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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 25, Number 10, October 2014


1. A New Learning Algorithm for a Fully Connected Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System
Author(s): C. L. P. Chen, J. Wang, C.-H. Wang, and L. Chen
Pages: 1741-1757

2. Synchronization of Stochastic Dynamical Networks Under Impulsive Control With Time Delays
Author(s): W. Zhang, Y. Tang, Q. Miao, and J.-A. Fang
Pages: 1758-1768

3. Stochastic Learning via Optimizing the Variational Inequalities
Author(s): Q. Tao, Q.-K. Gao, D.-J. Chu, and G.-W. Wu
Pages: 1769-1778

4. Sparse Alignment for Robust Tensor Learning
Author(s): Z. Lai, W. K. Wong, Y. Xu, C. Zhao, and M. Sun
Pages: 1779-1792

5. An Incremental Design of Radial Basis Function Networks
Author(s): H. Yu, P. D. Reiner, T. Xie, T. Bartczak, and B. M. Wilamowski
Pages: 1793-1803

6. Pinning Distributed Synchronization of Stochastic Dynamical Networks: A Mixed Optimization Approach
Author(s): Y. Tang, H. Gao, J. Lu, and J. Kurths
Pages: 1804-1815

7. Deep Networks are Effective Encoders of Periodicity
Author(s): L. Szymanski and B. McCane
Pages: 1816-1827

8. Parsimonious Extreme Learning Machine Using Recursive Orthogonal Least Squares
Author(s): N. Wang, M. J. Er, and M. Han
Pages: 1828-1841

9. LI-MLC: A Label Inference Methodology for Addressing High Dimensionality in the Label Space for Multilabel Classification
Author(s): F. Charte, A. J. Rivera, M. J. del Jesus, and F. Herrera
Pages: 1842-1854

10. A Fast Algorithm for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Its Convergence
Author(s): L.-X. Li, L. Wu, H.-S. Zhang, and F.-X. Wu
Pages: 1855-1863

11. Memristor Crossbar-Based Neuromorphic Computing System: A Case Study
Author(s): M. Hu, H. Li, Y. Chen, Q. Wu, G. S. Rose, and R. W. Linderman
Pages: 1864-1878

12. Multiobjective Optimization for Model Selection in Kernel Methods in Regression
Author(s): D. You, C. F. Benitez-Quiroz, and A. M. Martinez
Pages: 1879-1893

13. Separation of Synchronous Sources Through Phase Locked Matrix Factorization
Author(s): M. S. B. Almeida, R. Vigário, and J. Bioucas-Dias
Pages: 1894-1908

14. Clipping in Neurocontrol by Adaptive Dynamic Programming
Author(s): M. Fairbank, D. Prokhorov, and E. Alonso
Pages: 1909-1920


15. Consensus Acceleration in a Class of Predictive Networks
Author(s): H.-T. Zhang and Z. Chen
Pages: 1921-1927

16. H-infinity Output Tracking Control of Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems via Standard Neural Network Models
Author(s): M. Liu, S. Zhang, H. Chen, and W. Sheng
Pages: 1928-1935

17. Extended Dissipative Analysis for Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delays
Author(s): T. H. Lee, M.-J. Park, J. H. Park, O.-M. Kwon, and S.-M. Lee
Pages: 1936-1941

18. Multilinear Sparse Principal Component Analysis
Author(s): Z. Lai, Y. Xu, Q. Chen, J. Yang, and D. Zhang
Pages: 1942

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