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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 26, Issue 10, October 2015

1. Scene Recognition by Manifold Regularized Deep Learning Architecture
Authors: Yuan Yuan; Lichao Mou; Xiaoqiang Lu
Page(s): 2222 - 2233

2. Linear-Time Subspace Clustering via Bipartite Graph Modeling
Authors: Amir Adler; Michael Elad; Yacov Hel-Or
Page(s): 2234 - 2246

3. Nuclear Norm-Based 2-DPCA for Extracting Features From Images
Authors: Fanlong Zhang; Jian Yang; Jianjun Qian; Yong Xu
Page(s): 2247 - 2260

4. Deformed Graph Laplacian for Semisupervised Learning
Authors: Chen Gong; Tongliang Liu; Dacheng Tao; Keren Fu; Enmei Tu; Jie Yang
Page(s): 2261- 2274

5. Learning to Rank for Blind Image Quality Assessment
Authors: Fei Gao; Dacheng Tao; Xinbo Gao; Xuelong Li
Page(s): 2275 - 2290

6. Matrix Variate Distribution-Induced Sparse Representation for Robust Image Classification
Authors: Jinhui Chen; Jian Yang; Lei Luo; Jianjun Qian; Wei Xu
Page(s): 2291 - 2300

7. Optimal Critic Learning for Robot Control in Time-Varying Environments
Authors: Chen Wang; Yanan Li; Shuzhi Sam Ge; Tong Heng Lee
Page(s): 2301 - 2310

8. Adaptive Control of Uncertain Nonaffine Nonlinear Systems With Input Saturation Using Neural Networks
Authors: Kasra Esfandiari; Farzaneh Abdollahi; Heidar Ali Talebi
Page(s): 2311 - 2322

9. Learning-Regulated Context Relevant Topographical Map
Authors: Pitoyo Hartono; Paul Hollensen; Thomas Trappenberg
Page(s): 2323 - 2335

10. Stochastic Stability of Delayed Neural Networks With Local Impulsive Effects
Authors: Wenbing Zhang; Yang Tang; Wai Keung Wong; Qingying Miao
Page(s): 2336 - 2345

11. Energy-to-Peak State Estimation for Markov Jump RNNs With Time-Varying Delays via Nonsynchronous Filter With Nonstationary Mode Transitions
Authors: Lixian Zhang; Yanzheng Zhu; Wei Xing Zheng
Page(s): 2346 - 2356

12. Linear Regression-Based Efficient SVM Learning for Large-Scale Classification
Authors: Jianxin Wu; Hao Yang
Page(s): 2357 - 2369

13. On the Role of Astroglial Syncytia in Self-Repairing Spiking Neural Networks
Authors: Muhammad Naeem; Liam J. McDaid; Jim Harkin; John J. Wade; John Marsland
Page(s): 2370 - 2380

14. Data Imputation Through the Identification of Local Anomalies
Authors: Huseyin Ozkan; Ozgun Soner Pelvan; Suleyman S. Kozat
Page(s): 2381 - 2395

15. Synchronization of Linearly Coupled Networks With Delays via Aperiodically Intermittent Pinning Control
Authors: Xiwei Liu; Tianping Chen
Page(s): 2396 - 2407

16. Memristor-Based Multilayer Neural Networks With Online Gradient Descent Training
Authors: Daniel Soudry; Dotan Di Castro; Asaf Gal; Avinoam Kolodny; Shahar Kvatinsky
Page(s): 2408 - 2421

17. A Kernel Adaptive Algorithm for Quaternion-Valued Inputs
Authors: Thomas K. Paul; Tokunbo Ogunfunmi
Page(s): 2422 - 2439

18. Automatic Face Naming by Learning Discriminative Affinity Matrices From Weakly Labeled Images
Authors: Shijie Xiao; Dong Xu; Jianxin Wu
Page(s): 2440 - 2452

19. Hierarchical Cooperative Control for Multiagent Systems With Switching Directed Topologies
Authors: Jianqiang Hu; Jinde Cao
Page(s): 2453 - 2463

20. Dependent Online Kernel Learning With Constant Number of Random Fourier Features
Authors: Zhen Hu; Ming Lin; Changshui Zhang
Page(s): 2464 - 2476

21. Deep and Shallow Architecture of Multilayer Neural Networks
Authors: Chih-Hung Chang
Page(s): 2477 - 2486

22. Global Synchronization of Complex Dynamical Networks Through Digital Communication With Limited Data Rate
Authors: Yan-Wu Wang; Tao Bian; Jiang-Wen Xiao; Changyun Wen
Page(s): 2487 - 2499

23. Solving Nonlinear Equality Constrained Multiobjective Optimization Problems Using Neural Networks
Authors: Mohammed Mestari; Mohammed Benzirar; Nadia Saber; Meryem Khouil
Page(s): 2500 - 2520

24. Global Nonlinear Kernel Prediction for Large Data Set With a Particle Swarm-Optimized Interval Support Vector Regression
Authors: Yongsheng Ding; Lijun Cheng; Witold Pedrycz; Kuangrong Hao
Page(s): 2521 - 2534

25. Optimal Control of Nonlinear Continuous-Time Systems in Strict-Feedback Form
Authors: Hassan Zargarzadeh; Travis Dierks; Sarangapani Jagannathan
Page(s): 2535 - 2549

26. $ {H}_{ {infty }}$  Tracking Control of Completely Unknown Continuous-Time Systems via Off-Policy Reinforcement Learning
Authors: Hamidreza Modares; Frank L. Lewis; Zhong-Ping Jiang
Page(s): 2550 - 2562

27. Global Neural Dynamic Surface Tracking Control of Strict-Feedback Systems With Application to Hypersonic Flight Vehicle
Authors: Bin Xu; Chenguang Yang; Yongping Pan
Page(s): 2563 - 2575

28. Sparse Representation in Kernel Machines
Authors: Hongwei Sun; Qiang Wu
Page(s): 2576 - 2582

29. Twin Support Vector Machine for Clustering
Authors: Zhen Wang; Yuan-Hai Shao; Lan Bai; Nai-Yang Deng
Page(s): 2583 - 2588

30. Stability Criteria for Recurrent Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delay Based on Secondary Delay Partitioning Method
Authors: Zhanshan Wang; Lei Liu; Qi-He Shan; Huaguang Zhang
Page(s): 2589 - 2595

31. On the Non-STDP Behavior and Its Remedy in a Floating-Gate Synapse
Authors: Roshan Gopalakrishnan; Arindam Basu
Page(s): 2596 - 2601

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