Sunday, April 3, 2016

Neural Networks, Volume 77, Pages 1-126, May 2016

1) Image and geometry processing with Oriented and Scalable Map  
Author(s): Hao Hua
Pages: 1-6

2) Noise further expresses exponential decay for globally exponentially stable time-varying delayed neural networks  
Author(s): Song Zhu, Qiqi Yang, Yi Shen
Pages: 7-13

3) A Fast SVD-Hidden-nodes based Extreme Learning Machine for Large-Scale Data Analytics  
Author(s): Wan-Yu Deng, Zuo Bai, Guang-Bin Huang, Qing-Hua Zheng
Pages: 14-28

4) Neuromorphic VLSI realization of the hippocampal formation  
Author(s): Anu Aggarwal
Pages: 29-40

5) Synchronization for an array of neural networks with hybrid coupling by a novel pinning control strategy  
Author(s): Dawei Gong, Frank L. Lewis, Liping Wang, Ke Xu
Pages: 41-50

6) Analysis of global image stability and global asymptotical periodicity for a class of fractional-order complex-valued neural networks with time varying delays  
Author(s): R. Rakkiyappan, R. Sivaranjani, G. Velmurugan, Jinde Cao
Pages: 51-69

7) State estimation for a class of artificial neural networks with stochastically corrupted measurements under Round-Robin protocol  
Author(s): Yuqiang Luo, Zidong Wang, Guoliang Wei, Fuad E. Alsaadi, Tasawar Hayat
Pages: 70-79

8) Global exponential stability of neural networks with time-varying delay based on free-matrix-based integral inequality  
Author(s): Yong He, Meng-Di Ji, Chuan-Ke Zhang, Min Wu
Pages: 80-86

9) Towards holographic “brain” memory based on randomization and Walsh–Hadamard transformation  
Author(s): Daniel Berend, Shlomi Dolev, Sergey Frenkel, Ariel Hanemann
Pages: 87-94

10) Function approximation in inhibitory networks  
Author(s): Bryan Tripp, Chris Eliasmith
Pages: 95-106

11) Tensor SOM and tensor GTM: Nonlinear tensor analysis by topographic mappings  
Author(s): Tohru Iwasaki, Tetsuo Furukawa
Pages: 107-125

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