Monday, October 7, 2013

IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development: Volume 5, Issue 3, 2013

1. GUEST EDITORIAL: Microdynamics of Interaction: Capturing and Modeling Infants’ Social Learning
Author(s): K. J. Rohlfing and G. O. Deák
Pages: 189-191

2. Mothers’ infant-directed gaze during object demonstration highlights action boundaries and goals
Author(s): R. J. Brand, E. Hollenbeck, and J. F. Kominsky
Pages: 192-201

3. From Action to Interaction: Infant Object Exploration and Mothers’ Contingent Responsiveness
Author(s): C. S. Tamis-LeMonda, Y. Kuchirko, and L. Tafuro
Pages: 202-209

4. Young Children’s Dialogical Actions: The Beginnings of Purposeful Intersubjectivity
Author(s): J. Rączaszek-Leonardi, I. Nomikou, and K.J.Rohlfing
Pages: 210-221

5. From Language to Motor Gavagai: Unified Imitation Learning of Multiple Linguistic and Nonlinguistic Sensorimotor Skills
Author(s): T. Cederborg and P.-Y. Oudeyer
Pages: 222-239

6. Supporting Early Vocabulary Development: What Sort of Responsiveness Matters?
Author(s): M. L. McGillion, J. S. Herbert, J. M. Pine, T. Keren-Portnoy, M. M. Vihman, and D. E. Matthews
Pages: 240-248

7. SEED Framework of Early Language Development: The Dynamic Coupling of Infant–Caregiver Perceiving and Acting Forms a Continuous Loop during Interaction
Author(s): P. Zukow-Goldring and N. d. V. Rader
Pages: 249-257

8. Methodological Considerations For Investigating the Microdynamics of Social Interaction Development
Author(s): K. de Barbaro, C. M. Johnson, D. Forster, and G. O. Deák
Pages: 258

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