Monday, June 21, 2021

IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems; Volume 13, Number 2, June 2021

1. Guest Editorial Special Issue on Continual Unsupervised Sensorimotor Learning
Author(s): Nicolás Navarro-Guerrero;Sao Mai Nguyen;Erhan Oztop;Junpei Zhong
Pages: 234 - 238

2. CLIC: Curriculum Learning and Imitation for Object Control in Nonrewarding Environments
Author(s): Pierre Fournier;Cédric Colas;Mohamed Chetouani;Olivier Sigaud
Pages: 239 - 248

3. BND*-DDQN: Learn to Steer Autonomously Through Deep Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Keyu Wu;Han Wang;Mahdi Abolfazli Esfahani;Shenghai Yuan
Pages: 249 - 261

4. Intrinsically Motivated Hierarchical Policy Learning in Multiobjective Markov Decision Processes
Author(s): Sherif Abdelfattah;Kathryn Merrick;Jiankun Hu
Pages: 262 - 273

5. Open-Ended Continuous Learning of Compound Goals
Author(s): Paresh Dhakan;Kathryn Kasmarik;Iñaki Rañó;Nazmul Siddique
Pages: 274 - 285

7. Autonomous Identification and Goal-Directed Invocation of Event-Predictive Behavioral Primitives
Author(s): Christian Gumbsch;Martin V. Butz;Georg Martius
Pages: 298 - 311

8. Where Do I Move My Sensors? Emergence of a Topological Representation of Sensors Poses From the Sensorimotor Flow
Author(s): Valentin Marcel;Sylvain Argentieri;Bruno Gas
Pages: 312 - 325

9. Vocal Imitation in Sensorimotor Learning Models: A Comparative Review
Author(s): Silvia Pagliarini;Arthur Leblois;Xavier Hinaut
Pages: 326 - 342

10. Speech Emotion Recognition Based on Robust Discriminative Sparse Regression
Author(s): Peng Song;Wenming Zheng;Yanwei Yu;Shifeng Ou
Pages: 343 - 353

11. A Novel Bi-Hemispheric Discrepancy Model for EEG Emotion Recognition
Author(s): Yang Li;Lei Wang;Wenming Zheng;Yuan Zong;Lei Qi;Zhen Cui;Tong Zhang;Tengfei Song
Pages: 354 - 367

12. Epileptic Signal Classification Based on Synthetic Minority Oversampling and Blending Algorithm
Author(s): Dinghan Hu;Jiuwen Cao;Xiaoping Lai;Junbiao Liu;Shuang Wang;Yao Ding
Pages: 368 - 382

13. Reconfiguration of Brain Network Between Resting State and P300 Task
Author(s): Fali Li;Chanlin Yi;Yuanyuan Liao;Yuanling Jiang;Yajing Si;Limeng Song;Tao Zhang;Dezhong Yao;Yangsong Zhang;Zehong Cao;Peng Xu
Pages: 383 - 390

14. A Novel Grip Force Cognition Scheme for Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery
Author(s): Yongchen Guo;Bo Pan;Yili Fu;Max Q.-H. Meng
Pages: 391 - 402

15. Investigation of Local White Matter Properties in Professional Chess Player: A Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study Based on Automatic Annotation Fiber Clustering
Author(s): Yuanjing Feng;Jiahao Song;Wenxuan Yan;Jingqiang Wang;Changchen Zhao;Qingrun Zeng
Pages: 403 - 415

16. Robot Multimodal Object Perception and Recognition: Synthetic Maturation of Sensorimotor Learning in Embodied Systems
Author(s): Raphaël Braud;Alexandros Giagkos;Patricia Shaw;Mark Lee;Qiang Shen
Pages: 416 - 428

17. A Hippocampal–Entorhinal System Inspired Model for Visual Concept Representation
Author(s): Huankun Sheng;Hongwei Mo;Christian-Marie Moanda Ndeko Mosengo
Pages: 429 - 441

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