Monday, March 13, 2017

Neural Networks, Volume 87, Pages 1-160, March 2017

1. Reaction times in visual search can be explained by a simple model of neural synchronization   
Author(s): Yakov Kazanovich, Roman Borisyuk
Pages: 1-7

2. An empirical model of activity in macaque inferior temporal cortex   
Author(s): Salman Khan, Bryan Tripp
Pages: 8-21

3. On global exponential stability of positive neural networks with time-varying delay  
Author(s): Le Van Hien
Pages: 22-26

4. Cognitive memory and mapping in a brain-like system for robotic navigation   
Author(s): Huajin Tang, Weiwei Huang, Aditya Narayanamoorthy, Rui Yan
Pages: 27-37

5. Towards solving the hard problem of consciousness: The varieties of brain resonances and the conscious experiences that they support   
Author(s): Stephen Grossberg
Pages: 38-95

6. A computational model of conditioning inspired by Drosophila olfactory system   
Author(s): Faramarz Faghihi, Ahmed A. Moustafa, Ralf Heinrich, Florentin Wörgötter
Pages: 96-108

7. Fast learning method for convolutional neural networks using extreme learning machine and its application to lane detection   
Author(s): Jihun Kim, Jonghong Kim, Gil-Jin Jang, Minho Lee
Pages: 109-121

8. Controller design for global fixed-time synchronization of delayed neural networks with discontinuous activations   
Author(s): Leimin Wang, Zhigang Zeng, Junhao Hu, Xiaoping Wang
Pages: 122-131

9. Constructing a meta-tracker using Dropout to imitate the behavior of an arbitrary black-box tracker   
Author(s): Kourosh Meshgi, Shin-ichi Maeda, Shigeyuki Oba, Shin Ishii
Pages: 132-148

10. Global exponential stability and dissipativity of generalized neural networks with time-varying delay signals   
Author(s): R. Manivannan, R. Samidurai, Jinde Cao, Ahmed Alsaedi, Fuad E. Alsaadi
Pages: 149-159

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