Friday, November 22, 2019

Evolving Systems, Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2019

1. ACFLN: artificial chemical functional link network for prediction of stock market index
Author(s): S. C. Nayak, B. B. Misra, H. S. Behera
Pages: 567-592

2. Local thresholding of degraded or unevenly illuminated documents using fuzzy inclusion and entropy measures
Author(s): Athanasios C. Bogiatzis, Basil K. Papadopoulos
Pages: 593-619

3. Neutrosophic soft set decision making for stock trending analysis
Author(s): Sudan Jha, Raghvendra Kumar, Le Hoang Son, Jyotir Moy Chatterjee
Pages: 621-627

4. Fuzzy and neutrosophic modeling for link prediction in social networks
Author(s): Tran Manh Tuan, Pham Minh Chuan, Mumtaz Ali, Tran Thi Ngan
Pages: 629-634

5. Multi-area interconnected power system load frequency control using ELQR based state feedback gain controller
Author(s): Naresh Kumari, Nitin Malik, A. N. Jha
Pages: 635-647

6. Research on intelligent collision avoidance decision-making of unmanned ship in unknown environments
Author(s): Chengbo Wang, Xinyu Zhang, Longze Cong, Junjie Li, Jiawei Zhang
Pages: 649-658

7. Energy efficient clustering protocol for WSNs based on bio-inspired ICHB algorithm and fuzzy logic system
Author(s): Prateek Gupta, Ajay K. Sharma
Pages: 659-677

8. Artificial bee colony algorithm for enhancing image edge detection
Author(s): Anan Banharnsakun
Pages: 679-687

9. Stride towards aging problem in face recognition by applying hybrid local feature descriptors
Author(s): Kishore Kumar Kamarajugadda, Trinatha Rao Polipalli
Pages: 689-705

10. Reconstruction of catadioptric omnidirectional images using dual alternating total variation minimization
Author(s): Soraya Zenati, Abdelhani Boukrouche, Larbi Boubchir
Pages: 707-723

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