Monday, March 13, 2017

IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, Volume 9, Number 1, March 2017

1. A Bio-Inspired Cognitive Agent for Autonomous Urban Vehicles Routing Optimization
Author(s): G. Vitello, A. Alongi, V. Conti and S. Vitabile
Pages: 5-15

2. A Multilevel Body Motion-Based Human Activity Analysis Methodology
Author(s): K. Khoshhal Roudposhti, J. Dias, P. Peixoto, V. Metsis and U. Nunes
Pages: 16-29

3. Learning Robot Control Using a Hierarchical SOM-Based Encoding
Author(s): G. Pierris and T. S. Dahl
Pages: 30-43

4. Learning From Explanations Using Sentiment and Advice in RL
Author(s): S. Krening, B. Harrison, K. M. Feigh, C. L. Isbell, M. Riedl and A. Thomaz
Pages: 44-55

5. Supervisory Control of Multiple Robots Through Group Communication
Author(s): A. Rossi, M. Staffa and S. Rossi
Pages: 56-67

6. Flexible Task Execution and Attentional Regulations in Human-Robot Interaction
Author(s): R. Caccavale and A. Finzi
Pages: 68-79

7. Aesthetics Evaluation for Robotic Chinese Calligraphy
Author(s): Z. Ma and J. Su
Pages: 80-90

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