Friday, October 6, 2023

Weekly Review 6 October 2023

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on Mastodon and Threads):

  1. Using a convolutional Neural Network for image classification in PyTorch:
  2. How the "Face on Mars" illustrates the problem of bias in data: This is a particular problem for AI
  3. KrispAI uses deep Neural Networks to filter out background noise for online meetings:
  4. The AI tools that YouTube is planning to roll out for its creators:
  5. The opportunities AI offer for Māori:
  6. Even though US police like to use tools like facial recognition, most aren't trained in how to use it properly:
  7. The real problem here is that robots.txt is unenforceable, a crawler can always just ignore it. I suspect the real solution is going to be legal, not technical:
  8. Cubomedusae are fascinating creatures that exhibit complex, predatory behaviours despite not having brains. It turns out they can learn, too: 
  9. Detecting ancient biological samples using AI:
  10. How startups can make use of AI and Machine Learning:
  11. Spotify is using AI to clone people's voices in other languages:
  12. How tertiary teachers need to adapt in the era of generative AI:
  13. Making AI image processing less biased when handling images of people:
  14. The risks shadow AI - unauthorised use of AI tools - pose to an organisation:
  15. Large Language Model AI are now so large they are putting pressure on the chip manufacturing industry:
  16. Amazon is putting US$4b into Anthropic to boost their generative AI technology:
  17. Cloning television presenters using AI:
  18. An overview of the AI functions embedded into the latest update to Windows 11:
  19. Identifying fairy circles in aerial photos using a Neural Network:
  20. Rather stating the obvious, but it does show how generative AI is the new darling of the hype around artificial intelligence:

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