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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 27, Issue 6, June 2016

1) Guest Editorial Special Section on Visual Saliency Computing and Learning
Author(s): Junwei Han; Ling Shao; Nuno Vasconcelos; Jungong Han; Dong Xu
Page(s): 1118 - 1121

2) Manifold Ranking-Based Matrix Factorization for Saliency Detection
Author(s): Dapeng Tao; Jun Cheng; Mingli Song; Xu Lin
Page(s): 1122 - 1134

3) DISC: Deep Image Saliency Computing via Progressive Representation Learning
Author(s): Tianshui Chen; Liang Lin; Lingbo Liu; Xiaonan Luo; Xuelong Li
Page(s): 1135 - 1149

4) Human-Centered Saliency Detection
Author(s): Zhenbao Liu; Xiao Wang; Shuhui Bu
Page(s): 1150 - 1162

5) Cosaliency Detection Based on Intrasaliency Prior Transfer and Deep Intersaliency Mining
Author(s): Dingwen Zhang; Junwei Han; Jungong Han; Ling Shao
Page(s): 1163 - 1176

6) Spatiochromatic Context Modeling for Color Saliency Analysis
Author(s): Jun Zhang; Meng Wang; Shengping Zhang; Xuelong Li; Xindong Wu
Page(s): 1177 - 1189

7) Dual Low-Rank Pursuit: Learning Salient Features for Saliency Detection
Author(s): Congyan Lang; Jiashi Feng; Songhe Feng; Jingdong Wang; Shuicheng Yan
Page(s): 1190 - 1200

8) Improving Visual Saliency Computing With Emotion Intensity
Author(s): Huiying Liu; Min Xu; Jinqiao Wang; Tianrong Rao; Ian Burnett
Page(s): 1201 - 1213

9) Reconciling Saliency and Object Center-Bias Hypotheses in Explaining Free-Viewing Fixations
Author(s): Ali Borji; James Tanner
Page(s): 1214 - 1226

10) Bottom–Up Visual Saliency Estimation With Deep Autoencoder-Based Sparse Reconstruction
Author(s): Chen Xia; Fei Qi; Guangming Shi
Page(s): 1227 - 1240

11) Learning to Predict Sequences of Human Visual Fixations
Author(s): Ming Jiang; Xavier Boix; Gemma Roig; Juan Xu; Luc Van Gool; Qi Zhao
Page(s): 1241 - 1252

12) Saliency-Aware Nonparametric Foreground Annotation Based on Weakly Labeled Data
Author(s): Xiaochun Cao; Changqing Zhang; Huazhu Fu; Xiaojie Guo; Qi Tian
Page(s): 1253 - 1265

13) The Application of Visual Saliency Models in Objective Image Quality Assessment: A Statistical Evaluation
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Ali Borji; Zhou Wang; Patrick Le Callet; Hantao Liu
Page(s): 1266 - 1278

14) Salient Band Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification via Manifold Ranking
Author(s): Qi Wang; Jianzhe Lin; Yuan Yuan
Page(s): 1279 - 1289

15) Guest Editorial Special Section on Learning in Non-(geo)metric Spaces
Author(s): Marcello Pelillo; Edwin R. Hancock; Xuelong Li; Vittorio Murino
Page(s): 1290 - 1293

16) Sparse Coding on Symmetric Positive Definite Manifolds Using Bregman Divergences
Author(s): Mehrtash T. Harandi; Richard Hartley; Brian Lovell; Conrad Sanderson
Page(s): 1294 - 1306

17) Multicriteria Similarity-Based Anomaly Detection Using Pareto Depth Analysis
Author(s): Ko-Jen Hsiao; Kevin S. Xu; Jeff Calder; Alfred O. Hero
Page(s): 1307 - 1321

18) Learning in Variable-Dimensional Spaces
Author(s): Michelangelo Diligenti; Marco Gori; Claudio SaccĂ 
Page(s): 1322 - 1332

19) Manifold Learning for Multivariate Variable-Length Sequences With an Application to Similarity Search
Author(s): Shen-Shyang Ho; Peng Dai; Frank Rudzicz
Page(s): 1333 - 1344

20) Constrained Clustering With Imperfect Oracles
Author(s): Xiatian Zhu; Chen Change Loy; Shaogang Gong
Page(s): 1345 - 1357

21) Hierarchical Image Segmentation Using Correlation Clustering
Author(s): Amir Alush; Jacob Goldberger
Page(s): 1358 - 1367

22) Feature Combination and the kNN Framework in Object Classification
Author(s): Jian Hou; Huijun Gao; Qi Xia; Naiming Qi
Page(s): 1368 - 1378

23) Dissimilarity-Based Ensembles for Multiple Instance Learning
Author(s): Veronika Cheplygina; David M. J. Tax; Marco Loog
Page(s): 1379 - 1391

24) Ensemble Manifold Rank Preserving for Acceleration-Based Human Activity Recognition
Author(s): Dapeng Tao; Lianwen Jin; Yuan Yuan; Yang Xue
Page(s): 1392 - 1404

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