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IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems: Issue 5, Volume 22, October 2014


1. Partial Tracking Error Constrained Fuzzy Dynamic Surface Control for a Strict Feedback Nonlinear Dynamic System
Author(s): S.I. Han and J.M. Lee
Pages: 1049-1061

2. Non-L-R Type Fuzzy Parameters in Mathematical Programming Problems
Author(s): C.-F. Hu, M. Adivar, and S.-C. Fang
Pages: 1062-1073

3. A Novel Evolutionary Kernel Intuitionistic Fuzzy C-means Clustering Algorithm
Author(s): K.-P. Lin
Pages: 1074-1087

4. A Dynamic Decoupling Approach to Robust T–S Fuzzy Model-Based Control
Author(s): C.-S. Chiu

5. Relaxed Stability and Stabilization Conditions of Networked Fuzzy Control Systems Subject to Asynchronous Grades of Membership
Author(s): C. Peng, D. Yue, and M.-R. Fei
Pages: 1101-1112

6. Fuzzy n-Ellipsoid Numbers and Representations of Uncertain Multichannel Digital Information
Author(s): G. Wang, P. Shi, B.Wang, and J. Zhang
Pages: 1113-1126

7. Prioritized Measure-Guided Aggregation Operators
Author(s): L. Chen, Z. Xu, and X. Yu
Pages: 1127-1138

8. A Fuzzy Measure Approach to Systems Reliability Modeling
Author(s): R. R. Yager
Pages: 1139-1150

9. Fuzzy Concept Hierarchies and Evidence Resolution
Author(s): F. E. Petry and R. R. Yager
Pages: 1151-1161

10. General Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems Made Simple: A Tutorial
Author(s): J. M. Mendel
Pages: 1162-1182

11. Nonfragile Control With Guaranteed Cost of T–S Fuzzy Singular Systems Based on Parallel Distributed Compensation
Author(s): C. Han, L. Wu, H.K. Lam, and Q. Zeng
Pages: 1183-1196

12. On the Monotonicity of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems
Author(s): C. Li, J. Yi, and G. Zhang
Pages: 1197-1212

13. Robust Model Predictive Control for Discrete-Time Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Systems With Structured Uncertainties and Persistent Disturbances
Author(s): W. Yang, G. Feng, and T. Zhang
Pages: 1213-1228

14. Accelerating Fuzzy-C Means Using an Estimated Subsample Size
Author(s): J. K. Parker and L. O. Hall
Pages: 1229-1244

15. On Advanced Computing With Words Using the Generalized Extension Principle for Type-1 Fuzzy Sets
Author(s): M.R. Rajati and J.M. Mendel
Pages: 1245-1261

16. Adaptive Sliding-Mode Antisway Control of Uncertain Overhead Cranes With High-Speed Hoisting Motion
Author(s): M.-S. Park, D. Chwa, and M. Eom
Pages: 1262-1271

17. The Neuro-Fuzzy Computing System With the Capacity of Implementation on a Memristor Crossbar and Optimization-Free Hardware Training
Author(s): F. Merrikh-Bayat, F. Merrikh-Bayat, and S. B. Shouraki
Pages: 1272-1287

18. Adaptive Fuzzy Control for MIMO Nonlinear Systems With Nonsymmetric Control Gain Matrix and Unknown Control Direction
Author(s): W. Shi
Pages: 1288-1300

19. Two-mode Indirect Adaptive Control Approach for the Synchronization of Uncertain Chaotic Systems by the Use of a Hierarchical Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Neural Network
Author(s): A. Mohammadzadeh, O. Kaynak, and M. Teshnehlab
Pages: 1301-1312

20. Fuzzy Control Design for Nonlinear ODE-Hyperbolic PDE-Cascaded Systems: A Fuzzy and Entropy-Like Lyapunov Function Approach
Author(s): J.-W. Wang, H.-N. Wu, and H.-X. Li
Pages: 1313-1324

21. Attribute Reduction for Heterogeneous Data Based on the Combination of Classical and Fuzzy Rough Set Models
Author(s): D. Chen and Y. Yang
Pages: 1325-1334


22. On Computing Normalized Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
Author(s): J. M. Mendel and M. R. Rajati
Pages: 1335-1340

23. Adaptive Fuzzy Output-Feedback Control of Pure-Feedback Uncertain Nonlinear Systems With Unknown Dead Zone
Author(s): Y. Li and S. Tong
Pages: 1341-1346

24. A Heuristic Method to Compute the Approximate Postinverses of a Fuzzy Matrix
Author(s): P. Li
Pages: 1347-1351

25. Removal of High-Density Salt-and-Pepper Noise in Images With an Iterative Adaptive Fuzzy Filter Using Alpha-Trimmed Mean
Author(s): F. Ahmed and S. Das
Pages: 1352-1358

26. Adaptive Fuzzy Control for a Class of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems With Backlash
Author(s): Y.-J. Liu and S. Tong
Pages: 1359-1364

27. Adaptive Fuzzy Decentralized Output Stabilization for Stochastic Nonlinear Large-Scale Systems With Unknown Control Directions
Author(s): S. Tong, S. Sui, and Y. Li
Pages: 1365

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