Friday, April 8, 2016

Weekly Review 8 April 2016

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week:

  1. Assisting dieting with machine learning:
  2. Microsoft is open sourcing their chatbot software:
  3. Using deep learning to search Shutterstock's image collection:
  4. Being an academic is hard. Becoming one is harder. So much of an academic career is a test of endurance. 
  5. The Cyc project is still going - and finding applications in medicine: 
  6. Microsoft launches Cognitive Services  22 APIs on computer vision, speaker recognition, etc: 
  7. On the exploitation in academic publishing:
  8. C4.5, SVM & APRIORI algorithms explained:
  9. Dieting and machine learning: 
  10. How to make AIs sound more like humans:
  11. Combining human experts with machine learning for cybersecurity:
  12. Google's machine learning for developers:
  13. The job market for new PhDs is getting smaller and smaller:
  14. AI systems in journalism, now getting as good as human writers: 
  15. Deep learning for smart cities: 
  16. Some machine learning "trade secrets" 
  17. My h-index just hit 16 - will it stay there this time? 
  18. The applications of AI in finance: 
  19. Facebook's AI for automatically describing images: 
  20. Teaching experience is important for post-grads. Co-teaching is one approach to getting it: 
  21. Microsoft announces its Cognitive Services and Bot Framework: 
  22. Nvidia launches a 15-billion transistor chip for deep learning: 
  23. Another article on Nvidia's 15 billion transistor chip for deep learning: 
  24. How Livermore National Laboratory will test IBM's neuromorphic chips: 
  25. Applying deep learning to the Internet of Things using H20:
  26. Some tips and tricks for using deep neural networks: 
  27. AI in the military:
  28. Machine learning in business revenue forecasting: 
  29. The basics of GPU computing: 
  30. A description of deep learning stochastic depth networks:

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