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Soft Computing, Volume 23, Issue 20, October 2019

1. A new rule to combine dependent bodies of evidence
Author(s): Xiaoyan Su, Lusu Li, Hong Qian, Sankaran Mahadevan, Yong Deng
Pages: 9793-9799

2. Multiset mixed topological space
Author(s): Karishma Shravan, Binod Chandra Tripathy
Pages: 9801-9805

3. Generalized pseudo-EMV-effect algebras
Author(s): Anatolij Dvurečenskij, Omid Zahiri
Pages: 9807-9819

4. Highly robust hybrid image watermarking approach using Tchebichef transform with secured PCA and CAT encryption
Author(s): Rabeah Noor, Ahmed Khan, Aaliya Sarfaraz, Zahid Mehmood
Pages: 9821-9829

5. Filters by BL-homomorphisms
Author(s): Fatemeh Najmi Dolat Abadi, Javad Moghaderi
Pages: 9831-9841

6. Bisimulation of type 2 for BL-general fuzzy automata
Author(s): Marzieh Shamsizadeh, Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi
Pages: 9843-9852

7. New decision-making hybrid model: intuitionistic fuzzy N-soft rough sets
Author(s): Muhammad Akram, Ghous Ali, José Carlos R. Alcantud
Pages: 9853-9868

8. Granular autoencoders: concepts and design
Author(s): Witold Pedrycz, Rami Al-Hmouz, Abdullah Balamash, Ali Morfeq
Pages: 9869-9880

9. On some paracompactness-type properties of fuzzy topological spaces
Author(s): Francisco Gallego Lupiáñez
Pages: 9881-9883

10. Bipolar fuzzy matrices
Author(s): Madhumangal Pal, Sanjib Mondal
Pages: 9885-9897

11. A hybrid teaching–learning-based optimization technique for optimal DG sizing and placement in radial distribution systems
Author(s): Imran Ahmad Quadri, Suman Bhowmick, Dheeraj Joshi
Pages: 9899-991

12. Binary teaching–learning-based optimization algorithm with a new update mechanism for sample subset optimization in software defect prediction
Author(s): Thanh Tung Khuat, My Hanh Le
Pages: 9919-9935

13. Deep evolutionary modeling of condition monitoring data in marine propulsion systems
Author(s): Alberto Diez-Olivan, Jose A. Pagan, Ricardo Sanz, Basilio Sierra
Pages: 9937-9953

14. Novel decision-making method based on bipolar neutrosophic information
Author(s): Jianming Zhan, Muhammad Akram, Muzzamal Sitara
Pages: 9955-9977

15. Software requirement optimization using a fuzzy artificial chemical reaction optimization algorithm
Author(s): Hamidreza Alrezaamiri, Ali Ebrahimnejad, Homayun Motameni
Pages: 9979-9994

16. Assessment of the risk factors for type II diabetes using an improved combination of particle swarm optimization and decision trees by evaluation with Fisher’s linear discriminant analysis
Author(s): A. Sheik Abdullah, S. Selvakumar
Pages: 9995-10017

17. Comment on "Least-squares approach to regression modeling in full interval-valued fuzzy environment"
Author(s): Abdullah Al-Qudaimi, Amit Kumar
Pages: 10019-1002

18. Intuitionistic fuzzy reducible weighted Maclaurin symmetric means and their application in multiple-attribute decision making
Author(s): Minghua Shi, Qingxian Xiao
Pages: 10029-10043

19. BEMD image fusion based on PCNN and compressed sensing
Author(s): Shifei Ding, Peng Du, Xingyu Zhao, Qiangbo Zhu, Yu Xue
Pages: 10045-10054

20. An Evolutionary Algorithm and operators for the Airport Baggage Sorting Station Problem
Author(s): Amadeo Ascó
Pages: 10055-10083

21. Smart medical device selection based on intuitionistic fuzzy Choquet integral
Author(s): Gülçin Büyüközkan, Fethullah Göçer
Pages: 10085-10103

22. Fuzzy clustering approach for brain tumor tissue segmentation in magnetic resonance images
Author(s): Iván A. Rodríguez-Méndez, Raquel. Ureña, Enrique Herrera-Viedma
Pages: 10105-10117

23. Forecasting from incomplete and chaotic wind speed data
Author(s): Hector Rodriguez, Juan J. Flores, Luis A. Morales, Carlos Lara
Pages: 10119-10127

24. A hybrid algorithm based on chicken swarm and improved raven roosting optimization
Author(s): Shadi Torabi, Faramarz Safi-Esfahani
Pages: 10129-10171

25. Object tracking via dense SIFT features and low-rank representation
Author(s): Yong Wang, Xinbin Luo, Lu Ding, Jingjing Wu
Pages: 10173-10186

26. The maximum points-based supervised learning rule for spiking neural networks
Author(s): Xiurui Xie, Guisong Liu, Qing Cai, Hong Qu, Malu Zhang
Pages: 10187-10198

27. Optimisation of production scheduling for multi-product orders in VCIM systems using GA
Author(s): Son Duy Dao, Kazem Abhary, Romeo Marian, Mark Goh
Pages: 10199-10224

28. Improved harmony search with general iteration models for engineering design optimization problems
Author(s): Haibin Ouyang, Wenqiang Wu, Chunliang Zhang, Steven Li, Dexuan Zou
Pages: 10225-10260

29. Assessment of groundwater utilization status and prediction of water table depth using different heuristic models in an Indian interbasin
Author(s): Sucharita Pradhan, Shiv Kumar, Yogendra Kumar, Harish Chandra Sharma
Pages: 10261-10285

30. Student dropout prediction in massive open online courses by convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Lin Qiu, Yanshen Liu, Quan Hu, Yi Liu
Pages: 10287-10301

31. An unsupervised and robust validity index for clustering analysis
Author(s): Yaru Wang, Shihong Yue, Zhenhua Hao, Mingliang Ding, Jia Li
Pages: 10303-10319

32. Failure modes and effects analysis for CO2 transmission pipelines using a hesitant fuzzy VIKOR method
Author(s): Jian Guo, Zefu Lin, Lei Zu, Junlin Chen
Pages: 10321-10338

33. A novel granular approach for detecting dynamic online communities in social network
Author(s): Hamideh Sadat Cheraghchi, Ali Zakerolhosseini, Saeed Bagheri Shouraki
Pages: 10339-10360

34. An autonomic resource provisioning framework for efficient data collection in cloudlet-enabled wireless body area networks: a fuzzy-based proactive approach
Author(s): Tushar Bhardwaj, Subhash Chander Sharma
Pages: 10361-10383

35. Testing statistical hypotheses for intuitionistic fuzzy data
Author(s): Mohammad Ghasem Akbari, Gholamreza Hesamian
Pages: 10385-10392

36. Correlation coefficient of intuitionistic hesitant fuzzy sets based on informational energy and their applications to clustering analysis
Author(s): Adina Asim, Rabia Nasar, Tabasam Rashid
Pages: 10393-10406

37. A new entropy-based approach for fuzzy c-means clustering and its application to brain MR image segmentation
Author(s): Sayan Kahali, Jamuna Kanta Sing, Punam Kumar Saha
Pages: 10407-10414

38. Toward recursive spherical harmonics-issued bi-filters: Part I: theoretical framework
Author(s): Malika Jallouli, Makerem Zemni, Anouar Ben Mabrouk, Mohamed Ali Mahjoub
Pages: 10415-10428

39. River flow prediction using hybrid PSOGSA algorithm based on feed-forward neural network
Author(s): Sarita Gajbhiye Meshram, Mohmmmad Ali Ghorbani, Shahaboddin Shamshirband
Pages: 10429-10438

40. Some novel intuitionistic fuzzy information fusion methods in decision making with interaction among attributes
Author(s): Zhimin Mu, Shouzhen Zeng
Pages: 10439-10448

41. A new combined actuator fault estimation and accommodation for linear parameter varying system subject to simultaneous and multiple faults: an LMIs approach
Author(s): Samir Bendoukha, Samir Abdelmalek, Salem Abdelmalek
Pages: 10449-10462

42. Simulation and evaluation of second-order fuzzy boundary value problems
Author(s): Mahmood Otadi
Pages: 10463-10475

43. Using max-continuous T fuzzy relation equations to determine the vector
Author(s): Zhong-Lin Chai
Pages: 10477-10484

44. Fuzzy nonparametric estimation of capability index Cpk
Author(s): Fereshteh Momeni, Bahram Sadeghpour Gildeh, Gholamreza Hesamian
Pages: 10485-10494

45. Optimization of support vector machine parameters for voltage stability margin assessment in the deregulated power system
Author(s): G. S. Naganathan, C. K. Babulal
Pages: 10495-10507

46. Product family flexibility design method based on hybrid adaptive ant colony algorithm
Author(s): Wei Wei, Zhenyu Tian, Chong Peng, Ang Liu, Zhinan Zhang
Pages: 10509-10520

47. A monarch butterfly optimization-based neural network simulator for prediction of siro-spun yarn tenacity
Author(s): Parham Soltani, Esmaeil Hadavandi
Pages: 10521-10535

48. A fuzzy ELECTRE structure methodology to assess big data maturity in healthcare SMEs
Author(s): Alejandro Peña, Isis Bonet, Christian Lochmuller, Marta S. Tabares
Pages: 10537-1055

49. Automatic sentiment-oriented summarization of multi-documents using soft computing
Author(s): Asad Abdi, Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin, Shafaatunnur Hasan, Jalil Piran
Pages: 10551-10568

50. Evaluation and selecting the contractor in bidding with incomplete information using MCGDM method
Author(s): Alireza Komeili Birjandi, Fatemeh Akhyani, Reza Sheikh, Shib Sankar Sana
Pages: 10569-10585

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