Monday, March 31, 2014

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation Volume 18, Number 2, April 2014


1. Artificial Biochemical Networks: Evolving Dynamical Systems to Control Dynamical Systems
Author(s): M. A. Lones, L. A. Fuente, A. P. Turner, L. S. D. Caves, S. Stepney, S. L. Smith, and A. M. Tyrrell
Pages: 145-166

2. Multi-Objective Optimization by Using Evolutionary Algorithms: The p-Optimality Criteria
Author(s): E. Carre ̃no Jara
Pages: 167-179

3. A Gaussian Process Surrogate Model Assisted Evolutionary Algorithm for Medium Scale Expensive Optimization Problems
Author(s): B. Liu, Q. Zhang, and G. G. E. Gielen
Pages: 180-192

4. Automatic Design of Scheduling Policies for Dynamic Multi-objective Job Shop Scheduling via Cooperative Coevolution Genetic Programming
Author(s): S. Nguyen, M. Zhang, M. Johnston, and K. Chen Tan
Pages: 193-208

5. An Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm for Practical Dynamic Scheduling in Steelmaking-Continuous Casting Production
Author(s): L. Tang, Y. Zhao, and J. Liu
Pages: 209-225

6. Frequency Fitness Assignment
Author(s): T. Weise, M. Wan, P. Wang, K. Tang, A. Devert, and X. Yao
Pages: 226-243

7. Localization of License Plate Number Using Dynamic Image Processing Techniques and Genetic Algorithms
Author(s): G. Abo Samra and F. Khalefah
Pages: 244-257

8. Comparison Study of Swarm Intelligence Techniques for the Annual Crop Planning Problem
Author(s): S. Chetty and A. O. Adewumi
Pages: 258-268

9. Fuzzy-Based Pareto Optimality for Many-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms
Author(s): Z. He, G. G. Yen, and J. Zhang
Pages: 269-287

10. A Distance-Based Ranking Model Estimation of Distribution Algorithm for the Flowshop Scheduling Problem
Author(s): J. Ceberio, E. Irurozki, A. Mendiburu, and J. A. Lozano
Pages: 286-300


11. A Discrete Firefly Algorithm for the Multi-Objective Hybrid Flowshop Scheduling Problems
Author(s): M. K. Marichelvam, T. Prabaharan, and X. S. Yang
Pages: 301

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