peláez, Jose Antonio Gomez-Ruiz, Javier Fornari
Pages: 4207-4219

24. A multi-objective approach to weather radar network architecture
Author(s): Redouane Boudjemaa, Diego Oliva
Pages: 4221-4238          

25. An optimization algorithm applied to the class integration and test order problem
Author(s): Yanmei Zhang, Shujuan Jiang, Xingya Wang, Ruoyu Chen, Miao Zhang
Pages: 4239-4253

26. A meta-heuristic approach for RLE compression in a column store table
Author(s): Jane Jovanovski, Nino Arsov, Evgenija Stevanoska, Maja Siljanoska Simons
Pages: 4255-4276

27. A two-product, multi-period nonstationary newsvendor problem with budget constraint
Author(s): Yong Zhang, Weiguo Zhang, Xingyu Yang, Weijun Xu
Pages: 4277-4287

28. Belief-based chaotic algorithm for support vector data description
Author(s): Javad Hamidzadeh, Neda Namaei
Pages: 4289-4314

29. Heuristic nonlinear regression strategy for detecting phishing websites
Author(s): Mehdi Babagoli, Mohammad Pourmahmood Aghababa, Vahid Solouk
Pages: 4315-4327
30. C-means clustering and deep-neuro-fuzzy classification for road weight measurement in traffic management system
Author(s): Sakhawat Hosain Sumit, Shamim Akhter
Pages: 4329-43400

31. Multi-objective differential evolution with dynamic hybrid constraint handling mechanism
Author(s): YueFeng Lin, Wei Du, Wenli Du
Pages: 4341-4355

32. Multiply information coding and hiding using fuzzy vault
Author(s): Katarzyna Koptyra, Marek R. Ogiela
Pages: 4357-4366

33. A new bi-objective fuzzy portfolio selection model and its solution through evolutionary algorithms
Author(s): Mohuya B. Kar, Samarjit Kar, Sini Guo, Xiang Li, Saibal Majumder
Pages: 4367-4381

34. An elitism-based self-adaptive multi-population Jaya algorithm and its applications
Author(s): R. Venkata Rao, Ankit Saroj
Pages: 4383-4406

35. An Electromagnetism-like mechanism algorithm for the router node placement in wireless mesh networks
Author(s): Lamri Sayad, Louiza Bouallouche-Medjkoune, Djamil Aissani
Pages: 4407-4419

36. Particle swarm optimization with convergence speed controller for large-scale numerical optimization
Author(s): Han Huang, Liang Lv, Shujin Ye, Zhifeng Hao
Pages: 4421-4437

37. Chatter prediction using merged wavelet denoising and ANFIS
Author(s): Shailendra Kumar, Bhagat Singh
Pages: 4439-4458
38. An adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system-based caching scheme for content-centric networking
Author(s): Nidhi Lal, Shishupal Kumar, Vijay Kumar Chaurasiya
Pages: 4459-4470

39. A simplified implementation of hierarchical fuzzy systems
Author(s): Chia-Wen Chang, Chin-Wang Tao
Pages: 4471-4481

40. Efficient and merged biogeography-based optimization algorithm for global optimization problems
Author(s): Xinming Zhang, Qiang Kang, Qiang Tu, Jinfeng Cheng, Xia Wang
Pages: 4483-4502

41. Bipolar fuzzy concept learning using next neighbor and Euclidean distance
Author(s): Prem Kumar Singh
Pages: 4503-4520

42. A new effective solution method for fully intuitionistic fuzzy transportation problem
Author(s): Ali Mahmoodirad, Tofigh Allahviranloo, Sadegh Niroomand
Pages: 4521-4530

43. MS-ACO: a multi-stage ant colony optimization to refute complex software systems specified through graph transformation
Author(s): Vahid Rafe, Mahsa Darghayedi, Einollah Pira
Pages: 4531-4556

44. AFCGD: an adaptive fuzzy classifier based on gradient descent
Author(s): Homeira Shahparast, Eghbal G. Mansoori, Mansoor Zolghadri Jahromi
Pages: 4557-4571

45. Research on a novel minimum-risk model for uncertain orienteering problem based on uncertainty theory
Author(s): Jian Wang, Jiansheng Guo, Mingfa Zheng, Zheng MuRong, Zhengxin Li
Pages: 4573-4584

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