Thursday, February 21, 2019

Full UK PhD Scholarships

Full UK PhD scholarships in evolutionary computation/ computational intelligence/data analytics/ operations research/optimisation/simulation

Thanks to an arisen opportunity, we at the Operational Research (OR) group, Liverpool John Moores University (United Kingdom) may be able to offer a small number of PhD scholarships (full or tuition-fees-only depending on the quality of the candidate).

There are two types of scholarships:

The ones for UK/EU/settled students:
  • Deadline 3rd March. Results to be known by end of March.
  • provide full tuition fees for three years and,
  • living expenses + running cost cover of about £16,500 each year (to be determined) for 3 years
  • students have to enrol in Sept-Oct 2019
  • Brexit will not have any impact on these scholarships

The ones for international students:
  • Provide about £20,000 each year (to be determined). Students can use this amount to pay toward their tuition fees and living expenses.
  • If the successful candidate joins one of the projects currently being run by the OR group, he/she may get additional scholarships depending on research performance and level of contribution.
Regarding research topic, any area in evolutionary computation/ computational intelligence/data analytics/ operations research would be acceptable. However, I would prefer a topic that relates to one of our existing projects, which are in the following areas:

  • OR techniques to study/mitigate the impact of climate change on transportation. For example, we have a project (with Merseyrail and Network Rail) on using data analytics and optimisation to anticipate and mitigate the impact of leaves falling on train tracks.
  • Evolutionary computation or meta-heuristics
  • OR/data analytics applications in rail, in partnership with Merseyrail, Network Rail, and Rail Delivery Group
  • OR applications in maritime, in partnership with UK, EU and overseas ports
  • OR applications in sustainable transportation, e.g. bicycle, e-bikes, walking, buses, emission/congestion reduction etc., in partnership with local authorities and transport authorities (e.g. the ones in Liverpool and Manchester)
  • OR applications in logistics (e.g. bin packing, vehicle routing etc.) in partnership with logistics companies, especially those in airports, ports, and manufacturing plants (especially those in Liverpool).
  • OR applications in manufacturing, in partnership with car manufacturers e.g. Vauxhall and Jaguar Land Rover.

Interested candidates please contact Dr. Trung Thanh Nguyen with your full CV and transcripts. It is important that interested candidates contact me ASAP to ensure that we can prepare your applications in the best way to maximise your chance before the deadline of 3rd March.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 29, Issue 9, September 2018

1. Continuous Dropout
Author(s): Xu Shen; Xinmei Tian; Tongliang Liu; Fang Xu; Dacheng Tao
Pages: 3926 - 3937

2. Deep Manifold Learning Combined With Convolutional Neural Networks for Action Recognition
Author(s): Xin Chen; Jian Weng; Wei Lu; Jiaming Xu; Jiasi Weng
Pages: 3938 - 3952

3. AdOn HDP-HMM: An Adaptive Online Model for Segmentation and Classification of Sequential Data
Author(s): Ava Bargi; Richard Yi Da Xu; Massimo Piccardi
Pages: 3953 - 3968

4. Deep Learning of Constrained Autoencoders for Enhanced Understanding of Data
Author(s): Babajide O. Ayinde; Jacek M. Zurada
Pages: 3969 - 3979

5. Learning Methods for Dynamic Topic Modeling in Automated Behavior Analysis
Author(s): Olga Isupova; Danil Kuzin; Lyudmila Mihaylova
Pages: 3980 - 3993

6. Support Vector Data Descriptions and k-Means Clustering: One Class?
Author(s): Nico Görnitz; Luiz Alberto Lima; Klaus-Robert Müller; Marius Kloft; Shinichi Nakajima
Pages: 3994 - 4006

7. Data-Driven Robust M-LS-SVR-Based NARX Modeling for Estimation and Control of Molten Iron Quality Indices in Blast Furnace Ironmaking
Author(s): Ping Zhou; Dongwei Guo; Hong Wang; Tianyou Chai
Pages: 4007 - 4021

8. Detection of Sources in Non-Negative Blind Source Separation by Minimum Description Length Criterion
Author(s): Chia-Hsiang Lin; Chong-Yung Chi; Lulu Chen; David J. Miller; Yue Wang
Pages: 4022 - 4037

9. Nonparametric Coupled Bayesian Dictionary and Classifier Learning for Hyperspectral Classification
Author(s): Naveed Akhtar; Ajmal Mian
Pages: 4038 - 4050

10. Heterogeneous Multitask Metric Learning Across Multiple Domains
Author(s): Yong Luo; Yonggang Wen; Dacheng Tao
Pages: 4051 - 4064

11. Classification of Imbalanced Data by Oversampling in Kernel Space of Support Vector Machines
Author(s): Josey Mathew; Chee Khiang Pang; Ming Luo; Weng Hoe Leong
Pages: 4065 - 4076

12. A Novel Error-Compensation Control for a Class of High-Order Nonlinear Systems With Input Delay
Author(s): Chao Shi; Zongcheng Liu; Xinmin Dong; Yong Chen
Pages: 4077 - 4087

13. Dimensionality Reduction in Multiple Ordinal Regression
Author(s): Jiabei Zeng; Yang Liu; Biao Leng; Zhang Xiong; Yiu-ming Cheung
Pages: 4088 - 4101

14. A Deep Machine Learning Method for Classifying Cyclic Time Series of Biological Signals Using Time-Growing Neural Network
Author(s): Arash Gharehbaghi; Maria Lindén
Pages: 4102 - 4115

15. Transductive Zero-Shot Learning With Adaptive Structural Embedding
Author(s): Yunlong Yu; Zhong Ji; Jichang Guo; Yanwei Pang
Pages: 4116 - 4127

16. Bayesian Nonparametric Regression Modeling of Panel Data for Sequential Classification
Author(s): Sihan Xiong; Yiwei Fu; Asok Ray
Pages: 4128 - 4139

17. Symmetric Predictive Estimator for Biologically Plausible Neural Learning
Author(s): David Xu; Andrew Clappison; Cameron Seth; Jeff Orchard
Pages: 4140 - 4151

18. A Distance-Based Weighted Undersampling Scheme for Support Vector Machines and its Application to Imbalanced Classification
Author(s): Qi Kang; Lei Shi; MengChu Zhou; XueSong Wang; QiDi Wu; Zhi Wei
Pages: 4152 - 4165

19. Learning With Coefficient-Based Regularized Regression on Markov Resampling
Author(s): Luoqing Li; Weifu Li; Bin Zou; Yulong Wang; Yuan Yan Tang; Hua Han
Pages: 4166 - 4176

20. Sequential Labeling With Structural SVM Under Nondecomposable Losses
Author(s): Guopeng Zhang; Massimo Piccardi; Ehsan Zare Borzeshi
Pages: 4177 - 4188

21. The Stability of Stochastic Coupled Systems With Time-Varying Coupling and General Topology Structure
Author(s): Yan Liu; Wenxue Li; Jiqiang Feng
Pages: 4189 - 4200

22. Stability Analysis of Quaternion-Valued Neural Networks: Decomposition and Direct Approaches
Author(s): Yang Liu; Dandan Zhang; Jungang Lou; Jianquan Lu; Jinde Cao
Pages: 4201 - 4211

23. On Wang k WTA With Input Noise, Output Node Stochastic, and Recurrent State Noise
Author(s): John Sum; Chi-Sing Leung; Kevin I.-J. Ho
Pages: 4212 - 4222

24. Event-Driven Stereo Visual Tracking Algorithm to Solve Object Occlusion
Author(s): Luis A. Camuñas-Mesa; Teresa Serrano-Gotarredona; Sio-Hoi Ieng; Ryad Benosman; Bernabé Linares-Barranco
Pages: 4223 - 4237

25. Stability Analysis of Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delay by Constructing Novel Lyapunov Functionals
Author(s): Tae H. Lee; Hieu M. Trinh; Ju H. Park
Pages: 4238 - 4247

26. Design, Analysis, and Representation of Novel Five-Step DTZD Algorithm for Time-Varying Nonlinear Optimization
Author(s): Dongsheng Guo; Laicheng Yan; Zhuoyun Nie
Pages: 4248 - 4260

27. Neural Observer and Adaptive Neural Control Design for a Class of Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Bing Chen; Huaguang Zhang; Xiaoping Liu; Chong Lin
Pages: 4261 - 4271

28. Shared Autoencoder Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model for Visual Classification
Author(s): Jinxing Li; Bob Zhang; David Zhang
Pages: 4272 - 4286

29. Online Supervised Learning for Hardware-Based Multilayer Spiking Neural Networks Through the Modulation of Weight-Dependent Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity
Author(s): Nan Zheng; Pinaki Mazumder
Pages: 4287 - 4302

30. Neural-Network-Based Adaptive Backstepping Control With Application to Spacecraft Attitude Regulation
Author(s): Xibin Cao; Peng Shi; Zhuoshi Li; Ming Liu
Pages: 4303 - 4313

31. Recursive Adaptive Sparse Exponential Functional Link Neural Network for Nonlinear AEC in Impulsive Noise Environment
Author(s): Sheng Zhang; Wei Xing Zheng
Pages: 4314 - 4323

32. Multilabel Prediction via Cross-View Search
Author(s): Xiaobo Shen; Weiwei Liu; Ivor W. Tsang; Quan-Sen Sun; Yew-Soon Ong
Pages: 4324 - 4338

33. Large-Scale Metric Learning: A Voyage From Shallow to Deep
Author(s): Masoud Faraki; Mehrtash T. Harandi; Fatih Porikli
Pages: 4339 - 4346

34. Distributed Event-Triggered Adaptive Control for Cooperative Output Regulation of Heterogeneous Multiagent Systems Under Switching Topology
Author(s): Ruohan Yang; Hao Zhang; Gang Feng; Huaicheng Yan
Pages: 4347 - 4358

35. Event-Based Adaptive NN Tracking Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems
Author(s): Yuan-Xin Li; Guang-Hong Yang
Pages: 4359 - 4369

36. Dynamic Analysis of Hybrid Impulsive Delayed Neural Networks With Uncertainties
Author(s): Bin Hu; Zhi-Hong Guan; Tong-Hui Qian; Guanrong Chen
Pages: 4370 - 4384

37. Robust Zeroing Neural-Dynamics and Its Time-Varying Disturbances Suppression Model Applied to Mobile Robot Manipulators
Author(s): Dechao Chen; Yunong Zhang
Pages: 4385 - 4397

38. Multiple-Instance Ordinal Regression
Author(s): Yanshan Xiao; Bo Liu; Zhifeng Hao
Pages: 4398 - 4413

39. Neuroadaptive Control With Given Performance Specifications for MIMO Strict-Feedback Systems Under Nonsmooth Actuation and Output Constraints
Author(s): Yongduan Song; Shuyan Zhou
Pages: 4414 - 4425

40. Lagrangean-Based Combinatorial Optimization for Large-Scale S3VMs
Author(s): Francesco Bagattini; Paola Cappanera; Fabio Schoen
Pages: 4426 - 4435

41. Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Control for Nonlinear Systems With Multiple Sensor Faults and Unknown Control Directions
Author(s): Ding Zhai; Liwei An; Xiaojian Li; Qingling Zhang
Pages: 4436 - 4446

42. Design of Distributed Observers in the Presence of Arbitrarily Large Communication Delays
Author(s): Kexin Liu; Jinhu Lü; Zongli Lin
Pages: 4447 - 4461

43. A Solution Path Algorithm for General Parametric Quadratic Programming Problem
Author(s): Bin Gu; Victor S. Sheng
Pages: 4462 - 4472

44. Online Density Estimation of Nonstationary Sources Using Exponential Family of Distributions
Author(s): Kaan Gokcesu; Suleyman S. Kozat
Pages: 4473 - 4478

45. Image-Specific Classification With Local and Global Discriminations
Author(s): Chunjie Zhang; Jian Cheng; Changsheng Li; Qi Tian
Pages: 4479 - 4486

46. Global Asymptotic Stability for Delayed Neural Networks Using an Integral Inequality Based on Nonorthogonal Polynomials
Author(s): Xian-Ming Zhang; Wen-Juan Lin; Qing-Long Han; Yong He; Min Wu
Pages: 4487 - 4493

47. L1-Norm Distance Minimization-Based Fast Robust Twin Support Vector k-Plane Clustering
Author(s): Qiaolin Ye; Henghao Zhao; Zechao Li; Xubing Yang; Shangbing Gao; Tongming Yin; Ning Ye
Pages: 4494 - 4503

48. Extensions to Online Feature Selection Using Bagging and Boosting
Author(s): Gregory Ditzler; Joseph LaBarck; James Ritchie; Gail Rosen; Robi Polikar
Pages: 4504 - 4509

49. On Adaptive Boosting for System Identification
Author(s): Johan Bjurgert; Patricio E. Valenzuela; Cristian R. Rojas
Pages: 4510 - 4514

50. Universal Approximation by Using the Correntropy Objective Function
Author(s): Mojtaba Nayyeri; Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi; Alaleh Maskooki; Modjtaba Rouhani
Pages: 4515 - 4521

51. Stability Analysis of Optimal Adaptive Control Under Value Iteration Using a Stabilizing Initial Policy
Author(s): Ali Heydari
Pages: 4522 - 4527

52. Object Categorization Using Class-Specific Representations
Author(s): Chunjie Zhang; Jian Cheng; Liang Li; Changsheng Li; Qi Tian
Pages: 4528 - 4534

53. Improved Stability Analysis for Delayed Neural Networks
Author(s): Zhichen Li; Yan Bai; Congzhi Huang; Huaicheng Yan; Shicai Mu
Pages: 4535 - 4541

54. Connectivity-Preserving Consensus Tracking of Uncertain Nonlinear Strict-Feedback Multiagent Systems: An Error Transformation Approach
Author(s): Sung Jin Yoo
Pages: 4542 - 4548

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Soft Computing, Volume 22, Issue 16, August 2018

1. Optimization and decision-making with big data
Author(s): Xiang Li, Xiaofeng Xu
Pages: 5197-5199

2. Impact of healthcare insurance on medical expense in China: new evidence from meta-analysis
Author(s): Jian Chai, Limin Xing, Youhong Zhou, Shuo Li, K. K. Lai, Shouyang Wang
Pages: 5201-5213

3. Modified bat algorithm based on covariance adaptive evolution for global optimization problems
Author(s): Xian Shan, Huijin Cheng
Pages: 5215-5230

4. The impacts of private risk aversion magnitude and moral hazard in R&D project under uncertain environment
Author(s): Yiping Fu, Zhihua Chen, Yanfei Lan
Pages: 5231-5246

5. Supporting consumer’s purchase decision: a method for ranking products based on online multi-attribute product ratings
Author(s): Zhi-Ping Fan, Yang Xi, Yang Liu
Pages: 5247-5261

6. Effect of risk attitude on outsourcing leadership preferences with demand uncertainty
Author(s): Huiru Chen, Yingchen Yan, Zhibing Liu, Tiantian Xing
Pages: 5263-5278

7. Value-at-risk forecasts by dynamic spatial panel GJR-GARCH model for international stock indices portfolio
Author(s): Wei-Guo Zhang, Guo-Li Mo, Fang Liu, Yong-Jun Liu
Pages: 5279-5297

8. Case-based reasoning with optimized weight derived by particle swarm optimization for software effort estimation
Author(s): Dengsheng Wu, Jianping Li, Chunbing Bao
Pages: 5299-5310

9. Dynamic analysis for Governance–Pollution model with education promoting control
Author(s): Jiaorui Li, Siqi Yu
Pages: 5311-5321

10. A combined neural network model for commodity price forecasting with SSA
Author(s): Jue Wang, Xiang Li
Pages: 5323-5333

11. International investing in uncertain financial market
Author(s): Yi Zhang, Jinwu Gao, Qi An
Pages: 5335-5346

12. A novel multi-attribute group decision-making method based on the MULTIMOORA with linguistic evaluations
Author(s): Xi Chen, Liu Zhao, Haiming Liang
Pages: 5347-5361

13. Evaluation research on commercial bank counterparty credit risk management based on new intuitionistic fuzzy method
Author(s): Qian Liu, Chong Wu, Lingyan Lou
Pages: 5363-5375

14. A novel hybrid decision support system for thyroid disease forecasting
Author(s): Waheed Ahmad, Ayaz Ahmad, Chuncheng Lu, Barkat Ali Khoso, Lican Huang
Pages: 5377-5383

15. A bi-level optimization model of LRP in collaborative logistics network considered backhaul no-load cost
Author(s): Xiaofeng Xu, Yao Zheng, Lean Yu
Pages: 5385-5393

16. Measuring and forecasting the volatility of USD/CNY exchange rate with multi-fractal theory
Author(s): Limei Sun, Lina Zhu, Alec Stephenson, Jinyu Wang
Pages: 5395-5406

17. Affordable levels of house prices using fuzzy linear regression analysis: the case of Shanghai
Author(s): Jian Zhou, Hui Zhang, Yujie Gu, Athanasios A. Pantelous
Pages: 5407-5418

18. What is the value of an online retailer sharing demand forecast information?
Author(s): Jinlou Zhao, Hui Zhu, Shuang Zheng
Pages: 5419-5428

19. Credibility support vector machines based on fuzzy outputs
Author(s): Chao Wang, Xiaowei Liu, Minghu Ha, Ting Zhao
Pages: 5429-5437

20. A novel two-sided matching decision method for technological knowledge supplier and demander considering the network collaboration effect
Author(s): Jing Han, Bin Li, Haiming Liang, Kin Keung Lai
Pages: 5439-5451

21. Managerial compensation and research and development investment in a two-period agency setting
Author(s): Zhiying Zhao, Guoqing Yang, Jianmin Xu
Pages: 5453-5465

22. Intervention strategies for false information on two-layered networks in public crisis by numerical simulations
Author(s): Xiaoxia Zhu, Mengmeng Liu
Pages: 5467-5477

23. The coordination mechanisms of emergency inventory model under supply disruptions
Author(s): Jiaguo Liu, Huan Zhou, Junjin Wang
Pages: 5479-5489

24. Evolutionary many-objective optimization based on linear assignment problem transformations
Author(s): Luis Miguel Antonio, José A. Molinet Berenguer, Carlos A. Coello Coello
Pages: 5491-5512

25. Multiple-attribute decision-making method based on hesitant fuzzy linguistic Muirhead mean aggregation operators
Author(s): Peide Liu, Ying Li, Maocong Zhang, Li Zhang, Juan Zhao
Pages: 5513-5524

26. Sustainability evaluation of the supply chain with undesired outputs and dual-role factors based on double frontier network DEA
Author(s): Yi Su, Wei Sun
Pages: 5525-5533

27. Project portfolio selection based on synergy degree of composite system
Author(s): LiBiao Bai, Hongliang Chen, Qi Gao, Wei Luo
Pages: 5535-5545

28. Balancing strategic contributions and financial returns: a project portfolio selection model under uncertainty
Author(s): Yuntao Guo, Lin Wang, Suike Li, Zhi Chen, Yin Cheng
Pages: 5547-5559

29. An optimal model using data envelopment analysis for uncertainty metrics in reliability
Author(s): Tianpei Zu, Rui Kang, Meilin Wen, Yi Yang
Pages: 5561-5568

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Soft Computing, Volume 22, Issue 15, August 2018

Special Issue on Extensions of Fuzzy Sets in Decision Making

1. A special issue on extensions of fuzzy sets in decision-making
Author(s): Cengiz Kahraman
Pages: 4851-4853

2. Probabilistic OWA distances applied to asset management
Author(s): José M. Merigó, Ligang Zhou, Dejian Yu, Nabil Alrajeh, Khalid Alnowibet
Pages: 4855-4878

3. Solid waste collection system selection for smart cities based on a type-2 fuzzy multi-criteria decision technique
Author(s): Murside Topaloglu, Ferhat Yarkin, Tolga Kaya
Pages: 4879-4890

4. A novel interval-valued neutrosophic EDAS method: prioritization of the United Nations national sustainable development goals
Author(s): Ali Karaşan, Cengiz Kahraman
Pages: 4891-4906

5. A new optimization meta-heuristic algorithm based on self-defense mechanism of the plants with three reproduction operators
Author(s): Camilo Caraveo, Fevrier Valdez, Oscar Castillo
Pages: 4907-4920

6. Interval type-2 fuzzy c-control charts using likelihood and reduction methods
Author(s): Hatice Ercan-Teksen, Ahmet Sermet Anagün
Pages: 4921-4934

7. Comments on crucial and unsolved problems on Atanassov’s intuitionistic fuzzy sets
Author(s): Piotr Dworniczak
Pages: 4935-4939

8. A novel interval-valued neutrosophic AHP with cosine similarity measure
Author(s): Eda Bolturk, Cengiz Kahraman
Pages: 4941-4958

9. An advanced study on the similarity measures of intuitionistic fuzzy sets based on the set pair analysis theory and their application in decision making
Author(s): Harish Garg, Kamal Kumar
Pages: 4959-4970

10. An interval type 2 hesitant fuzzy MCDM approach and a fuzzy c means clustering for retailer clustering
Author(s): Sultan Ceren Oner, Başar Oztaysi
Pages: 4971-4987

11. Criteria evaluation for pricing decisions in strategic marketing management using an intuitionistic cognitive map approach
Author(s): Elif Dogu, Y. Esra Albayrak
Pages: 4989-5005

12. Pythagorean fuzzy engineering economic analysis of solar power plants
Author(s): Veysel Çoban, Sezi Çevik Onar
Pages: 5007-5020

13. Multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for tuning the Type-2 inference engine on classification task
Author(s): Edward C. Hinojosa, Heloisa A. Camargo
Pages: 5021-5031

14. Modeling attribute control charts by interval type-2 fuzzy sets
Author(s): Nihal Erginel, Sevil Şentürk, Gülay Yıldız
Pages: 5033-5041

15. On invariant IF-state
Author(s): Alžbeta Michalíková, Beloslav Riečan
Pages: 5043-5049

16. Entropy measures for Atanassov intuitionistic fuzzy sets based on divergence
Author(s): Ignacio Montes, Nikhil R. Pal, Susana Montes
Pages: 5051-5071

17. An enhanced fuzzy evidential DEMATEL method with its application to identify critical success factors
Author(s): Yuzhen Han, Yong Deng
Pages: 5073-5090

18. Cloud computing technology selection based on interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy MCDM methods
Author(s): Gülçin Büyüközkan, Fethullah Göçer, Orhan Feyzioğlu
Pages: 5091-5114

19. Scaled aggregation operations over two- and three-dimensional index matrices
Author(s): Velichka Traneva, Stoyan Tranev, Miroslav Stoenchev, Krassimir Atanassov
Pages: 5115-5120

20. A bipolar knowledge representation model to improve supervised fuzzy classification algorithms
Author(s): Guillermo Villarino, Daniel Gómez, J. Tinguaro Rodríguez, Javier Montero
Pages: 5121-5146

21. Modeling and analysis of the simplest fuzzy PID controller of Takagi–Sugeno type with modified rule base
Author(s): Ritu Raj, B. M. Mohan
Pages: 5147-5161

22. Expressive attribute-based keyword search with constant-size ciphertext
Author(s): Jinguang Han, Ye Yang, Joseph K. Liu, Jiguo Li, Kaitai Liang, Jian Shen
Pages: 5163-5177

23. Task scheduling using Ant Colony Optimization in multicore architectures: a survey
Author(s): G. Umarani Srikanth, R. Geetha
Pages: 5179-5196

Monday, July 2, 2018

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 29, Issue 7, July 2018

1. Driving Under the Influence (of Language)
Author(s): Daniel Paul Barrett; Scott Alan Bronikowski; Haonan Yu; Jeffrey Mark Siskind
Pages: 2668 - 2683

2. Cascaded Subpatch Networks for Effective CNNs
Author(s): Xiaoheng Jiang; Yanwei Pang; Manli Sun; Xuelong Li
Pages: 2684 - 2694

3. Neighborhood-Based Stopping Criterion for Contrastive Divergence
Author(s): Enrique Romero Merino; Ferran Mazzanti Castrillejo; Jordi Delgado Pin
Pages: 2695 - 2704

4. Neural AILC for Error Tracking Against Arbitrary Initial Shifts
Author(s): Mingxuan Sun; Tao Wu; Lejian Chen; Guofeng Zhang
Pages: 2705 - 2716

5. RankMap: A Framework for Distributed Learning From Dense Data Sets
Author(s): Azalia Mirhoseini; Eva L. Dyer; Ebrahim M. Songhori; Richard Baraniuk; Farinaz Koushanfar
Pages: 2717 - 2730

6. Manifold Preserving: An Intrinsic Approach for Semisupervised Distance Metric Learning
Author(s): Shihui Ying; Zhijie Wen; Jun Shi; Yaxin Peng; Jigen Peng; Hong Qiao
Pages: 2731 - 2742

7. Transductive Regression for Data With Latent Dependence Structure
Author(s): Nico Görnitz; Luiz Alberto Lima; Luiz Eduardo Varella; Klaus-Robert Müller; Shinichi Nakajima
Pages: 2743 - 2756

8. Variance-Constrained State Estimation for Complex Networks With Randomly Varying Topologies
Author(s): Hongli Dong; Nan Hou; Zidong Wang; Weijian Ren
Pages: 2757 - 2768

9. Stability Analysis of Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time Quaternion-Valued Neural Networks With Linear Threshold Neurons
Author(s): Xiaofeng Chen; Qiankun Song; Zhongshan Li; Zhenjiang Zhao; Yurong Liu
Pages: 2769 - 2781

10. Improving Sparsity and Scalability in Regularized Nonconvex Truncated-Loss Learning Problems
Author(s): Qing Tao; Gaowei Wu; Dejun Chu
Pages: 2782 - 2793

11. Policy Approximation in Policy Iteration Approximate Dynamic Programming for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Wentao Guo; Jennie Si; Feng Liu; Shengwei Mei
Pages: 2794 - 2807

12. Multilateral Telecoordinated Control of Multiple Robots With Uncertain Kinematics
Author(s): Di-Hua Zhai; Yuanqing Xia
Pages: 2808 - 2822

13. A Peak Price Tracking-Based Learning System for Portfolio Selection
Author(s): Zhao-Rong Lai; Dao-Qing Dai; Chuan-Xian Ren; Ke-Kun Huang
Pages: 2823 - 2832

14. Generalized Self-Organizing Maps for Automatic Determination of the Number of Clusters and Their Multiprototypes in Cluster Analysis
Author(s): Marian B. Gorzałczany; Filip Rudziński
Pages: 2833 - 2845

15. Event-Triggered Distributed Approximate Optimal State and Output Control of Affine Nonlinear Interconnected Systems
Author(s): Vignesh Narayanan; Sarangapani Jagannathan
Pages: 2846 - 2856

16. Online Feature Transformation Learning for Cross-Domain Object Category Recognition
Author(s): Xuesong Zhang; Yan Zhuang; Wei Wang; Witold Pedrycz
Pages: 2857 - 2871

17. Improving CNN Performance Accuracies With Min–Max Objective
Author(s): Weiwei Shi; Yihong Gong; Xiaoyu Tao; Jinjun Wang; Nanning Zheng
Pages: 2872 - 2885

18. Distribution-Preserving Stratified Sampling for Learning Problems
Author(s): Cristiano Cervellera; Danilo Macciò
Pages: 2886 - 2895

19. Training DCNN by Combining Max-Margin, Max-Correlation Objectives, and Correntropy Loss for Multilabel Image Classification
Author(s): Weiwei Shi; Yihong Gong; Xiaoyu Tao; Nanning Zheng
Pages: 2896 - 2908

20. Robust Least-Squares Support Vector Machine With Minimization of Mean and Variance of Modeling Error
Author(s): Xinjiang Lu; Wenbo Liu; Chuang Zhou; Minghui Huang
Pages: 2909 - 2920

21. Joint Attributes and Event Analysis for Multimedia Event Detection
Author(s): Zhigang Ma; Xiaojun Chang; Zhongwen Xu; Nicu Sebe; Alexander G. Hauptmann
Pages: 2921 - 2930

22. Aggregation Analysis for Competitive Multiagent Systems With Saddle Points via Switching Strategies
Author(s): Liying Zhu; Zhengrong Xiang
Pages: 2931 - 2943

23. Learning Multimodal Parameters: A Bare-Bones Niching Differential Evolution Approach
Author(s): Yue-Jiao Gong; Jun Zhang; Yicong Zhou
Pages: 2944 - 2959

24. Time-Varying System Identification Using an Ultra-Orthogonal Forward Regression and Multiwavelet Basis Functions With Applications to EEG
Author(s): Yang Li; Wei-Gang Cui; Yu-Zhu Guo; Tingwen Huang; Xiao-Feng Yang; Hua-Liang Wei
Pages: 2960 - 2972

25. Neural Decomposition of Time-Series Data for Effective Generalization
Author(s): Luke B. Godfrey; Michael S. Gashler
Pages: 2973 - 2985

26. Feature Selection Based on Neighborhood Discrimination Index
Author(s): Changzhong Wang; Qinghua Hu; Xizhao Wang; Degang Chen; Yuhua Qian; Zhe Dong
Pages: 2986 - 2999

27. Multistability of Recurrent Neural Networks With Nonmonotonic Activation Functions and Unbounded Time-Varying Delays
Author(s): Peng Liu; Zhigang Zeng; Jun Wang
Pages: 3000 - 3010

28. Optimal Triggering of Networked Control Systems
Author(s): Ali Heydari
Pages: 3011 - 3021

29. Observer-Based Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Tracking Control of Nonlinear Nonstrict-Feedback Systems
Author(s): Chengwei Wu; Jianxing Liu; Yongyang Xiong; Ligang Wu
Pages: 3022 - 3033

30. Joint Estimation of Multiple Conditional Gaussian Graphical Models
Author(s): Feihu Huang; Songcan Chen; Sheng-Jun Huang
Pages: 3034 - 3046

31. Stability Analysis of Genetic Regulatory Networks With Switching Parameters and Time Delays
Author(s): Tingting Yu; Jianxing Liu; Yi Zeng; Xian Zhang; Qingshuang Zeng; Ligang Wu
Pages: 3047 - 3058

32. Adaptive Neural Networks Prescribed Performance Control Design for Switched Interconnected Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Yongming Li; Shaocheng Tong
Pages: 3059 - 3068

33. Robust and Efficient Boosting Method Using the Conditional Risk
Author(s): Zhi Xiao; Zhe Luo; Bo Zhong; Xin Dang
Pages: 3069 - 3083

34. Learning Deep Generative Models With Doubly Stochastic Gradient MCMC
Author(s): Chao Du; Jun Zhu; Bo Zhang
Pages: 3084 - 3096

35. Discriminative Transfer Learning Using Similarities and Dissimilarities
Author(s): Ying Lu; Liming Chen; Alexandre Saidi; Emmanuel Dellandrea; Yunhong Wang
Pages: 3097 - 3110

36. Discriminative Block-Diagonal Representation Learning for Image Recognition
Author(s): Zheng Zhang; Yong Xu; Ling Shao; Jian Yang
Pages: 3111 - 3125

37. Robustness to Training Disturbances in SpikeProp Learning
Author(s): Sumit Bam Shrestha; Qing Song
Pages: 3126 - 3139

38. Bayesian Neighborhood Component Analysis
Author(s): Dong Wang; Xiaoyang Tan
Pages: 3140 - 3151

39. p th Moment Exponential Input-to-State Stability of Delayed Recurrent Neural Networks With Markovian Switching via Vector Lyapunov Function
Author(s): Lei Liu; Jinde Cao; Cheng Qian
Pages: 3152 - 3163

40. Distributed Adaptive Finite-Time Approach for Formation–Containment Control of Networked Nonlinear Systems Under Directed Topology
Author(s): Yujuan Wang; Yongduan Song; Wei Ren
Pages: 3164 - 3175

41. DANoC: An Efficient Algorithm and Hardware Codesign of Deep Neural Networks on Chip
Author(s): Xichuan Zhou; Shengli Li; Fang Tang; Shengdong Hu; Zhi Lin; Lei Zhang
Pages: 3176 - 3187

42. Causal Inference on Multidimensional Data Using Free Probability Theory
Author(s): Furui Liu; Lai-Wan Chan
Pages: 3188 - 3198

43. Regularized Semipaired Kernel CCA for Domain Adaptation
Author(s): Siamak Mehrkanoon; Johan A. K. Suykens
Pages: 3199 - 3213

44. Patch Alignment Manifold Matting
Author(s): Xuelong Li; Kang Liu; Yongsheng Dong; Dacheng Tao
Pages: 3214 - 3226

45. Supervised Learning Based on Temporal Coding in Spiking Neural Networks
Author(s): Hesham Mostafa
Pages: 3227 - 3235

46. Multiple Structure-View Learning for Graph Classification
Author(s): Jia Wu; Shirui Pan; Xingquan Zhu; Chengqi Zhang; Philip S. Yu
Pages: 3236 - 3251

47. Online Heterogeneous Transfer by Hedge Ensemble of Offline and Online Decisions
Author(s): Yuguang Yan; Qingyao Wu; Mingkui Tan; Michael K. Ng; Huaqing Min; Ivor W. Tsang
Pages: 3252 - 3263

48. Single-Input Pinning Controller Design for Reachability of Boolean Networks
Author(s): Fangfei Li; Huaicheng Yan; Hamid Reza Karimi
Pages: 3264 - 3269

49. Tree-Based Kernel for Graphs With Continuous Attributes
Author(s): Giovanni Da San Martino; Nicolò Navarin; Alessandro Sperduti
Pages: 3270 - 3276

50. Sufficient Condition for the Existence of the Compact Set in the RBF Neural Network Control
Author(s): Jiaming Zhu; Zhiqiang Cao; Tianping Zhang; Yuequan Yang; Yang Yi
Pages: 3277 - 3282

51. Delayed Feedback Control for Stabilization of Boolean Control Networks With State Delay
Author(s): Rongjian Liu; Jianquan Lu; Yang Liu; Jinde Cao; Zheng-Guang Wu
Pages: 3283 - 3288

52. Convolutional Sparse Autoencoders for Image Classification
Author(s): Wei Luo; Jun Li; Jian Yang; Wei Xu; Jian Zhang
Pages: 3289 - 3294

53. An Algorithm for Finding the Most Similar Given Sized Subgraphs in Two Weighted Graphs
Author(s): Xu Yang; Hong Qiao; Zhi-Yong Liu
Pages: 3295 - 3300

54. Normalization and Solvability of Dynamic-Algebraic Boolean Networks
Author(s): Yang Liu; Jinde Cao; Bowen Li; Jianquan Lu
Pages: 3301 - 3306

Monday, June 25, 2018

IEEE Transaction on Fuzzy System, Volume 26, Issue 3, June 2018

1. Lagrange Stability for T–S Fuzzy Memristive Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays on Time Scales
Author(s): Q. Xiao and Z. Zeng
Pages: 1091-1103

2. A T–S Fuzzy Model Identification Approach Based on a Modified Inter Type-2 FRCM Algorithm
Author(s): W. Zou, C. Li and N. Zhang
Pages: 1104-1113

3. Sensor Fault Estimation of Switched Fuzzy Systems With Unknown Input
Author(s): H. Zhang, J. Han, Y. Wang and X. Liu
Pages: 1114-1124

4. Fuzzy Remote Tracking Control for Randomly Varying Local Nonlinear Models Under Fading and Missing Measurements
Author(s): J. Song, Y. Niu, J. Lam and H. K. Lam
Pages: 1125-1137

5. Distributed Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Output Consensus of Heterogeneous Stochastic Nonlinear Multiagent Systems
Author(s): S. Li, M. J. Er and J. Zhang
Pages: 1138-1152

6. Adaptive Fuzzy Control With Prescribed Performance for Block-Triangular-Structured Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Y. Li and S. Tong
Pages: 1153-1163

7. Dissipativity-Based Fuzzy Integral Sliding Mode Control of Continuous-Time T-S Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): Y. Wang, H. Shen, H. R. Karimi and D. Duan
Pages: 1164-1176

8. A Layered-Coevolution-Based Attribute-Boosted Reduction Using Adaptive Quantum-Behavior PSO and Its Consistent Segmentation for Neonates Brain Tissue
Author(s): W. Ding, C. T. Lin, M. Prasad, Z. Cao and J. Wang
Pages: 1177-1191

9. Fuzzy Model Predictive Control of Discrete-Time Systems with Time-Varying Delay and Disturbances
Author(s): L. Teng, Y. Wang, W. Cai and H. Li
Pages: 1192-1206

10. Finite-Time Adaptive Fuzzy Tracking Control Design for Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): F. Wang, B. Chen, X. Liu and C. Lin
Pages: 1207-1216

11. Combination of Classifiers With Optimal Weight Based on Evidential Reasoning
Author(s): Z. G. Liu, Q. Pan, J. Dezert and A. Martin
Pages: 1217-1230

12. Evaluating and Comparing Soft Partitions: An Approach Based on Dempster–Shafer Theory
Author(s): T. Denœux, S. Li and S. Sriboonchitta
Pages: 1231-1244

13. Adaptive Tracking Control for a Class of Switched Nonlinear Systems Under Asynchronous Switching
Author(s): D. Zhai, A. Y. Lu, J. Dong and Q. Zhang
Pages: 1245-1256

14. Incremental Perspective for Feature Selection Based on Fuzzy Rough Sets
Author(s): Y. Yang, D. Chen, H. Wang and X. Wang
Pages: 1257-1273

15. Galois Connections Between a Fuzzy Preordered Structure and a General Fuzzy Structure
Author(s): I. P. Cabrera, P. Cordero, F. García-Pardo, M. Ojeda-Aciego and B. De Baets
Pages: 1274-1287

16. IC-FNN: A Novel Fuzzy Neural Network With Interpretable, Intuitive, and Correlated-Contours Fuzzy Rules for Function Approximation
Author(s): M. M. Ebadzadeh and A. Salimi-Badr
Pages: 1288-1302

17. On Using the Shapley Value to Approximate the Choquet Integral in Cases of Uncertain Arguments
Author(s): R. R. Yager
Pages: 1303-1310

18. Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Network-Based Nonlinear Systems With Actuator Failures
Author(s): L. Chen, M. Liu, X. Huang, S. Fu and J. Qiu
Pages: 1311-1323

19. Correntropy-Based Evolving Fuzzy Neural System
Author(s): R. J. Bao, H. J. Rong, P. P. Angelov, B. Chen and P. K. Wong
Pages: 1324-1338

20. Multiobjective Reliability Redundancy Allocation Problem With Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Uncertainty
Author(s): P. K. Muhuri, Z. Ashraf and Q. M. D. Lohani
Pages: 1339-1355

21. Distributed Adaptive Fuzzy Control For Nonlinear Multiagent Systems Under Directed Graphs
Author(s): C. Deng and G. H. Yang
Pages: 1356-1366

22. Probability Calculation and Element Optimization of Probabilistic Hesitant Fuzzy Preference Relations Based on Expected Consistency
Author(s): W. Zhou and Z. Xu
Pages: 1367-1378

23. Solving High-Order Uncertain Differential Equations via Runge–Kutta Method
Author(s): X. Ji and J. Zhou
Pages: 1379-1386

24. On Non-commutative Residuated Lattices With Internal States
Author(s): B. Zhao and P. He
Pages: 1387-1400

25. Robust ${L_1}$ Observer-Based Non-PDC Controller Design for Persistent Bounded Disturbed TS Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): N. Vafamand, M. H. Asemani and A. Khayatian
Pages: 1401-1413

26. Decentralized Fault Detection for Affine T–S Fuzzy Large-Scale Systems With Quantized Measurements
Author(s): H. Wang and G. H. Yang
Pages: 1414-1426

27. Convergence in Distribution for Uncertain Random Variables
Author(s): R. Gao and D. A. Ralescu
Pages: 1427-1434

28. Line Integrals of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Calculus and Their Properties
Author(s): Z. Ai and Z. Xu
Pages: 1435-1446

29. Unknown Input-Based Observer Synthesis for a Polynomial T–S Fuzzy Model System With Uncertainties
Author(s): V. P. Vu, W. J. Wang, H. C. Chen and J. M. Zurada
Pages: 1447-1458

30. Distributed Filtering for Discrete-Time T–S Fuzzy Systems With Incomplete Measurements
Author(s): D. Zhang, S. K. Nguang, D. Srinivasan and L. Yu
Pages: 1459-1471

31. Multi-ANFIS Model Based Synchronous Tracking Control of High-Speed Electric Multiple Unit
Author(s): H. Yang, Y. Fu and D. Wang
Pages: 1472-1484

32. A New Self-Regulated Neuro-Fuzzy Framework for Classification of EEG Signals in Motor Imagery BCI
Author(s): A. Jafarifarmand, M. A. Badamchizadeh, S. Khanmohammadi, M. A. Nazari and B. M. Tazehkand
Pages: 1485-1497

33. $Hinfty$ LMI-Based Observer Design for Nonlinear Systems via Takagi–Sugeno Models With Unmeasured Premise Variables
Author(s): T. M. Guerra, R. Márquez, A. Kruszewski and M. Bernal
Pages: 1498-1509

34. Ensemble Fuzzy Clustering Using Cumulative Aggregation on Random Projections
Author(s): P. Rathore, J. C. Bezdek, S. M. Erfani, S. Rajasegarar and M. Palaniswami
Pages: 1510-1524

35. Lattice-Valued Interval Operators and Its Induced Lattice-Valued Convex Structures
Author(s): B. Pang and Z. Y. Xiu
Pages: 1525-1534

36. Deep Takagi–Sugeno–Kang Fuzzy Classifier With Shared Linguistic Fuzzy Rules
Author(s): Y. Zhang, H. Ishibuchi and S. Wang
Pages: 1535-1549

37. Stability Analysis and Control of Two-Dimensional Fuzzy Systems With Directional Time-Varying Delays
Author(s): L. V. Hien and H. Trinh
Pages: 1550-1564

38. A New Fuzzy Modeling Framework for Integrated Risk Prognosis and Therapy of Bladder Cancer Patients
Author(s): O. Obajemu, M. Mahfouf and J. W. F. Catto
Pages: 1565-1577

39. Resolution Principle in Uncertain Random Environment
Author(s): X. Yang, J. Gao and Y. Ni
Pages: 1578-1588

40. Observer-Based Fuzzy Adaptive Event-Triggered Control Codesign for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Author(s): Y. X. Li and G. H. Yang
Pages: 1589-1599

41. Static Output Feedback Stabilization of Positive Polynomial Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): A. Meng, H. K. Lam, Y. Yu, X. Li and F. Liu
Pages: 1600-1612

42. Global Asymptotic Model-Free Trajectory-Independent Tracking Control of an Uncertain Marine Vehicle: An Adaptive Universe-Based Fuzzy Control Approach
Author(s): N. Wang, S. F. Su, J. Yin, Z. Zheng and M. J. Er
Pages: 1613-1625

43. Information Measures in the Intuitionistic Fuzzy Framework and Their Relationships
Author(s): S. Das, D. Guha and R. Mesiar
Pages: 1626-1637

44. A Random Fuzzy Accelerated Degradation Model and Statistical Analysis
Author(s): X. Y. Li, J. P. Wu, H. G. Ma, X. Li and R. Kang
Pages: 1638-1650

45. Measures of Probabilistic Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Hesitant Fuzzy Sets and the Application in Reducing Excessive Medical Examinations
Author(s): Y. Zhai, Z. Xu and H. Liao
Pages: 1651-1670

46. A Unified Collaborative Multikernel Fuzzy Clustering for Multiview Data
Author(s): S. Zeng, X. Wang, H. Cui, C. Zheng and D. Feng
Pages: 1671-1687

47. Asynchronous Piecewise Output-Feedback Control for Large-Scale Fuzzy Systems via Distributed Event-Triggering Schemes
Author(s): Z. Zhong, Y. Zhu and H. K. Lam
Pages: 1688-1703

48. Fuzzy Group Decision Making With Incomplete Information Guided by Social Influence
Author(s): N. Capuano, F. Chiclana, H. Fujita, E. Herrera-Viedma and V. Loia
Pages: 1704-1718

49. Fuzzy Bayesian Learning
Author(s): I. Pan and D. Bester
Pages: 1719-1731

50. Observer and Adaptive Fuzzy Control Design for Nonlinear Strict-Feedback Systems With Unknown Virtual Control Coefficients
Author(s): B. Chen, X. Liu and C. Lin
Pages: 1732-1743

51. Controllable-Domain-Based Fuzzy Rule Extraction for Copper Removal Process Control
Author(s): B. Zhang, C. Yang, H. Zhu, P. Shi and W. Gui
Pages: 1744-1756

52. Renewal Reward Process With Uncertain Interarrival Times and Random Rewards
Author(s): K. Yao and J. Zhou
Pages: 1757-1762

53. Uncertainty Measures of Extended Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Sets
Author(s): C. Wei, R. M. Rodríguez and L. Martínez
Pages: 1763-1768

54. Correction to “Detection of Resource Overload in Conditions of Project Ambiguity” [Aug 17 868-877]
Author(s): M. Pelikán, H. Štiková and I. Vrana
Pages: 1769-1769

Sunday, June 10, 2018

IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, Volume 10, Number 2, June 2018

1. Guest Editorial Special Issue on Neuromorphic Computing and Cognitive Systems
H. Tang, T. Huang, J. L. Krichmar, G. Orchard and A. Basu

2. Adaptive Robot Path Planning Using a Spiking Neuron Algorithm With Axonal Delays
T. Hwu, A. Y. Wang, N. Oros and J. L. Krichmar

3. Neuro-Activity-Based Dynamic Path Planner for 3-D Rough Terrain
A. A. Saputra, Y. Toda, J. Botzheim and N. Kubota

4. EMPD: An Efficient Membrane Potential Driven Supervised Learning Algorithm for Spiking Neurons
M. Zhang, H. Qu, A. Belatreche and X. Xie

5. Robotic Homunculus: Learning of Artificial Skin Representation in a Humanoid Robot Motivated by Primary Somatosensory Cortex
M. Hoffmann, Z. Straka, I. Farkas, M. Vavrecka and G. Metta

6. A Novel Parsimonious Cause-Effect Reasoning Algorithm for Robot Imitation and Plan Recognition
G. Katz, D. W. Huang, T. Hauge, R. Gentili and J. Reggia

7. Predicting Spike Trains from PMd to M1 Using Discrete Time Rescaling Targeted GLM
D. Xing, C. Qian, H. Li, S. Zhang, Q. Zhang, Y. Hao, X. Zheng, Z. Wu, Y. Wang, G. Pan

8. Visual Pattern Recognition Using Enhanced Visual Features and PSD-Based Learning Rule
X. Xu, X. Jin, R. Yan, Q. Fang and W. Lu

9. Multimodal Functional and Structural Brain Connectivity Analysis in Autism: A Preliminary Integrated Approach With EEG, fMRI, and DTI
B. A. Cociu, S. Das, L. Billeci, W. Jamal, K. Maharatna, S. Calderoni, A. Narzisi, F. Muratori

10. Observing and Modeling Developing Knowledge and Uncertainty During Cross-Situational Word Learning
G. Kachergis and C. Yu

11. Prediction Error in the PMd As a Criterion for Biological Motion Discrimination: A Computational Account
Y. Kawai, Y. Nagai and M. Asada

12. Learning 4-D Spatial Representations Through Perceptual Experience With Hypercubes
T. Miwa, Y. Sakai and S. Hashimoto

13. Fuzzy Feature Extraction for Multichannel EEG Classification
P. Y. Zhou and K. C. C. Chan

14. Orthogonal Principal Coefficients Embedding for Unsupervised Subspace Learning
X. Xu, S. Xiao, Z. Yi, X. Peng and Y. Liu

15. A Basal Ganglia Network Centric Reinforcement Learning Model and Its Application in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Y. Zeng, G. Wang and B. Xu

16. Biologically Inspired Self-Organizing Map Applied to Task Assignment and Path Planning of an AUV System
D. Zhu, X. Cao, B. Sun and C. Luo

17. Autonomous Discovery of Motor Constraints in an Intrinsically Motivated Vocal Learner
J. M. Acevedo-Valle, C. Angulo and C. Moulin-Frier

18. Bio-Inspired Model Learning Visual Goals and Attention Skills Through Contingencies and Intrinsic Motivations
V. Sperati and G. Baldassarre

19. Seamless Integration and Coordination of Cognitive Skills in Humanoid Robots: A Deep Learning Approach
J. Hwang and J. Tani

20. Learning Temporal Intervals in Neural Dynamics
B. Duran and Y. Sandamirskaya

21. Quantifying Cognitive Workload in Simulated Flight Using Passive, Dry EEG Measurements
J. A. Blanco, M. K. Johnson, K. J. Jaquess, H. Oh, L. Lo, R. J. Gentili, B. D. Hatfield

22. Enhanced Robotic Hand–Eye Coordination Inspired From Human-Like Behavioral Patterns
F. Chao, Z. Zhu, C. Lin, H. Hu, L. Yang, C. Shang, C. Zhou

23. Covariate Conscious Approach for Gait Recognition Based Upon Zernike Moment Invariants
H. Aggarwal and D. K. Vishwakarma

24. EEG-Based Emotion Recognition Using Hierarchical Network With Subnetwork Nodes
Y. Yang, Q. M. J. Wu, W. L. Zheng and B. L. Lu

26. A Novel Biologically Inspired Visual Cognition Model: Automatic Extraction of Semantics, Formation of Integrated Concepts, and Reselection Features for Ambiguity
P. Yin, H. Qiao, W. Wu, L. Qi, Y. Li, S. Zhong, B. Zhang

27. Zero-Shot Image Classification Based on Deep Feature Extraction
X. Wang, C. Chen, Y. Cheng and Z. J. Wang

28. A Hormone-Driven Epigenetic Mechanism for Adaptation in Autonomous Robots
J. Lones, M. Lewis and L. Ca?amero

29. Heteroscedastic Regression and Active Learning for Modeling Affordances in Humanoids
F. Stramandinoli, V. Tikhanoff, U. Pattacini and F. Nori

30. Artificial Cognitive Systems That Can Answer Human Creativity Tests: An Approach and Two Case Studies
A. M. Olte?eanu, Z. Falomir and C. Freksa

31. A Practical SSVEP-Based Algorithm for Perceptual Dominance Estimation in Binocular Rivalry
K. Tanaka, M. Tanaka, T. Kajiwara and H. O. Wang

Sunday, June 3, 2018

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Volume 22 Issue 3, June 2018

1. Guest Editorial Special Issue on Search-Based Software Engineering
Author(s): Federica Sarro, Marouane Kessentini, Kalayanmoy Deb
Pages: 333

2. Constructing Cost-Aware Functional Test-Suites Using Nested Differential Evolution Algorithm
Author(s): Yuexing Wang, Min Zhou, Xiaoyu Song, Ming Gu, Jiaguang Sun
Pages: 334 - 346

3. Multiobjective Testing Resource Allocation Under Uncertainty
Author(s): Roberto Pietrantuono, Pasqualina Potena, Antonio Pecchia, Daniel Rodriguez, Stefano Russo, Luis Fernández-Sanz
Pages: 347 - 362

4. Achieving Feature Location in Families of Models Through the Use of Search-Based Software Engineering
Author(s): Jaime Font, Lorena Arcega, Øystein Haugen, Carlos Cetina
Pages: 363 - 377

5. Integrating Weight Assignment Strategies With NSGA-II for Supporting User Preference Multiobjective Optimization
Author(s): Shuai Wang, Shaukat Ali, Tao Yue, Marius Liaaen
Pages: 378 - 393

6. An Empirical Study of Cohesion and Coupling: Balancing Optimization and Disruption
Author(s): Matheus Paixao, Mark Harman, Yuanyuan Zhang, Yijun Yu
Pages: 394 - 414

7. Genetic Improvement of Software: A Comprehensive Survey
Author(s): Justyna Petke, Saemundur O. Haraldsson, Mark Harman, William B. Langdon, David R. White, John R. Woodward
Pages: 415 - 432

8. Adaptively Allocating Search Effort in Challenging Many-Objective Optimization Problems
Author(s): Hai-Lin Liu, Lei Chen, Qingfu Zhang, Kalyanmoy Deb
Pages: 433 - 448

9. Computing and Updating Hypervolume Contributions in Up to Four Dimensions
Author(s): Andreia P. Guerreiro, Carlos M. Fonseca
Pages: 449 - 463

10. Evolutionary Computation for Community Detection in Networks: A Review
Author(s): Clara Pizzuti
Pages: 464 - 483

11. Escaping Local Optima Using Crossover With Emergent Diversity
Author(s): Duc-Cuong Dang, Tobias Friedrich, Timo Kötzing, Martin S. Krejca, Per Kristian Lehre, Pietro S. Oliveto, Dirk Sudholt, Andrew M. Sutton
Pages: 484 - 497

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 29, Issue 6, June 2018

1. Special Issue on Deep Reinforcement Learning and Adaptive Dynamic Programming
Author(s): Dongbin Zhao, Derong Liu, F. L. Lewis, Jose C. Principe, Stefano Squartini
Pages: 2038 - 2041

2. Optimal and Autonomous Control Using Reinforcement Learning: A Survey
Author(s): Bahare Kiumarsi, Kyriakos G. Vamvoudakis, Hamidreza Modares, Frank L. Lewis
Pages: 2042 - 2062

3. Applications of Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning to Biological Data
Author(s): Mufti Mahmud, Mohammed Shamim Kaiser, Amir Hussain, Stefano Vassanelli
Pages: 2063 - 2079

4. Guided Policy Exploration for Markov Decision Processes Using an Uncertainty-Based Value-of-Information Criterion
Author(s): Isaac J. Sledge, Matthew S. Emigh, José C. Príncipe
Pages: 2080 - 2098

5. Adaptive Constrained Optimal Control Design for Data-Based Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems With Critic-Only Structure
Author(s): Biao Luo, Derong Liu, Huai-Ning Wu
Pages: 2099 - 2111

6. Optimal Guaranteed Cost Sliding Mode Control for Constrained-Input Nonlinear Systems With Matched and Unmatched Disturbances
Author(s): Huaguang Zhang, Qiuxia Qu, Geyang Xiao, Yang Cui
Pages: 2112 - 2126

7. Robust ADP Design for Continuous-Time Nonlinear Systems With Output Constraints
Author(s): Bo Fan, Qinmin Yang, Xiaoyu Tang, Youxian Sun
Pages: 2127 - 2138

8. Leader–Follower Output Synchronization of Linear Heterogeneous Systems With Active Leader Using Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Yongliang Yang, Hamidreza Modares, Donald C. Wunsch, Yixin Yin
Pages: 2139 - 2153

9. Approximate Dynamic Programming: Combining Regional and Local State Following Approximations
Author(s): Patryk Deptula, Joel A. Rosenfeld, Rushikesh Kamalapurkar, Warren E. Dixon
Pages: 2154 - 2166

10. Suboptimal Scheduling in Switched Systems With Continuous-Time Dynamics: A Least Squares Approach
Author(s): Tohid Sardarmehni, Ali Heydari
Pages: 2167 - 2178

11. Optimal Fault-Tolerant Control for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Strict-Feedback Systems Based on Adaptive Critic Design
Author(s): Zhanshan Wang, Lei Liu, Yanming Wu, Huaguang Zhang
Pages: 2179 - 2191

12. Distributed Economic Dispatch in Microgrids Based on Cooperative Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Weirong Liu, Peng Zhuang, Hao Liang, Jun Peng, Zhiwu Huang
Pages: 2192 - 2203

13. Reusable Reinforcement Learning via Shallow Trails
Author(s): Yang Yu, Shi-Yong Chen, Qing Da, Zhi-Hua Zhou
Pages: 2204 - 2215

14. Self-Paced Prioritized Curriculum Learning With Coverage Penalty in Deep Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Zhipeng Ren, Daoyi Dong, Huaxiong Li, Chunlin Chen
Pages: 2216 - 2226

15. Multisource Transfer Double DQN Based on Actor Learning
Author(s): Jie Pan, Xuesong Wang, Yuhu Cheng, Qiang Yu
Pages: 2227 - 2238

16. Action-Driven Visual Object Tracking With Deep Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Sangdoo Yun, Jongwon Choi, Youngjoon Yoo, Kimin Yun, Jin Young Choi
Pages: 2239 - 2252

17. Extreme Trust Region Policy Optimization for Active Object Recognition
Author(s): Huaping Liu, Yupei Wu, Fuchun Sun
Pages: 2253 - 2258

18. Learning to Predict Consequences as a Method of Knowledge Transfer in Reinforcement Learning
Author(s): Eric Chalmers, Edgar Bermudez Contreras, Brandon Robertson, Artur Luczak, Aaron Gruber
Pages: 2259 - 2270

19. A Discrete-Time Recurrent Neural Network for Solving Rank-Deficient Matrix Equations With an Application to Output Regulation of Linear Systems
Author(s): Tao Liu, Jie Huang
Pages: 2271 - 2277

20. Online Learning Algorithm Based on Adaptive Control Theory
Author(s): Jian-Wei Liu, Jia-Jia Zhou, Mohamed S. Kamel, Xiong-Lin Luo
Pages: 2278 - 2293

21. User Preference-Based Dual-Memory Neural Model With Memory Consolidation Approach
Author(s): Jauwairia Nasir, Yong-Ho Yoo, Deok-Hwa Kim, Jong-Hwan Kim
Pages: 2294 - 2308

22. Online Hashing
Author(s): Long-Kai Huang, Qiang Yang, Wei-Shi Zheng
Pages: 2309 - 2322

23. GoDec+: Fast and Robust Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition Based on Maximum Correntropy
Author(s): Kailing Guo, Liu Liu, Xiangmin Xu, Dong Xu, Dacheng Tao
Pages: 2323 - 2336

24. A Parallel Multiclassification Algorithm for Big Data Using an Extreme Learning Machine
Author(s): Mingxing Duan, Kenli Li, Xiangke Liao, Keqin Li
Pages: 2337 - 2351

25. Nonlinear Decoupling Control With ANFIS-Based Unmodeled Dynamics Compensation for a Class of Complex Industrial Processes
Author(s): Yajun Zhang, Tianyou Chai, Hong Wang, Dianhui Wang, Xinkai Chen
Pages: 2352 - 2366

26. Online Learning Algorithms Can Converge Comparably Fast as Batch Learning
Author(s): Junhong Lin, Ding-Xuan Zhou
Pages: 2367 - 2378

27. Spiking, Bursting, and Population Dynamics in a Network of Growth Transform Neurons
Author(s): Ahana Gangopadhyay, Shantanu Chakrabartty
Pages: 2379 - 2391

28. Uncertain Data Clustering in Distributed Peer-to-Peer Networks
Author(s): Jin Zhou, Long Chen, C. L. Philip Chen, Yingxu Wang, Han-Xiong Li
Pages: 2392 - 2406

29. Distributed Optimal Consensus Over Resource Allocation Network and Its Application to Dynamical Economic Dispatch
Author(s): Chaojie Li, Xinghuo Yu, Tingwen Huang, Xing He
Pages: 2407 - 2418

30. Distributed Adaptive Containment Control for a Class of Nonlinear Multiagent Systems With Input Quantization
Author(s): Chenliang Wang, Changyun Wen, Qinglei Hu, Wei Wang, Xiuyu Zhang
Pages: 2419 - 2428

31. Data-Driven Learning Control for Stochastic Nonlinear Systems: Multiple Communication Constraints and Limited Storage
Author(s): Dong Shen
Pages: 2429 - 2440

32. Reversed Spectral Hashing
Author(s): Qingshan Liu, Guangcan Liu, Lai Li, Xiao-Tong Yuan, Meng Wang, Wei Liu
Pages: 2441 - 2449

33. Structure Learning for Deep Neural Networks Based on Multiobjective Optimization
Author(s): Jia Liu, Maoguo Gong, Qiguang Miao, Xiaogang Wang, Hao Li
Pages: 2450 - 2463

34. On the Dynamics of Hopfield Neural Networks on Unit Quaternions
Author(s): Marcos Eduardo Valle, Fidelis Zanetti de Castro
Pages: 2464 - 2471

35. End-to-End Feature-Aware Label Space Encoding for Multilabel Classification With Many Classes
Author(s): Zijia Lin, Guiguang Ding, Jungong Han, Ling Shao
Pages: 2472 - 2487

36. Improved Stability and Stabilization Results for Stochastic Synchronization of Continuous-Time Semi-Markovian Jump Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delay
Author(s): Yanling Wei, Ju H. Park, Hamid Reza Karimi, Yu-Chu Tian, Hoyoul Jung
Pages: 2488 - 2501

37. Robust Latent Subspace Learning for Image Classification
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Monday, May 21, 2018

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4. Deep neural architectures for prediction in healthcare
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