Friday, October 2, 2015

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Volume 19, Number 5, October 2015

1. Meta-Heuristic Algorithms in Car Engine Design: A Literature Survey
Author(s): Tayarani-N., M.; Yao, X.; Xu, H.
Page(s): 609 - 629

2. Solving Uncompromising Problems With Lexicase Selection
Author(s): Helmuth, T.; Spector, L.; Matheson, J.
Page(s): 630 - 643

3. Memetic Search With Interdomain Learning: A Realization Between CVRP and CARP
Author(s): Feng, L.; Ong, Y.; Lim, M.; Tsang, I.W.
Page(s): 644 - 658

4. Computational Cost Reduction of Nondominated Sorting Using the M-Front
Author(s): Drozdik, M.; Akimoto, Y.; Aguirre, H.; Tanaka, K.
Page(s): 659 - 678

5. Building Image Feature Kinetics for Cement Hydration Using Gene Expression Programming With Similarity Weight Tournament Selection
Author(s): Wang, L.; Yang, B.; Wang, S.; Liang, Z.
Page(s): 679 - 693

6. An Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization Algorithm Based on Dominance and Decomposition
Author(s): Li, K.; Deb, K.; Zhang, Q.; Kwong, S.
Page(s): 694 - 716

7. Improving Differential Evolution With a Successful-Parent-Selecting Framework
Author(s): Guo, S.; Yang, C.; Hsu, P.; Tsai, J.S.
Page(s): 717 - 730

8. Robust Optimization Over Time: Problem Difficulties and Benchmark Problems
Author(s): Fu, H.; Sendhoff, B.; Tang, K.; Yao, X.
Page(s): 731 - 745

9. A Multioperator Search Strategy Based on Cheap Surrogate Models for Evolutionary Optimization
Author(s): Gong, W.; Zhou, A.; Cai, Z.
Page(s): 746 - 758

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