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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 31, Issue 3, March 2020.

1. Heterogeneous Multilayer Generalized Operational Perceptron
Author(s): Dat Thanh Tran; Serkan Kiranyaz; Moncef Gabbouj; Alexandros Iosifidis
Pages: 710 - 724

2. LABIN: Balanced Min Cut for Large-Scale Data
Author(s): Xiaojun Chen; Renjie Chen; Qingyao Wu; Yixiang Fang; Feiping Nie; Joshua Zhexue Huang
Pages: 725 - 736

3. Adaptive Deep Modeling of Users and Items Using Side Information for Recommendation
Author(s): Jiayu Han; Lei Zheng; Yuanbo Xu; Bangzuo Zhang; Fuzhen Zhuang; Philip S. Yu; Wanli Zuo
Pages: 737 - 748

4. Exactly Robust Kernel Principal Component Analysis
Author(s): Jicong Fan; Tommy W. S. Chow
Pages: 749 - 761

5. Distributed Dissipative State Estimation for Markov Jump Genetic Regulatory Networks Subject to Round-Robin Scheduling
Author(s): Hao Shen; Shicheng Huo; Huaicheng Yan; Ju H. Park; Victor Sreeram
Pages: 762 - 771

6. Compact and Computationally Efficient Representation of Deep Neural Networks
Author(s): Simon Wiedemann; Klaus-Robert Müller; Wojciech Samek
Pages: 772 - 785

7. Discriminative Fisher Embedding Dictionary Learning Algorithm for Object Recognition
Author(s): Zhengming Li; Zheng Zhang; Jie Qin; Zhao Zhang; Ling Shao
Pages: 786 - 800

8. Stability-Based Generalization Analysis of Distributed Learning Algorithms for Big Data
Author(s): Xinxing Wu; Junping Zhang; Fei-Yue Wang
Pages: 801 - 812

9. Recurrent Neural Networks With External Addressable Long-Term and Working Memory for Learning Long-Term Dependences
Author(s): Zhibin Quan; Weili Zeng; Xuelian Li; Yandong Liu; Yunxiu Yu; Wankou Yang
Pages: 813 - 826

10. Log-Sum-Exp Neural Networks and Posynomial Models for Convex and Log-Log-Convex Data
Author(s): Giuseppe C. Calafiore; Stephane Gaubert; Corrado Possieri
Pages: 827 - 838

11. A Robust Visual System for Small Target Motion Detection Against Cluttered Moving Backgrounds
Author(s): Hongxin Wang; Jigen Peng; Xuqiang Zheng; Shigang Yue
Pages: 839 - 853

12. Trajectory Tracking on Uncertain Complex Networks via NN-Based Inverse Optimal Pinning Control
Author(s): Carlos J. Vega; Oscar J. Suarez; Edgar N. Sanchez; Guanrong Chen; Santiago Elvira-Ceja; David I. Rodriguez
Pages: 854 - 864

13. Nonsynaptic Error Backpropagation in Long-Term Cognitive Networks
Author(s): Gonzalo Nápoles; Frank Vanhoenshoven; Rafael Falcon; Koen Vanhoof
Pages: 865 - 875

14. Bipartite Differential Neural Network for Unsupervised Image Change Detection
Author(s): Jia Liu; Maoguo Gong; A. K. Qin; Kay Chen Tan
Pages: 876 - 890

15. A Switched Operation Approach to Sampled-Data Control Stabilization of Fuzzy Memristive Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delay
Author(s): Xin Wang; Ju H. Park; Shouming Zhong; Huilan Yang
Pages: 891 - 900

16. Neural Network-Based Adaptive Antiswing Control of an Underactuated Ship-Mounted Crane With Roll Motions and Input Dead Zones
Author(s): Tong Yang; Ning Sun; He Chen; Yongchun Fang
Pages: 901 - 914

17. Robust and Sparse Linear Discriminant Analysis via an Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
Author(s): Chun-Na Li; Yuan-Hai Shao; Wotao Yin; Ming-Zeng Liu
Pages: 915 - 926

18. From Whole to Part: Reference-Based Representation for Clustering Categorical Data
Author(s): Qibin Zheng; Xingchun Diao; Jianjun Cao; Yi Liu; Hongmei Li; Junnan Yao; Chen Chang; Guojun Lv
Pages: 927 - 937

19. Cognitive Action Laws: The Case of Visual Features
Author(s): Alessandro Betti; Marco Gori; Stefano Melacci
Pages: 938 - 949

20. Convolutional Neural Networks as Asymmetric Volterra Models Based on Generalized Orthonormal Basis Functions
Author(s): Jeremias B. Machado; Sidney N. Givigi
Pages: 950 - 959

21. Synchronization of the Networked System With Continuous and Impulsive Hybrid Communications
Author(s): Wen Sun; Junxia Guan; Jinhu Lü; Zhigang Zheng; Xinghuo Yu; Shihua Chen
Pages: 960 - 971

22. Adaptive Neural Output-Feedback Decentralized Control for Large-Scale Nonlinear Systems With Stochastic Disturbances
Author(s): Huanqing Wang; Peter Xiaoping Liu; Jialei Bao; Xue-Jun Xie; Shuai Li
Pages: 972 - 983

23. Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation via Nonlinear Matrix Factorization
Author(s): Haoliang Li; Sinno Jialin Pan; Shiqi Wang; Alex C. Kot
Pages: 984 - 996

24. Global Stabilization of Fractional-Order Memristor-Based Neural Networks With Time Delay
Author(s): Jia Jia; Xia Huang; Yuxia Li; Jinde Cao; Ahmed Alsaedi
Pages: 997 - 1009

25. Neural Networks-Based Distributed Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Multiagent Systems
Author(s): Qikun Shen; Peng Shi; Junwu Zhu; Shuoyu Wang; Yan Shi
Pages: 1010 - 1021

26. Constrained Quaternion-Variable Convex Optimization: A Quaternion-Valued Recurrent Neural Network Approach
Author(s): Yang Liu; Yanling Zheng; Jianquan Lu; Jinde Cao; Leszek Rutkowski
Pages: 1022 - 1035

27. Consensus Tracking Control of Switched Stochastic Nonlinear Multiagent Systems via Event-Triggered Strategy
Author(s): Wencheng Zou; Peng Shi; Zhengrong Xiang; Yan Shi
Pages: 1036 - 1045

28. The Robustness of Outputs With Respect to Disturbances for Boolean Control Networks
Author(s): Bowen Li; Yang Liu; Jungang Lou; Jianquan Lu; Jinde Cao
Pages: 1046 - 1051

29. Composite Learning Enhanced Robot Impedance Control
Author(s): Tairen Sun; Liang Peng; Long Cheng; Zeng-Guang Hou; Yongping Pan
Pages: 1052 - 1059

30. Robust Event-Triggered Control Invariance of Probabilistic Boolean Control Networks
Author(s): Lin Lin; Jinde Cao; Leszek Rutkowski
Pages: 1060 - 1065

31. Comments on “Fractional Extreme Value Adaptive Training Method: Fractional Steepest Descent Approach”
Author(s): Abdul Wahab; Shujaat Khan
Pages: 1066 - 1068

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