Friday, September 8, 2023

Weekly Review 8 September 2023

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week:
  1. Using a neural network to predict how a compound smells from its molecular structure: Of course, you still need to get the molecular structure first...
  2. I've never understood why the USA requires students to write admission essays just to get into a university. The whole process seems to encourage use of coaching services and AI tools: 
  3. I tend to agree with AUT here - student success in tertiary education is determined mostly by factors outside of the institution's control. Setting arbitrary deadlines is pointless and smacks of desperation from clueless and lazy bureaucrats:
  4. An AI is no more a person than a cockatoo is a tea maid:
  5. If you don't want Meta to train its AI using your data, now you can tell them so:
  6. The generative AI skills that are in demand right now:
  7. Is an AI model trained on others' work infringing copyright?
  8. Employees want guidance from their employers about using AI in their jobs:
  9. Data centres use a lot of electricity, both in running the servers and cooling them. AI can help reduce this:
  10. People don't trust AI. This can make it harder to integrate into businesses:
  11. Using an AI to monitor Call of Duty voice chat for toxic behaviour:
  12. Large language model AI can be manipulated into being security threats:
  13. Watermarking AI generated images. Now if they can do the same with generated text, a lot of problems will be solved:
  14. Some techniques by which Machine Learning can detect heart disease:
  15. The ethics of #=AI are becoming more important:
  16. Of course, if AI are protecting networks from intrusion, it's only a matter of time before others start using them to break in:

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