Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekly Review 29 April 2016

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week:

  1. So they're going to have a tournament for AI Doom-bots:
  2. Deep learning vs SVM vs random forest - when is deep learning best?
  3. Seems to be a degree of AI involved in detecting scam emails:
  4. Brief intro to unstructured data mining, especially text mining:
  5. Predictive modelling of police misconduct:
  6. Predicting heart failure with deep learning-wonder if it could have saved my father?
  7. We won't lose our jobs to robots/AI, but we will have to work beside them:
  8. 7 steps to learning R: 
  9. An archivist's guide to organising files on your computer:
  10. Is Google DeepMind going to take on Star Craft next?
  11. Google CEO Sundar Pichai thinks that the next big thing, after mobile, will be AI:
  12. An overview of Schmidhuber's 2014 review of deep learning neural networks: 
  13. Generating dance with deep learning neural networks:
  14. Deep learning that preserves privacy:
  15. More 'human like' image captioning with recurrent neural networks:
  16. Implementing a convolutional neural network for image recognition on a simulation of Babbage's analytical engine:
  17. ANN and the future of machine learning:
  18. Machine learning in conservation and environmental protection: I was doing this kind of thing eleven years ago!
  19. Applying deep learning in self-driving cars:
  20. AI could be humanity's last innovation, says UN Chief IT Officer:
  21. A neural network chip on a USB stick: also How many sticks can you access at once?
  22. A convolutional neural network that simplifies sketches:
  23. Colourising old photos with deep learning neural networks:
  24. Another basic explanation of deep learning neural networks:
  25. Are engineers creating their own replacements?
  26. Elon Musk's OpenAI initiative:

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