Friday, March 1, 2024

Weekly Review 1 March 2024

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on MastodonThreadsNewsmastBluesky and Post): 

  1. I wonder what the cause of this was? If ChatGPT is learning all the time, was there a concerted effort to poison its learning? 
  2. The AI companies are damned if they do and damned if they don't-if the images generated aren't racially diverse they get accused of racism, and if they are, they get accused of racism: 
  3. This kind of output from generative AI is largely because it has no understanding of what it is being asked to create, and no ability to check what it produces:
  4. How much AI is really AI? 
  5. This seems like a useful application of generative AI: 
  6. New Zealand universities have been chronically under-funded for decades, by governments on both sides of the political spectrum. Now that governmental neglect has brought them to crisis point:
  7. This is just one outcome of governmental neglect of New Zealand universities:
  8. If the prompts for generative AI are best generated by AI, where do humans come in?  
  9. Compulsory watermarking of AI generated material would go a long way to restoring trust in the content we see on the internet, but how do we enforce it? 
  10. It's getting hard to take a company seriously when it's founded and run by one of the biggest trolls in living memory: 
  11. If your AI says it, you are responsible for it: 
  12. No. Just no. The last thing we need is an AI hallucinating in finance: 
  13. At least Reddit will be making money off of AI slurping their data. Pity their users (i.e. the people who actually created the content) probably won't see any it: 
  14. A task force to produce a report that has recommendations around guardrails for AI: So when will something actually get done about this? 
  15. I don't think a delay shipping this AI pin is going to improve its market prospects-most of its functionality is probably going to get rolled into smartphones in the next year or two: 
  16. Some more medical applications of AI: 
  17. Would you trust an AI to choose your mortgage for you? I wouldn't, but I can do enough arithmetic to make those kinds of choices myself: 
  18. Generative AI is already dissuading investment into the facilities used to create entertainment: 
  19. A technical briefing on MLOps: 
  20. Mapping methane emissions using AI: Important, methane is a significant greenhouse gas 
  21. AI can't just be in the cloud, a hybrid approach-some in the cloud, some local- is more likely: 
  22. Generative AI use cases for an Australian bank: This is going to be entertaining.. 
  23. The main criticism of generative AI, and the most reasonable in my opinion, is that it exploits other people's work: 
  24. This might be the one thing that stops AI taking over the world-people won't want to pay for it:

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