Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekly Review 1 May 2017

Below are some of the interesting links I Tweeted about recently.

  1. Not surprising that if you take the negative of an image, a deep ANN can't classify it. ANN aren't magic:
  2. Three interesting real-world applications of machine learning: 
  3. At least they admit it is because of biased data-FaceApp apologises for making a racist selfie filter: 
  4. What is a "whole brain approach" in ANN? 
  5. Probably best to make this technology openly available, might make it easier to develop ways of detecting it: 
  6. A cheat-sheet for Python deep learning libraries: 
  7. PDF cheat sheet for Python deep learning libraries: 
  8. On the need for a standard intermediate language for machine learning frameworks: A role for @ieeecis?
  9. Machine learning is a cloud thing: 
  10. A crash-course in using machine learning in Python: 
  11. Some of the languages in which you can utilise machine learning: 
  12. Building a recurrent ANN in TensorFlow: 
  13. Half of all jobs will be replaced by AI in ten years:

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