Friday, November 12, 2021

Weekly Review - 12 November 2021

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about this week:

1) Simulating a dragonfly's brain shows that enormous deep neural networks aren't always necessary:

2) The precariousness of research positions is why I got out of a research-only career and into academic management - a much better way of supporting my family:

3) Some recent advances in reinforcement learning for deep  neural networks:

4) AI in general, and Deep Neural Networks in particular, have been over-hyped. They can still achieve some useful results, but a healthy level skepticism should be employed:

6) I've been working from home almost three months. I've never done any of these five things:

7) This is not going to end well: AI

9) Organic, implantable, neural networks 

10) My alma mater is using AI to increase energy efficiency in its buildings:

11) Deep learning in military robots:

12) Good overview of time-series prediction with machine learning:

13) How the energy costs of deep learning are becoming unsustainable:

15) Overview of the history of AI, especially neural networks:

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