Saturday, May 7, 2016

Weekly Review 6 May 2016

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week:

  1. Google DeepMind has been given access to records on 1.6M British patients:
  2. Mark Zuckerberg says machine learning will exceed human performance in speech & image recognition in 5-10 years:
  3. Do deep learning image processing systems really see like humans do?
  4. Top ten programming languages for (retaining) employment: 
  5. Identifying heart attacks with AI:
  6. Machine learning at Facebook-goal of one AI agent per user:
  7. Princeton's professors CV of failure: The lesson here seems to be persistence is important, but so is luck.
  8. The arguments in favour of journal paywalls just don't hold water:
  9. Why business intelligence tools need statistics (and actual intelligence):
  10. Qualcomm is releasing a SDK for its deep learning platform:
  11. Networking for data scientists: Same principles apply to networking for computational intelligence researchers
  12. AI in financial trading:
  13. Infosys has developed a system using AI for knowledge management:
  14. How long to true AI? Time to re-read my copy of Kurzweil's The Age of Intelligent Machines
  15. Recent surveys of evolutionary algorithms:
  16. Is Uber planning to use machine learning to eliminate surge pricing?
  17. An overview of the Open "AI Gym" for testing reinforcement learning algorithms.
  18. The US White House is running workshops to consider the future implications of AI: 
  19. Quantizing deep learning neural networks in TensorFlow:
  20. Learning Python for data science:
  21. Machine learning and big data in credit card companies:
  22. This. This is why I will not review any paper for any Elsevier journal. They will not profit from my free labour:
  23. AI in medicine is coming:
  24. Art critics do not like art produced by AI:
  25. Can machine learning make us more beautiful?
  26. Apparently AI is still too stupid to pose an existential threat to humans:
  27. User behaviour analysis using AI is a growing trend in cyber-security:
  28. I put more stock in Adam Coates'  opinions on the dangers of AI than Stephen Hawking's:
  29. Viv the Siri killer:
  30. Researchers open to other disciplines produce better research: Working with ecologists made me a better researcher.
  31. AI in staff recruitment:
  32. Are postdocs actually harmful to researchers' careers? 
  33. How to improve customer experience with AI:
  34. Teaching deep learning ANN to be more "conversational"a by training them on romance novels:
  35. An argument that computers do not either learn nor predict:

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