Wednesday, September 26, 2012

IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development: Volume 4, Issue 3, 2012

1. Editorial: Impact Factor and Outstanding Paper Awards
Zhang, Z.
Page(s): 189

2. Guest Editorial: Biologically Inspired Human–Robot Interactions—Developing More Natural Ways to Communicate with our Machines
Harris, C.; Krichmar, L.; Siegelmann, T.; Wagatsuma, H
Page(s): 190 - 191

3. Long Summer Days: Grounded Learning of Words for the Uneven Cycles of Real World Events
Heath, S.; Schulz, R.; Ball, D.; Wiles, J.
Page(s): 192 - 203

4. Learning Through Imitation: a Biological Approach to Robotics
Chersi, F.
Page(s): 204 - 214

5. Context-Based Bayesian Intent Recognition
Kelley, R.; Tavakkoli, A.; King, C.; Ambardekar, A.; Nicolescu, M.; Nicolescu, M.
Page(s): 215 - 225

6. Reciprocity and Retaliation in Social Games With Adaptive Agents
Asher, D. E.; Zaldivar, A.; Barton, B.; Brewer, A. A.; Krichmar, J. L.
Page(s): 226 - 238

7. Towards a Platform-Independent Cooperative Human Robot Interaction System: III An Architecture for Learning and Executing Actions and Shared Plans
Lallee, S.; Pattacini, U.; Lemaignan, S.; Lenz, A.; Melhuish, C.; Natale, L.; Skachek, S.; Hamann, K.; Steinwender, J.; Sisbot, E. A.; Metta, G.; Guitton, J.; Alami, R.; Warnier, M.; Pipe, T.; Warneken, F.; Dominey, P. F.
Page(s): 239 - 253

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