Thursday, September 22, 2016

Neural Networks Volume 82, Pages: 1-100, October 2016

1) Micro-level dynamics of the online information propagation: A user behavior model based on noisy spiking neurons  
Pages: 1-29
Author(s): Ilias N. Lymperopoulos, George D. Ioannou

2) A new EEG synchronization strength analysis method: S-estimator based normalized weighted-permutation mutual information  
Pages: 30-38
Author(s): Dong Cui, Weiting Pu, Jing Liu, Zhijie Bian, Qiuli Li, Lei Wang, Guanghua Gu

3) Event-triggered image filter design for delayed neural network with quantization  
Pages: 39-48
Author(s): Jinliang Liu, Jia Tang, Shumin Fei

4) Boundedness and convergence analysis of weight elimination for cyclic training of neural networks  
Pages: 49-61
Author(s): Jian Wang, Zhenyun Ye, Weifeng Gao, Jacek M. Zurada

5) A local Vapnik–Chervonenkis complexity  
Pages: 62-75
Author(s): Luca Oneto, Davide Anguita, Sandro Ridella

6) Global oscillation regime change by gated inhibition
Pages: 76-83
Author(s): August Romeo, Hans Supèr

7) Stability analysis of switched cellular neural networks: A mode-dependent average dwell time approach  
Pages: 84-99
Author(s): Chuangxia Huang, Jie Cao, Jinde Cao

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