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IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, vol. 23, issue 4, 2015

1. Fuzzy Adaptive Output Feedback Control of MIMO Nonlinear Systems With Partial Tracking Errors Constrained
Author(s):  Shaocheng Tong, Shuai Sui, and Yongming Li
Page(s):  729-742

2. Time-Validating-Based Atanassov's Intuitionistic Fuzzy Decision Making
Author(s):  Liang-Hsuan Chen and Chien-Cheng Tu
Page(s):  743 - 756

3. Gain Tuning of Fuzzy PID Controllers for MIMO Systems: A Performance-Driven Approach
Author(s):  Paulo Gil, Catarina Lucena, Alberto Cardoso, and Luis Brito Palma
Page(s):  757 - 768

4. A Novel Approach to Building a Robust Fuzzy Rough Classifier
Author(s):  Suyun Zhao, Hong Chen, Cuiping Li, Xiaoyong Du, and Hui Sun
Page(s):  769 - 786

5. Dynamical Models of Stock Prices Based on Technical Trading Rules Part I: The Models
Author(s):  Li-Xin Wang
Page(s):  787 - 801

6. Fuzzy (c + p)-Means Clustering and Its Application to a Fuzzy Rule-Based Classifier: Toward Good Generalization and Good Interpretability
Author(s):  Jacek M. Leski
Page(s):  802 - 812

7. Minimax Probability TSK Fuzzy System Classifier: A More Transparent and Highly Interpretable Classification Model
Author(s):  Zhaohong Deng, Longbing Cao, Yizhang Jiang, and Shitong Wang
Page(s):  813 - 826

8. Stability Analysis of T–S Fuzzy Control Systems by Using Set Theory
Author(s):  Jiuxiang Dong, Guang-Hong Yang, and Huaguang Zhang
Page(s):  827 - 841

9. On the Transformation of Fuzzy Measures to the Power Set and Its Role in Determining the Measure of a Measure
Author(s):  Ronald R. Yager, and Radko Mesiar
Page(s):  842 - 849

10. Clustering Granular Data and Their Characterization With Information Granules of Higher Type
Author(s):  Adam Gacek, and Witold Pedrycz
Page(s):  850 - 860

11. Evolving Fuzzy-Model-Based Design of Experiments With Supervised Hierarchical Clustering
Author(s):  Igor Skrjanc
Page(s):  861 - 871

12. On the Choice of the Pair Conjunction–Implication Into the Fuzzy Morphological Edge Detector
Author(s):  Manuel Gonzalez-Hidalgo, Sebastia Massanet, Arnau Mir, and Daniel Ruiz-Aguilera
Page(s):  872 - 884

13. A Parameterized Nonlinear Programming Approach to Solve Matrix Games With Payoffs of I-Fuzzy Numbers
Author(s):  Deng-Feng Li and Jia-Cai Liu
Page(s):  885 - 896

14. An Inexact Probabilistic–Possibilistic Optimization Framework for Flood Management in a Hybrid Uncertain Environment
Author(s):  Shuo Wang, Guohe Huang, and Brian W. Baetz
Page(s):  897 - 908

15. Principal-Agent Problems Based on Credibility Measure
Author(s):  Xiaoli Wu, Ruiqing Zhao, and Wansheng Tang
Page(s):  909 - 922

16. Evolving Granular Fuzzy Model-Based Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
Author(s):  Daniel Leite, Member, Reinaldo M. Palhares, Victor C. S. Campos, and Fernando Gomide
Page(s):  923 - 938

17. Firing Fuzzy Rules With Measure Type Inputs
Author(s):  Ronald R. Yager
Page(s):  939 - 949

18. Ensuring the Centroid of an Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Set
Author(s):  Maowen Nie, and Woei Wan Tan
Page(s):  950 - 963

19. A Numerical-Integration-Based Simulation Algorithm for Expected Values of Strictly Monotone Functions of Ordinary Fuzzy Variables
Author(s):  Xiang Li
Page(s):  964 - 972

20. A Compact Evolutionary Interval-Valued Fuzzy Rule-Based Classification System for the Modeling and Prediction of Real-World Financial Applications With Imbalanced Data
Author(s):  Jose Antonio Sanz, Dario Bernardo, Francisco Herrera, Humberto Bustince, and Hani Hagras
Page(s):  973 - 990

21. A Self-Tuning zSlices-Based General Type-2 Fuzzy PI Controller
Author(s):  Tufan Kumbasar, and Hani Hagras
Page(s):  991 - 1013

22. Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Set Reconstruction Based on Fuzzy Information-Theoretic Kernels
Author(s):  Hooman Tahayori, Lorenzo Livi, Alireza Sadeghian, and Antonello Rizzi
Page(s):  1014 - 1029

23. Characterizing Compactness of Geometrical Clusters Using Fuzzy Measures
Author(s):  Gleb Beliakov, Gang Li, Huy Quan Vu, and Tim Wilkin
Page(s):  1030 - 1043

24. Decentralized Fuzzy Control of Multiple Cooperating Robotic Manipulators With Impedance Interaction
Author(s):  Zhijun Li, Chenguang Yang, Chun-Yi Su, Shuming Deng, Fuchun Sun, and Weidong Zhang
Page(s):  1044 - 1056

25. The Notion of Weak-Contradiction: Definition and Measures
Author(s):  Humberto Bustince, Nicolas Madrid, and Manuel Ojeda-Aciego
Page(s):  1057 - 1069

26. A Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy Network Based on Differential Biogeography-Based Optimization for Online Population Classification in Earthquakes
Author(s):  Yu-Jun Zheng, Hai-Feng Ling, Sheng-Yong Chen, and Jin-Yun Xue
Page(s):  1070 - 1083

27. Indirect Adaptive Type-2 Fuzzy Impulsive Control of Nonlinear Systems
Author(s):  Yimin Li, Yuanyuan Sun, Jing Hua, and Li Li
Page(s):  1084 - 1099

28. Output-Feedback Control for T–S Fuzzy Delta Operator Systems With Time-Varying Delays via an Input–Output Approach
Author(s):  Hongyi Li, Yabin Gao, Peng Shi, and Xudong Zhao
Page(s):  1100 - 1112

29. Adaptive Robust Control for Fuzzy Mechanical Systems: Constraint-Following and Redundancy in Constraints
Author(s):  Qingmin Huang, Ye-Hwa Chen, and Aiguo Cheng
Page(s):  1113 - 1126

30. Dynamical Models of Stock Prices Based on Technical Trading Rules—Part II: Analysis of the Model
Author(s):  Li-Xin Wang
Page(s):  1127 - 1141

31. Least-Squares Regression Based on Atanassov’s Intuitionistic Fuzzy Inputs–Outputs and Atanassov’s Intuitionistic Fuzzy Parameters
Author(s):  Mohsen Arefi and Seyed Mahmoud Taheri
Page(s):  1142 - 1154

32. On T-Norms for Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
Author(s):  Pablo Hernandez, Susana Cubillo, and Carmen Torres-Blanc
Page(s):  1155 - 1163

33. Deviation Square Priority Method for Distinct Preference Structures Based on Generalized Multiplicative Consistency
Author(s):  Zeshui Xu
Page(s):  1164 - 1180

34. A Certainty-Based Model for Uncertain Databases
Author(s):  Olivier Pivert and Henri Prade
Page(s):  1181 - 1196

35. H∞ Fuzzy Control Synthesis for a Large-Scale System With a Reduced Number of LMIs
Author(s):  Wei Chang and Wen-June Wang
Page(s):  1197 - 1210

36. Framework of Group Decision Making With Intuitionistic Fuzzy Preference Information
Author(s):  Huchang Liao, Zeshui Xu, Xiao-Jun Zeng, and Jose M. Merig ´ o
Page(s):  1211 - 1227

37. Observer-Based Adaptive Fuzzy Tracking Control of MIMO Stochastic Nonlinear Systems With Unknown Control Directions and Unknown Dead Zones
Author(s):  Yongming Li, Shaocheng Tong, and Tieshan Li
Page(s):  1228 - 1241

38. Fuzzy and Crisp Recursive Profiling of Online Reviewers and Businesses
Author(s):  Pawan Lingras and Matt Triff
Page(s):  1242 - 1258

39. Overlap Indices: Construction of and Application to Interpolative Fuzzy Systems
Author(s):  Santiago Garcia-Jimenez, Humberto Bustince, Eyke Hullermeier, Radko Mesiar, Nikhil R. Pal, and Ana Pradera
Page(s):  1259 - 1273

40. Pinning Synchronization in T–S Fuzzy Complex Networks With Partial and Discrete-Time Couplings
Author(s):  Chi Huang, Daniel W. C. Ho, Jianquan Lu, and Jurgen Kurths
Page(s):  1274 - 1285

41. Speedup of Learning in Interval Type-2 Neural Fuzzy Systems Through Graphic Processing Units
Author(s):  Chia-Feng Juang, Wei-Yuan Chen, and Chung-Wei Liang
Page(s):  1286 - 1298

42. Weighting the Support Conjectures Inherit From Premises
Author(s):  Enric Trillas, Claudio Moraga, and Gracian Trivino
Page(s):  1299 - 1305

43. Stancu OWA Operator
Author(s):  Amit K. Singh, Amar Kishor, and Nikhil R. Pal
Page(s):  1306 - 1313

44. Stability Analysis and Region-of-Attraction Estimation Using Piecewise Polynomial Lyapunov Functions: Polynomial Fuzzy Model Approach
Author(s):  Ying-Jen Chen, Motoyasu Tanaka, Kazuo Tanaka, and Hua O. Wang
Page(s):  1314 - 1322

45. Stability of Fuzzy Differential Equations With the Second Type of Hukuhara Derivative
Author(s):  Shuorui Zhang and Jitao Sun
Page(s):  1323 - 1328

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