Friday, July 5, 2013

IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development: Volume 5, Issue 2, 2013

1. Brain-Like Emergent Temporal Processing: Emergent Open States
Author(s): Juyang Weng ; Luciw, M.D. ; Qi Zhang

2. A Simple Ontology of Manipulation Actions Based on Hand-Object Relations
Author(s): Worgotter, F. ; Aksoy, E.E. ; Kruger, N. ; Piater, J. ; Ude, A. ; Tamosiunaite, M.

3. An Autonomous Social Robot in Fear
Author(s): Castro-Gonzalez, A. ; Malfaz, M. ; Salichs, M.A.

4. Adaptability of Tacit Learning in Bipedal Locomotion
Author(s): Shimoda, S. ; Yoshihara, Y. ; Kimura, H.

5. Reaching for the Unreachable: Reorganization of Reaching with Walking
Author(s): Grzyb, B.J. ; Smith, L.B. ; del Pobil, A.P.

6. Redundant Neural Vision Systems—Competing for Collision Recognition Roles
Author(s): Shigang Yue ; Rind, F.C.

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