Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Neural Networks, Volume 81, Pages: 1-102, September 2016

1. Global exponential stability of impulsive complex-valued neural networks with both asynchronous time-varying and continuously distributed delays  
Author(s): Qiankun Song, Huan Yan, Zhenjiang Zhao, Yurong Liu
Pages: 1-10

2. A note on finite-time and fixed-time stability  
Author(s): Wenlian Lu, Xiwei Liu, Tianping Chen
Pages: 11-15

3. Synchronization of fractional-order complex-valued neural networks with time delay  
Author(s): Haibo Bao, Ju H. Park, Jinde Cao
Pages: 16-28

4. Real-time object tracking based on scale-invariant features employing bio-inspired hardware  
Author(s): Shinsuke Yasukawa, Hirotsugu Okuno, Kazuo Ishii, Tetsuya Yagi
Pages: 29-38

5. A neural model of the frontal eye fields with reward-based learning  
Author(s): Weijie Ye, Shenquan Liu, Xuanliang Liu, Yuguo Yu
Pages: 39-51

6. New results on anti-synchronization of switched neural networks with time-varying delays and lag signals  
Author(s): Yuting Cao, Shiping Wen, Michael Z.Q. Chen, Tingwen Huang, Zhigang Zeng
Pages: 52-58

7. Pseudo-inverse linear discriminants for the improvement of overall classification accuracies  
Author(s): Gao Daqi, Dastagir Ahmed, Guo Lili, Wang Zejian, Wang Zhe
Pages: 59-71

8. Neural network training as a dissipative process  
Author(s): Marco Gori, Marco Maggini, Alessandro Rossi
Pages: 72-80

9. Pointwise and uniform approximation by multivariate neural network operators of the max-product type  
Author(s): Danilo Costarelli, Gianluca Vinti
Pages: 81-90

10. Extreme learning machine and adaptive sparse representation for image classification  
Author(s): Jiuwen Cao, Kai Zhang, Minxia Luo, Chun Yin, Xiaoping Lai
Pages: 91-102

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