Friday, April 19, 2024

Weekly Review 19 April 2024

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on MastodonThreadsNewsmastBluesky and Post): 

  1. The three things an organisation needs to update before investing in AI:
  2. I do wonder how thoroughly this automated grading system has been tested, and what kind of bugs are going to become apparent when using it:
  3. Another burst of activity in the AI sphere as three major new models are released:
  4. AI controlled fighters. You want SkyNet? Because this is how you get SkyNet:
  5. How AI is impacting cloud strategies:
  6. There is no such thing as a politically unbiased AI:
  7. An algorithm that can tell if a large language model AI is lying:
  8. Three ways in which academics can use generative AI responsibly:
  9. The problem with training AI on synthetic data-data generated by AI-is that it quickly breaks everything:
  10. AI can be used to defend, as well as attack, democracy:
  11. AI generated spam and clickbait websites are only going to get worse, as long as businesses pay to advertise on them:
  12. Students' views on the use of AI in science education:
  13. Some of the positions at academic institutions that will be impacted by AI:
  14. How AI is going to help sustainability:
  15. A new bill requires notification of the copyrighted material used to train AI:
  16. An AI can act as if it knows less than it does:
  17. Don't use AI to do your peer review, OK? If I ask you to review a paper, it's because you're an expert. AI aren't experts: 
  18. Predictions from this joker tend to be pretty far off the mark with regards to timing, but not in substance. What he says about AI is no different:
  19. I certainly support open source AI, it has many advantages:
  20. A brief example of using the OpenAI API with Python. Beware, though, you need a paid subscription to use the API:
  21. How long before someone writes an AI that handles their interactions with this AI matchmaker?
  22. Why people choose to stay in academia:
  23. Some tips on how new PhDs can get academic positions:
  24. Hire or train, there aren't enough AI experts to meet the market demands:

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