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Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 13, July 2019

1. Hyper-operations in effect algebras
Author(s): Wei Ji
Pages: 4585-4592

2. A latent space-based estimation of distribution algorithm for large-scale global optimization
Author(s): Wenyong Dong, Yufeng Wang, Mengchu Zhou
Pages: 4593-4615

3. Maximal similarity granular rough sets for mixed and incomplete information systems
Author(s): Yenny Villuendas-Rey
Pages: 4617-4631

4. Variations of the free implicative semilattice extension of a Hilbert algebra
Author(s): José L. Castiglioni, Hernán J. San Martín
Pages: 4633-4641

5. On pseudo-CI algebras
Author(s): A. Rezaei, A. Borumand Saeid, K. Yousefi Sikari Saber
Pages: 4643-4654

6. Evidential joint calibration of binary SVM classifiers
Author(s): Pauline Minary, Frédéric Pichon, David Mercier, Eric Lefevre
Pages: 4655-4671

7. Design mining microbial fuel cell cascades
Author(s): Richard J. Preen, Jiseon You, Larry Bull, Ioannis A. Ieropoulos
Pages: 4673-4683

8. Multi-focus image fusion combining focus-region-level partition and pulse-coupled neural network
Author(s): Kangjian He, Dongming Zhou, Xuejie Zhang, Rencan Nie, Xin Jin
Pages: 4685-4699

9. SELCLOUD: a hybrid multi-criteria decision-making model for selection of cloud services
Author(s): Chandrashekar Jatoth, G. R. Gangadharan, Ugo Fiore, Rajkumar Buyya
Pages: 4701-4715

10. Identification of topology-preserving, class-relevant feature subsets using multiobjective optimization
Author(s): Sriparna Saha, Mandeep Kaur
Pages: 4717-4733

11. Generating an optimal timetabling for multi-departments common lecturers using hybrid fuzzy and clustering algorithms
Author(s): Hamed Babaei, Jaber Karimpour, Amin Hadidi
Pages: 4735-4747

12. Weibull statistical modeling for textured image retrieval using nonsubsampled contourlet transform
Author(s): Hong-ying Yang, Lin-lin Liang, Can Zhang, Xue-bing Wang, Pan-pan Niu
Pages: 4749-4764

13. Cost function based on hidden Markov models for parameter estimation of chaotic systems
Author(s): Yasser Shekofteh, Sajad Jafari, Karthikeyan Rajagopal
Pages: 4765-4776

14. A novel approach for protein structure prediction based on an estimation of distribution algorithm
Author(s): Amir Morshedian, Jafar Razmara, Shahriar Lotfi
Pages: 4777-4788

15. Diagnosis system for imbalanced multi-minority medical dataset
Author(s): Swati Shilaskar, Ashok Ghatol
Pages: 4789-4799

16. A hybrid intelligent technique for model order reduction in the delta domain: a unified approach
Author(s): Souvik Ganguli, Gagandeep Kaur, Prasanta Sarkar
Pages: 4801-4814

17. Hamiltonian Monte Carlo based on evidence framework for Bayesian learning to neural network
Author(s): Hassan Ramchoun, Mohamed Ettaouil
Pages: 4815-4825

18. An improved differential harmony search algorithm for function optimization problems
Author(s): Lin Wang, Huanling Hu, Rui Liu, Xiaojian Zhou
Pages: 4827-4852

19. A learning strategy for developing neural networks using repetitive observations
Author(s): Kit Yan Chan, Zhixin Liu
Pages: 4853-4869

20. A fuzzy bi-objective MILP approach to integrate sales, production, distribution and procurement planning in a FMCG supply chain
Author(s): Yaser Nemati, Mohammad Hosein Alavidoost
Pages: 4871-4890

21. Study on the estimation of blocking rate in wide-aisle picking system
Author(s): Li Zhou, Hongjian Liu, Xiaoqing Zhao, Ning Cao
Pages: 4891-4902

22. Intelligent agent-based region division scheme for mobile sensor networks
Author(s): Jian Shen, Chen Wang, Anxi Wang
Pages: 4903-4910

23. A two-step surrogate modeling strategy for single-objective and multi-objective optimization of radiofrequency circuits
Author(s): F. Passos, R. González-Echevarría, E. Roca, R. Castro-López
Pages: 4911-4925

24. Coverless image steganography using partial-duplicate image retrieval
Author(s): Zhili Zhou, Yan Mu, Q. M. Jonathan Wu
Pages: 4927-4938

25. An alternative approach to public cloud data auditing supporting data dynamics
Author(s): Tao Wang, Bo Yang, Hongyu Liu, Yong Yu, Guoyong Qiu, Zhe Xia
Pages: 4939-4953

26. Gradient evolution-based counter propagation network for approximation of noncanonical system
Author(s): Uday Pratap Singh, Sanjeev Jain, Akhilesh Tiwari, Rajeev Kumar Singh
Pages: 4955-4967

27. Design of face recognition system based on fuzzy transform and radial basis function neural networks
Author(s): Seok-Beom Roh, Sung-Kwun Oh, Jin-Hee Yoon, Kisung Seo
Pages: 4969-4985

28. Information entropy risk measure applied to large group decision-making method
Author(s): Xuan-hua Xu, Xintong Luo
Pages: 4987-4997

29. Bi-objective location problem with balanced allocation of customers and Bernoulli demands: two solution approaches
Author(s): Saber Shiripour, Nezam Mahdavi-Amiri
Pages: 4999-5018

30. Firework-based software project scheduling method considering the learning and forgetting effect
Author(s): Yinan Guo, Jianjiao Ji, Junhua Ji, Dunwei Gong, Jian Cheng, Xiaoning Shen
Pages: 5019-5034

31. A novel CACOR-SVR multi-objective optimization approach and its application in aerodynamic shape optimization of high-speed train
Author(s): Ye Zhang, Guo Wei Yang, Di Long Guo, Zhen Xu Sun, Da Wei Chen
Pages: 5035-5051

32. Integrated fuzzy AHP and fuzzy TOPSIS methods for multi-objective optimization of electro discharge machining process
Author(s): Tribeni Roy, Ranjit Kumar Dutta
Pages: 5053-5063

33. Seam elimination based on Curvelet for image stitching
Author(s): Zhaobin Wang, Zekun Yang
Pages: 5065-5080

34. Multiperiod mean absolute deviation uncertain portfolio selection with real constraints
Author(s): Peng Zhang
Pages: 5081-5098

35. Extended Genetic Algorithm for solving open-shop scheduling problem
Author(s): Ali Asghar Rahmani Hosseinabadi, Javad Vahidi, Behzad Saemi
Pages: 5099-5116

36. Automatic roller bearings fault diagnosis using DSAE in deep learning and CFS algorithm
Author(s): Fan Xu, Peter W Tse
Pages: 5117-5128

37. A belief-rule-based model for information fusion with insufficient multi-sensor data and domain knowledge using evolutionary algorithms with operator recommendations
Author(s): Yu Zhou, Leilei Chang, Bin Qian
Pages: 5129-5142

38. Combined PID and LQR controller using optimized fuzzy rules
Author(s): Reza Mohammadi Asl, Amir Mahdoudi, Elham Pourabdollah, Gregor Klančar
Pages: 5143-5155

39. Difference co-occurrence matrix using BP neural network for fingerprint liveness detection
Author(s): Chengsheng Yuan, Xingming Sun, Q. M. Jonathan Wu
Pages: 5157-5169

40. A feasible density peaks clustering algorithm with a merging strategy
Author(s): Xiao Xu, Shifei Ding, Hui Xu, Hongmei Liao, Yu Xue
Pages: 5171-5183

41. Enhanced channel estimation in OFDM systems with neural network technologies
Author(s): Chia-Hsin Cheng, Yao-Hung Huang, Hsing-Chung Chen
Pages: 5185-5197

42. An efficient approach by adjusting bounds for heuristic optimization algorithms
Author(s): Mehmet Alper Sofuoğlu, Fatih Hayati Çakır, Selim Gürgen
Pages: 5199-5212

43. Optimization of different non-traditional turning processes using soft computing methods
Author(s): Mehmet Alper Sofuoğlu, Fatih Hayati Çakır, Melih Cemal Kuşhan, Sezan Orak
Pages: 5213-5231

44. Differential evolution for feature selection: a fuzzy wrapper–filter approach
Author(s): Emrah Hancer
Pages: 5233-5248

45. Compact memetic algorithm-based process model matching
Author(s): Xingsi Xue
Pages: 5249-5257

46. Multi-criteria decision-making analysis of different non-traditional machining operations of Ti6Al4V
Author(s): Selim Gürgen, Fatih Hayati Çakır, M. Alper Sofuoğlu, Sezan Orak
Pages: 5259-5272

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