Tuesday, August 2, 2016

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 27, Issue 8, August 2016

1. Guest Editorial Special Issue on "Neural Networks and Learning Systems Applications in Smart Grid"
Author: Dipti Srinivasan; Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy
Page(s): 1601 - 1603

2. Dynamic State Estimation of Power Systems With Quantization Effects: A Recursive Filter Approach Metrics by Information Projection
Authors: Liang Hu; Zidong Wang; Xiaohui Liu
Page(s): 1604 - 1614

3. Assessing the Influence of an Individual Event in Complex Fault Spreading Network Based on Dynamic Uncertain Causality Graph Metrics by Information Projection
Authors: Chunling Dong; Yue Zhao; Qin Zhang
Page(s): 1615 - 1630

4. Improved Fault Classification in Series Compensated Transmission Line: Comparative Evaluation of Chebyshev Neural Network Training Algorithms
Authors: Bhargav Y. Vyas; Biswarup Das; Rudra Prakash Maheshwari
Page(s): 1631 - 1642

5. Dynamic Energy Management System for a Smart Microgrid
Authors: Ganesh Kumar Venayagamoorthy; Ratnesh K. Sharma; Prajwal K. Gautam; Afshin Ahmadi
Page(s): 1643 - 1656

6. Storage Free Smart Energy Management for Frequency Control in a Diesel-PV-Fuel Cell-Based Hybrid AC Microgrid
Authors: P. C. Sekhar; S. Mishra
Page(s): 1657 - 1671

7. Cooperative Strategy for Optimal Management of Smart Grids by Wavelet RNNs and Cloud Computing
Authors: Christian Napoli; Giuseppe Pappalardo; Giuseppe Marco Tina; Emiliano Tramontana
Page(s): 1672 - 1685

8. Assessing Short-Term Voltage Stability of Electric Power Systems by a Hierarchical Intelligent System
Authors: Yan Xu; Rui Zhang; Junhua Zhao; Zhao Yang Dong; Dianhui Wang; Hongming Yang; Kit Po Wong
Page(s): 1686 - 1696

9. Fair Energy Scheduling for Vehicle-to-Grid Networks Using Adaptive Dynamic Programming
Authors: Shengli Xie; Weifeng Zhong; Kan Xie; Rong Yu; Yan Zhang
Page(s): 1697 - 1707

10. Automatic Learning of Fine Operating Rules for Online Power System Security Control
Authors: Hongbin Sun; Feng Zhao; Hao Wang; Kang Wang; Weiyong Jiang; Qinglai Guo; Boming Zhang; Louis Wehenkel
Page(s): 1708 - 1719

11. Adaptive Portfolio Optimization for Multiple Electricity Markets Participation
Authors: Tiago Pinto; Hugo Morais; Tiago M. Sousa; Tiago Sousa; Zita Vale; Isabel Praça; Ricardo Faia; Eduardo José Solteiro Pires
Page(s): 1720 - 1733

12. Two Machine Learning Approaches for Short-Term Wind Speed Time-Series Prediction
Authors: Ronay Ak; Olga Fink; Enrico Zio
Page(s): 1734 - 1747

13. Online Supplementary ADP Learning Controller Design and Application to Power System Frequency Control With Large-Scale Wind Energy Integration
Authors: Wentao Guo; Feng Liu; Jennie Si; Dawei He; Ronald Harley; Shengwei Mei
Page(s): 1748 - 1761

14. Adaptive Modulation for DFIG and STATCOM With High-Voltage Direct Current Transmission
Authors: Yufei Tang; Haibo He; Zhen Ni; Jinyu Wen; Tingwen Huang
Page(s): 1762 - 1772

15. Machine Learning Methods for Attack Detection in the Smart Grid
Authors: Mete Ozay; Iñaki Esnaola; Fatos Tunay Yarman Vural; Sanjeev R. Kulkarni; H. Vincent Poor
Page(s): 1773 - 1786

16. Smart-Grid Backbone Network Real-Time Delay Reduction via Integer Programming
Authors: Sasikanth Pagadrai; Muhittin Yilmaz; Pratyush Valluri
Page(s): 1787 - 1792

17. A Novel Empirical Mode Decomposition With Support Vector Regression for Wind Speed Forecasting
Authors: Ye Ren; Ponnuthurai Nagaratnam Suganthan; Narasimalu Srikanth
Page(s): 1793 - 1798

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