Friday, April 22, 2016

Weeky Review 22 April 2016

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week:

  1. Difficulties of frequent moves, a hazard for academics:  Part of why being a postdoc sucks
  2. Developers guide to Facebook's Messenger chatbot: 
  3. Why it's important for PhD students to blog:  Other ways to establish an online profile: 
  4. My final paper for IJCNN 2016: "Sleep Learning and Max-Min Aggregation of Evolving Connectionist Systems" 
  5. Machine learning detects 85% of network attacks:
  6. Paper on the AI^2 machine-learning based network intrusion detection system: 
  7. Using deep learning to detect cancer cells in blood samples: 
  8. Recognising hand-written Japanese text with deep learning: 
  9. A list of deep learning tutorials and resources: 
  10. Introduction to deep learning for chatbots:
  11. Gender diversity in AI:
  12. List of 15 machine learning frameworks: 
  13. Yet another article on the AI^2 system: Machine learning in security isn't that new, it's been done for years.
  14. Adding on-board intelligence to thermal cameras:
  15. An ontology of machine learning methods: 
  16. Guide to data analysis in Python: 
  17. Randomized Forest ensemble method: Not so new as the author of the article says it is.
  18. Some basic advice on getting published in journals: 
  19. How machine learning is needed in computer security: 
  20. Has this startup made an AI that passes the Turing test? 
  21. The incredible growth of R:

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