Saturday, July 9, 2016

Weekly Review 9 July 2016

Some interesting links that I Tweeted about in the last week:

  1. Mining emails to identify disgruntled employees:
  2. The origins of Support Vector Machines: - gosh, I was in high school in 1989...
  3. A robot using deep learning to identify items has won Amazon's robot worker challenge:
  4. DeepMind is planning to use deep learning to diagnose degenerative eye diseases:
  5. Anomaly detection with machine learning:
  6. More on DeepMind's project to detect degenerative eye diseases:
  7. A description of Facebook's AI-based multi-language composer - no details of what kind of AI, though:
  8. Can AI predict the next US president?
  9. Current key trends in AI and machine learning:
  10. The ideal cloud platforms for machine learning applications:
  11. Google buys yet another machine learning startup:
  12. How to disconnect from work when you're away from work:
  13. A high-level overview of Support Vector Machines:
  14. How Microsoft plans to out-do Google in AI:
  15. The four forces shaping AI today:
  16. Diagnosing Alzheimer's disease with machine learning:
  17. Modernising PhD examinations: - I remember I didn't do an oral exam
  18. Any model needs to be tested, & the results need to be statistically sound: - see post here:
  19. Computer might get smarts, but they'll never get consciousness:
  20. Using AI to improve beer brewing, via a Facebook chatbot:
  21. Sounds like Darktrace is using an artificial immune system algorithm to detect network intrusion:
  22. Microsoft open-sources its system for testing AI in Minecraft:

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