Monday, May 2, 2016

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; Volume 27, Issue 5, May 2016

1. Storing Sequencies in Binary Tournament-Based Neural Networks
Authors: Xiaoran Jiang; Vincent Gripon; Claude Berrou; Michael Rabbat
Pages: 913 - 925

2. Data Generators for Learning Systems Based on RBF Networks
Author: Marko Robnik-Šikonja
Pages: 926 - 938

3. A Novel Framework for Learning Geometry-Aware Kernels
Authors: Binbin Pan ; Wen-Sheng Chen ; Chen Xu ; Bo Chen
Pages: 939 - 951

4. Hybrid Sampling-Based Clustering Ensemble With Global and Local Constitutions
Authors: Yun Yang; Jianmin Jiang
Pages: 952 - 965

5. The Proximal Trajectory Algorithm in SVM Cross Validation
Authors: Annabella Astorino; Antonio Fuduli
Pages: 966 - 977

6. MLPNN Training via a Multiobjective Optimization of Training Error and Stochastic Sensitivity
Authors: Daniel S. Yeung; Jin-Cheng Li; Wing W.Y. Ng; Patrick P.K. Chan
Pages: 978 - 992

7. Generalization Performance of Regularized Ranking with Multiscale Kernels
Authors: Yicong Zhou; Hong Chen; Rushi Lan; Zhibin Pan
Pages: 993 - 1002

8. A Maximum Margin Approach for Semisupervised Ordinal Regression Clustering
Authors: Yanshan Xiao; Bo Liu; Zhifeng Hao
Pages: 1003 - 1019

9. Learning Discriminative Stein Kernel for SPD Matrices and Its Applications
Authors: Jianjia Zhang; Lei Wang; Luping Zhou; Wanqing Li
Pages: 1020 - 1033

10. Probabilistic Slow Features for Behavior Analysis
Authors: Lazaros Zafeiriou; Himalis A. Nicolaou; Stefanos Zafeiriou; Symeon Nikitidis; Maja Pantic
Pages: 1034 - 1048

11. Improper Complex-Valued Bhattacharyya Distance
Authors: Arash Mohammadi; Konstantinos N. Plataniotis
Pages: 1049 - 1064

12. A New Distance Metric for Unsupervised Learning of Categorical Data
Authors: Hong Jia; Yiu-ming Cheung; Jiming Liu
Pages: 1065 - 1079

13. Integrated Low-Rank-Based Discriminative Feature Learning for Recognition
Authors: Pan Zhou; Zhouchen Lin; Chao Zhang
Pages: 1080 - 1093

14. A Nearest Neighbor Classifier Employing Critical Boundary Vectors for Efficient On-Chip Template Reduction
Authors: Wenjun Xia; Yoshio Mita; Tadashi Shibata
Pages: 1094 - 1107

15. Tree Ensembles on the Induced Discrete Space
Author: Olcay Taner Yıldız
Pages: 1108 - 1113

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