Monday, May 1, 2017

Soft Computing, Volume 21, Issue 10, May 2017

1. Preface: A volume dedicated to Wolfgang Rump on the occasion of his 65th birthday
Author(s): Yichuan Yang
Pages: 2465-2467

2. Generalized Łukasiewicz rings
Author(s): Albert Kadji, Celestin Lele, Jean B. Nganou
Pages: 2469-2476

3. Some results in r-disjunctive languages and related topics
Author(s): Di Zhang, Yuqi Guo, K. P. Shum
Pages: 2477-2483

4. The Cuntz semigroup and domain theory
Author(s): Klaus Keimel
Pages: 2485-2502

5. An application of subgroup lattices
Author(s): Yanping Chen, Yichuan Yang
Pages: 2503-2505

6. An extension of a Y. C. Yang theorem
Author(s): Dragoş Vaida
Pages: 2507-2512

7. Notes on quantum logics and involutive bounded posets
Author(s): Yali Wu, Yichuan Yang
Pages: 2513-2519

8. Quantum B-algebras: their omnipresence in algebraic logic and beyond
Author(s): Wolfgang Rump
Pages: 2521-2529

9. Filter topologies on MV-algebras
Author(s): Cuicui Luan, Yichuan Yang
Pages: 2531-2535

10. Weak QMV algebras and some ring-like structures
Author(s): Xian Lu, Yun Shang, Ru-qian Lu, Jian Zhang, Feifei Ma
Pages: 2537-2547

11. Note on classification of two-dimensional associative lattice-ordered real algebras
Author(s): Yichuan Yang, Xiaohong Zhang
Pages: 2549-2552

12. On soft weak structures
Author(s): A. H. Zakari, A. Ghareeb, Saleh Omran
Pages: 2553-2559

13. Quantale algebras as lattice-valued quantales
Author(s): Bin Zhao, Supeng Wu, Kaiyun Wang
Pages: 2561-2574

14. Catastrophe bond pricing for the two-factor Vasicek interest rate model with automatized fuzzy decision making
Author(s): Piotr Nowak, Maciej Romaniuk
Pages: 2575-2597

15. Dual trapdoor identity-based encryption with keyword search
Author(s): Jia’nan Liu, Junzuo Lai, Xinyi Huang
Pages: 2599-2607

16. Searching for the most significant rules: an evolutionary approach for subgroup discovery
Author(s): Victoria Pachón, Jacinto Mata, Juan Luis Domínguez
Pages: 2609-2618

17. Uncertain random spectra: a new metric for assessing the survivability of mobile wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Li Xu, Jing Zhang, Pei-Wei Tsai, Wei Wu, Da-Jin Wang
Pages: 2619-2629

18. FIR digital filter design using improved particle swarm optimization based on refraction principle
Author(s): Peng Shao, Zhijian Wu, Xuanyu Zhou, Dang Cong Tran
Pages: 2631-2642

19. Towards secure and cost-effective fuzzy access control in mobile cloud computing
Author(s): Wei Wu, Shun Hu, Xu Yang, Joseph K. Liu, Man Ho Au
Pages: 2643-2649

20. Restricted gene expression programming: a new approach for parameter identification inverse problems of partial differential equation
Author(s): Yan Chen, Kangshun Li, Zhangxing Chen, Jinfeng Wang
Pages: 2651-2663

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