Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Evolving Systems, Volume 7, Issue 3

1. A self tuning regulator design for nonlinear time varying systems based on evolving linear models
Author(s): Sina Jahandari, Ahmad Kalhor & Babak Nadjar Araabi
Pages: 159-172

2. A fast online learning algorithm of radial basis function network with locality sensitive hashing
Author(s): Siti Hajar Aminah Ali, Kiminori Fukase & Seiichi Ozawa
Pages: 173-186

3. Maintenance of a Bayesian network: application using medical diagnosis
Author(s): Ahlem Refai, H. F. Merouani & Hayet Aouras
Pages: 187-196

4. Parallelization of filtered back-projection algorithm for computed tomography
Author(s): Akram Boukhamla, Hayet Farida Merouani & Hocine Sissaoui
Pages: 197-205

5. Understanding and modeling the complex dynamics of the online social networks: a scalable conceptual approach
Author(s): Ilias N. Lymperopoulos & George D. Ioannou
Pages: 207-232

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