Sunday, June 12, 2016

Weekly Review 11 June 2016

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week:

  1. What happens when you run Bladerunner through a deep-learning autoencoder:
  2. Concise explanation of the difference between regular machine learning and deep learning:
  3. On why AI needs a "big red button":
  4. Data mining unstructured data with deep learning:
  5. How AI is changing SEO:
  6. How AI-based "Driver Assistance Systems" will dominate the markup before autonomous vehicles:
  7. This is the era of AI:
  8. China's obsession with quantity over quality leads to corruption. fraud in science:
  9. Will Artificial Intelligences end up with human rights?
  10. The future of AI on smart phones:
  11. The truth about deep learning:
  12. Why TensorFlow is a game-changer:
  13. List of resources for an open-source machine learning degree:
  14. How to do machine learning, from Uber's head of machine learning:
  15. Ten frightening uses of AI:
  16. A new neural processor:
  17. A test shows that a medical AI is as accurate on triage as an experienced doctor:
  18. An AI web designer:
  19. The industries being redefined by machine learning:
  20. LinkedIn's contribution to machine learning:
  21. Using AI in human longevity research:
  22. Combining AI with the power of crowds:
  23. Business opportunities of machine learning:
  24. A new company using AI in computer security:
  25. More details about Armorway, startup using AI in computer security:
  26. DeepMind's five-year plan for AI in healthcare:
  27. TensorFlow is now available for iOS:
  28. Artificial intelligence vs cancer:
  29. Another company, Cyclance, also using AI for computer security:
  30. Behavioural psychologists are now testing artificial intelligences:
  31. More on Google's Project Magenta, their AI composer:
  32. A deep neural network rendered 2001: A Space Odyssey in the style of Picasso:
  33. A free e-book on data science:
  34. Google is developing its own version of Asimov's  laws of robotics:
  35. A whitepaper on AI and machine learning in the insurance industry:
  36. A movie written in collaboration with an AI:
  37. The security risks of AI:
  38. There is still bias in peer review and in funding decisions:
  39. Google DeepMind is mastering more difficult video games, thanks to curiosity:
  40. With quantum computers will come quantum machine learning:
  41. The jobs that AI will destroy first:
  42. Why more women don't code - or even get into IT in general:

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