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IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems Volume 22, Number 2, April 2014


1. Fuzzy Approximation-Based Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Delayed Systems With Unknown Dead Zone
Author(s): B.Chen,X.Liu,K.Liu,and C.Lin
Pages: 237-248

2. Output Feedback Predictive Control With One Free Control Move for Nonlinear Systems Represented by a Takagi–Sugeno Model
Author(s): B.Ding and X.Ping
Pages: 249-263

3. Individual Decision Making Can Drive Epidemics: A Fuzzy Cognitive Map Study
Author(s): S. Mei, Y. Zhu, X. Qiu, X. Zhou, Z. Zu, A. V. Boukhanovsky, and P. M. A. Sloot
Pages: 264-273

4. Adaptive Fault Diagnosis for T–S Fuzzy Systems With Sensor Faults and System Performance Analysis
Author(s): Q.Shen, B.Jiang, and P.Shi
Pages: 274-285

5. Adaptive Fuzzy Hierarchical Sliding-Mode Control for the Trajectory Tracking of Uncertain Underactuated Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
Author(s): C.-L.Hwang, C.-C.Chiang, and Y.-W.Yeh
Pages: 286-299

6. Atanassov’s Intuitionistic Fuzzy Programming Method for Heterogeneous Multiattribute Group Decision Making With Atanassov’s Intuitionistic Fuzzy Truth Degrees
Author(s): S.-P. Wan and D.-F. Li
Pages: 300-312

7. Novel Stability Criteria for T–S Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): X. Zhao, L. Zhang, P. Shi, and H. R. Karimi
Pages: 313-323

8. A Fuzzy Model With Online Incremental SVM and Margin-Selective Gradient Descent Learning for Classification Problems
Author(s): W.-Y. Cheng and C.-F. Juang
Pages: 324-337

9. Adaptive Fuzzy Observer-Based Active Fault-Tolerant Dynamic Surface Control for a Class of Nonlinear Systems With Actuator Faults
Author(s): Q.Shen, B.Jiang, and V.Cocquempot
Pages: 338-349

10. Universal Fuzzy Integral Sliding-Mode Controllers Based on T–S Fuzzy Models
Author(s): Q. Gao, L. Liu, G. Feng, Y. Wang, and J. Qiu
Pages: 350-362

11. What and When Can We Gain From the Kernel Versions of C-Means Algorithm?
Author(s): N. R. Pal and K. Sarkar
Pages: 363-379

12. Dissipativity Analysis and Synthesis for Discrete-Time T–S Fuzzy Stochastic Systems With Time-Varying Delay
Author(s): L.Wu, X.Yang, and H.-K.Lam
Pages: 380-394

13. Making Use of Partial Knowledge About Hidden States in HMMs: An Approach Based on Belief Functions
Author(s): E.Ramasso and T.Denoeux
Pages: 395-405

14. Decentralized Fuzzy Observer-Based Output-Feedback Control for Nonlinear Large-Scale Systems: An LMI Approach
Author(s): G.B.Koo, J.B.Park, and Y.H.Joo
Pages: 406-419

15. L_p Consonant Approximations of Belief Functions
Author(s): F. Cuzzolin
Pages: 420-436

Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Multilateral Cooperative Teleoperation of Multiple Robotic Manipulators Under Random Network-Induced Delays
Author(s): Z. Li, Y. Xia, and F. Sun
Pages: 437-450


17. TSK Observers for Discrete Type-1 and Type-2 FuzzySystems
Author(s): M. S. Fadali and S. Jafarzadeh
Pages: 451-458

18. Robust H∞ Control of TS Fuzzy Time-Delay Systems via a New Sliding-Mode Control Scheme
Author(s): Q.Gao, G.Feng, Z.Xi, Y.Wang, and J.Qiu
Pages: 459-464

19. Toward Necessity of Parametric Conditions for Monotonic Fuzzy Systems
Author(s): J.-M. Won and F. Karray
Pages: 465-470

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