Friday, June 3, 2022

Weekly Review 3 June 2022

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about this week:

1) An improved method for detecting deepfake images, using an improved training set:

2) Why am I not surprised that it's Amazon that is leading the way in using AI enabled cameras to monitor its staff?

3) Google has demoed a new conversational AI, but it's still not available to anyone else:

4) Two opposing schools of thought on the future of artificial general intelligence:

5) Yet another supercomputer for AI. At which point do these supercomputers start to encounter diminishing returns? That is, when will throwing more processing power at a problem no longer yield better results?

6) The ethics of AI must also or even primarily include the ethics of the data sets used. This increasingly means respect the privacy of data:

7) The advantages and disadvantages of using AI in manufacturing:

9) A COVID19 treatment discovered by AI:

10) You cannot trust a  Machine Learning model you didn't train yourself:

11) A tool from Google that uses AI to help you prepare for job interviews: 

12) Google has banned the creation of DeepFake models on its Colab platform: 

13) A list of articles on ethics in AI:

14) If an AI defamed someone, who would be liable?

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