Monday, March 13, 2017

Soft Computing, Volume 21, Number 5, March 2017

1. Iterative numerical method for fuzzy Volterra linear integral equations in two dimensions
Author(s): Alexandru Mihai Bica, Shokrollah Ziari
Pages: 1097-1108

2. Many-objective optimization based on information separation and neighbor punishment selection
Author(s): Ruimin Shen, Jinhua Zheng, Miqing Li, Juan Zou
Pages: 1109-1128

3. Decision making with the generalized intuitionistic fuzzy power interaction averaging operators
Author(s): Yingdong He, Zhen He, He Huang
Pages 1129-1144

4. Image quality assessment based on multiscale fuzzy gradient similarity deviation
Author(s): Shangwei Guo, Tao Xiang, Xiaoguo Li
Pages: 1145-1155

5. Topology optimization of compliant structures and mechanisms using constructive solid geometry for 2-d and 3-d applications
Author(s): Anmol Pandey, Rituparna Datta, Bishakh Bhattacharya
Pages: 1157-1179

6. Relevant applications of Monte Carlo simulation in Solvency II
Author(s): Giuseppe Casarano, Gilberto Castellani, Luca Passalacqua, Francesca Perla
Pages: 1181-1192

7. A hybrid artificial bee colony algorithm for the job-shop scheduling problem with no-wait constraint
Author(s): Shyam Sundar, P. N. Suganthan, Chua Tay Jin, Cai Tian Xiang
Pages: 1193-1202

8. Evaluation of research proposals for grant funding using interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets
Author(s): Basar Oztaysi, Sezi Cevik Onar, Kerim Goztepe, Cengiz Kahraman
Pages: 1203-1218

9. Rate control optimization for live streaming using fixed-time playback buffer
Author(s): Dongyan Zhang, Hui He, Weihua Li, Pingxin Du
Pages: 1219-1228

10. Fuzzy trapezoidal cubature rule and application to two-dimensional fuzzy Fredholm integral equations
Author(s): Alexandru Mihai Bica, Constantin Popescu
Pages: 1229-1243

11. Searching the Web for illegal content: the anatomy of a semantic search engine
Author(s): Luigi Laura, Gianluigi Me
Pages: 1245-1252

12. Noisy extremal optimization
Author(s): Rodica Ioana Lung, Mihai Suciu, Noémi Gaskó
Pages: 1253-1270

13. RED: a new method for performance ranking of large decision making units
Author(s): Mohammadreza Farahmand, Mohammad Ishak Desa
Pages: 1271-1290

14. Fuzzy clustering algorithms for identification of Exocarpium Citrus Grandis through chromatography
Author(s): Hang Wei, Li Lin, Honglai Zhang, Yangyang Xu, Shaodong Deng, Jiajing Yu
Pages: 1291-1300

15. Design and theoretical analysis of virtual machine placement algorithm based on peak workload characteristics
Author(s): Weiwei Lin, SiYao Xu, Jin Li, Lingling Xu, Zhiping Peng
Pages: 1301-1314

16. P2P and P2P botnet traffic classification in two stages
Author(s): Wujian Ye, Kyungsan Cho
Pages: 1315-1326

17. Attraction basin sphere estimation approach for niching CMA-ES
Author(s): Zhuoran Xu, Hiroyuki Iizuka, Masahito Yamamoto
Pages: 1327-1345

18. An agent-based algorithm exploiting multiple local dissimilarities for clusters mining and knowledge discovery
Author(s): Filippo Maria Bianchi, Enrico Maiorino, Lorenzo Livi, Antonello Rizzi
Pages: 1347-1369

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