Friday, September 2, 2016

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems: Volume 27, Issue 9, September 2016

1. Near Optimal Event-Triggered Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems Using Neurodynamic Programming
Author(s): Avimanyu Sahoo; Hao Xu; Sarangapani Jagannathan
Page(s): 1801 - 1815

2. Dynamical Behavior of Delayed Reaction–Diffusion Hopfield Neural Networks Driven by Infinite Dimensional Wiener Processes
Authors: Xiao Liang; Linshan Wang; Yangfan Wang; Ruili Wang
Page(s): 1816 - 1826

3. Semisupervised Support Vector Machines With Tangent Space Intrinsic Manifold RegularizationMetrics by Information Projection
Authors: Shiliang Sun; Xijiong Xie
Page(s): 1827 - 1839

4. Efficient Implementation of the Backpropagation Algorithm in FPGAs and Microcontrollers
Authors: Francisco Ortega-Zamorano; José M. Jerez; Daniel Urda Muñoz; Rafael M. Luque-Baena; Leonardo Franco
Page(s): 1840 - 1850

5. On the Performance of Manhattan Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
Authors: Tongliang Liu; Dacheng Tao
Page(s): 1851 - 1863

6. Sequence Prediction With Sparse Distributed Hyperdimensional Coding Applied to the Analysis of Mobile Phone Use Patterns
Authors: Okko J. Räsänen; Jukka P. Saarinen
Page(s): 1878 - 1889

7. A Granular Self-Organizing Map for Clustering and Gene Selection in Microarray Data
Authors: Shubhra Sankar Ray; Avatharam Ganivada; Sankar K. Pal
Page(s): 1890 - 1906

8. Hierarchical Temporal Memory Based on Spin-Neurons and Resistive Memory for Energy-Efficient Brain-Inspired Computing
Authors: Deliang Fan; Mrigank Sharad; Abhronil Sengupta; Kaushik Roy
Page(s): 1907 - 1919

9. Image Understanding Applications of Lattice Autoassociative Memories
Authors: Manuel Graña; Darya Chyzhyk
Page(s): 1920 - 1932

10. Robust Low-Rank Tensor Recovery With Regularized Redescending M-Estimator
Authors: Yuning Yang; Yunlong Feng; Johan A. K. Suykens
Page(s): 1933 - 1946

11. Oversampling the Minority Class in the Feature Space
Authors: María Pérez-Ortiz; Pedro Antonio Gutiérrez; Peter Tino; César Hervás-Martínez
Page(s): 1947 - 1961

12. Adaptive Neural Control for a Class of Pure-Feedback Nonlinear Systems via Dynamic Surface Technique
Authors: Zongcheng Liu; Xinmin Dong; Jianping Xue; Hongbo Li; Yong Chen
Page(s): 1969 - 1975

13. Intelligent Tracking Control for a Class of Uncertain High-Order Nonlinear Systems
Authors: Xudong Zhao; Peng Shi; Xiaolong Zheng; Jianhua Zhang
Page(s): 1976 - 1982

14. A Derivative-Free Riemannian Powell’s Method, Minimizing Hartley-Entropy-Based ICA Contrast
Authors: Amit Chattopadhyay; Suviseshamuthu Easter Selvan; Umberto Amato
Page(s): 1983 - 1990

15. Feedback Controller Design for the Synchronization of Boolean Control Networks
Authors: Yang Liu; Liangjie Sun; Jianquan Lu; Jinling Liang
Page(s): 1991 - 1996

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