Friday, April 1, 2016

IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Volume 24, Number 2, April 2016

1) On Atanassov's Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets in the Complex Plane and the Field of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers
Author(s): L. Zhou
Page(s): 253 - 259

2) Preaggregation Functions: Construction and an Application
Author(s): G. Lucca; J. A. Sanz; G. P. Dimuro; B. Bedregal; R. Mesiar; A. Kolesárová; H. Bustince
Page(s): 260 - 272

3) Modified AHP for Gene Selection and Cancer Classification Using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic
Author(s): T. Nguyen; S. Nahavandi
Page(s): 273 - 287

4) Answering Approximate Queries Over XML Data
Author(s): J. Liu; D. L. Yan
Page(s): 288 - 305

5) A Linear General Type-2 Fuzzy-Logic-Based Computing With Words Approach for Realizing an Ambient Intelligent Platform for Cooking Recipe Recommendation
Author(s): A. Bilgin; H. Hagras; J. van Helvert; D. Alghazzawi
Page(s): 306 - 329

6) Adaptive Quantized Controller Design Via Backstepping and Stochastic Small-Gain Approach
Author(s): F. Wang; Z. Liu; Y. Zhang; C. L. P. Chen
Page(s): 330 - 343

7) Estimation of a Fuzzy Regression Model Using Fuzzy Distances
Author(s): A. F. Roldán López de Hierro; J. Martínez-Moreno; C. Aguilar-Peña; C. R. L. de Hierro
Page(s): 344 - 359

8) Local Divergences for Atanassov Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
Author(s): I. Montes; V. Janiš; N. R. Pal; S. Montes
Page(s): 360 - 373

9) Ant-Inspired Fuzzily Deceptive Robots
Author(s): M. Kouzehgar; M. Badamchizadeh; M. R. Feizi-Derakhshi
Page(s): 374 - 387

10) Fuzzy-Model-Based Reliable Static Output Feedback maths\cr{H}_{\infty } Control of Nonlinear Hyperbolic PDE Systems
Author(s): J. Qiu; S. X. Ding; H. Gao; S. Yin
Page(s): 388 - 400

11) DOB Fuzzy Controller Design for Non-Gaussian Stochastic Distribution Systems Using Two-Step Fuzzy Identification
Author(s): Y. Yi; W. X. Zheng; C. Sun; L. Guo
Page(s): 401 - 418

12) A Dynamic Multiagent Genetic Algorithm for Gene Regulatory Network Reconstruction Based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
Author(s): J. Liu; Y. Chi; C. Zhu
Page(s): 419 - 431

13) Dissipativity Analysis for Discrete Time-Delay Fuzzy Neural Networks With Markovian Jumps
Author(s): Y. Zhang; P. Shi; R. K. Agarwal; Y. Shi
Page(s): 432 - 443

14) Cooperative Games and Coalition Cohesion Indices: The Choquet–Owen Value
Author(s): M. G. Fiestras-Janeiro; J. M. Gallardo; A. Jiménez-Losada; M. A. Mosquera
Page(s): 444 - 455

15) Fuzzy Clustering in a Complex Network Based on Content Relevance and Link Structures
Author(s): L. Hu; K. C. C. Chan
Page(s): 456 - 470

16) Cooperative Fuzzy Model-Predictive Control
Author(s): M. Killian; B. Mayer; A. Schirrer; M. Kozek
Page(s): 471 - 482

17) Fuzzy Metric Space Induced by Intuitionistic Fuzzy Points and its Application to the Orienteering Problem
Author(s): M. Verma; K. K. Shukla
Page(s): 483 - 488

18) Designing Fuzzy Sets With the Use of the Parametric Principle of Justifiable Granularity
Author(s): W. Pedrycz; X. Wang
Page(s): 489 - 496

19) Unified Representation of Sets of Heterogeneous Markov Transition Matrices
Author(s): M. E. Y. Boudaren; W. Pieczynski
Page(s): 497 - 503

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