Friday, May 24, 2024

Weekly Review 24 May 2024

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week (I also post these on MastodonThreadsNewsmastBluesky and Post): 

  1. Another OpenAI safety team member quits due to a lack of confidence that the company's AI will ever be safe:
  2. The importance of AI to national security and prosperity:
  3. Where are we going with the ethics of AI?
  4. Just because it's AI, doesn't mean it's appropriate:
  5. Unfortunately, politics and enormous egos arise in the AI industry as much as any other industry:
  6. I don't believe that today's neural networks are conscious. Consciousness probably comes from quantum effects within neurons, and current AI have nothing like that:
  7. Is AI the Great Filter of technological civilizations? Are aliens just staying the hell away from us?
  8. The impact of AI on data engineering:
  9. An overview of the AI regulatory landscape, especially in Europe:
  10. I've always thought that the publisher Hindawi was a bit dodgy, now 19 of its journals have been wound-up by its owner after AI generated papers were published in them:
  11. A framework for ethics and minimising bias in AI:
  12. I've said for some time that the movie Her is the most accurate representation of AI in the near future. Now Sam Altman has confirmed that it was his inspiration:
  13. There is no way I would want my credit card data to be shared with any AI:
  14. Of course the companies that create training data for AI are exploiting people. How else are they going to get the data without paying huge sums?
  15. The deal between Reddit and OpenAI is done, future AI will be trained on Reddit contributors' data:
  16. Are there any predatory AI journals out there? I've certainly received many emails asking me to submit papers in ecology to such journals:
  17. If they want to test how well their AI sarcasm detector works, they should try it in New Zealand. We're a very sarcastic people:
  18. The potential impact of AI in mathematics:
  19. More AI tools for education from Google:
  20. Overview of the new AI models from OpenAI and Google:
  21. An AI that softens the tone used by angry callers to call centres:
  22. How to setup Ollama, an open source local chatbot:
  23. There are differences in the brain structures of men and women, and AI can detect them:
  24. Do we really need an international regulatory body for AI? We can't even convince the major world powers to prosecute war crimes:

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