Monday, August 24, 2015

Evolving Systems Volume 6, Issue 3, September 2015

1. An agile FCM for real-time modeling of dynamic and real-life systems
Author(s): O. Motlagh, Z. Jamaludin, S. H. Tang, W. Khaksar
Pages: 153-165

2. Object tracking based on the somatosensory system
Author(s): Mohamed Tahar Abdelkrim, Hayet Farida Merouani, Zoubida Benhammadi
Pages: 167-175

3. Comparing typhoon intensity prediction with two different artificial intelligence models
Author(s): Tahereh Haghroosta, Wan Ruslan Ismail
Pages: 177-185

4. Addressing concept drift to improve system availability by updating one-class data-driven models
Author(s): Ahmad Alzghoul, Magnus Löfstrand
Pages: 187-198

5. Modified handoff algorithm for providing optimization in heterogeneous wireless networks
Author(s): T. Velmurugan, Sibaram Khara, B. Basavaraj
Pages: 199-208

6. The power laws: Zipf and inverse Zipf for automated segmentation and classification of masses within mammograms
Author(s): Meriem Hamoud, Hayet Farida Merouani, Lakhder Laimeche
Pages: 209-227

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