Friday, April 1, 2016

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Volume 20, Number 2, April 2016

1) A Tunable Generator of Instances of Permutation-Based Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Author(s): L. Hernando; A. Mendiburu; J. A. Lozano
Page(s): 165 - 179

2) Balancing Convergence and Diversity in Decomposition-Based Many-Objective Optimizers
Author(s): Y. Yuan; H. Xu; B. Wang; B. Zhang; X. Yao
Page(s): 180 - 198

3) Solving Bilevel Multicriterion Optimization Problems With Lower Level Decision Uncertainty
Author(s): A. Sinha; P. Malo; K. Deb; P. Korhonen; J. Wallenius
Page(s): 199 - 217

4) Leveraged Neighborhood Restructuring in Cultural Algorithms for Solving Real-World Numerical Optimization Problems
Author(s): M. Z. Ali; P. N. Suganthan; R. G. Reynolds; A. F. Al-Badarneh
Page(s): 218 - 231

5) Adaptive Cross-Generation Differential Evolution Operators for Multiobjective Optimization
Author(s): X. Qiu; J. X. Xu; K. C. Tan; H. A. Abbass
Page(s): 232 - 244

6) Simple Probabilistic Population-Based Optimization
Author(s): Y. C. Lin; M. Clauß; M. Middendorf
Page(s): 245 - 262

7) Tunably Rugged Landscapes With Known Maximum and Minimum
Author(s): N. Manukyan; M. J. Eppstein; J. S. Buzas
Page(s): 263 - 274

8) A Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Decision Variable Analyses for Multiobjective  
Author(s): Optimization Problems With Large-Scale Variables
X. Ma; F. Liu; Y. Qi; X. Wang; L. Li; L. Jiao; M. Yin; M. Gong
Page(s): 275 - 298

9) Generalization of Pareto-Optimality for Many-Objective Evolutionary Optimization
Author(s): C. Zhu; L. Xu; E. D. Goodman
Page(s): 299 - 315

10) Average Convergence Rate of Evolutionary Algorithms
Author(s): J. He; G. Lin
Page(s): 316 - 321

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