Friday, June 2, 2017

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 28, Issue 6, June 2017

1. Holographic Graph Neuron: A Bioinspired Architecture for Pattern Processing
Author(s): Denis Kleyko; Evgeny Osipov; Alexander Senior; Asad I. Khan; Yaşar Ahmet Şekerciogğlu
Page(s): 1250 - 1262

2. Robust Joint Graph Sparse Coding for Unsupervised Spectral Feature Selection
Author(s): Xiaofeng Zhu; Xuelong Li; Shichao Zhang; Chunhua Ju; Xindong Wu
Page(s): 1263 - 1275

3. Rate of Convergence of the FOCUSS Algorithm
Author(s): Kan Xie; Zhaoshui He; Andrzej Cichocki; Xiaozhao Fang
Page(s): 1276 - 1289

4. Action and Event Recognition in Videos by Learning From Heterogeneous Web Sources
Author(s): Li Niu; Xinxing Xu; Lin Chen; Lixin Duan; Dong Xu
Page(s): 1290 - 1304

5. Mapping Temporal Variables Into the NeuCube for Improved Pattern Recognition, Predictive Modeling, and Understanding of Stream Data
Author(s): Enmei Tu; Nikola Kasabov; Jie Yang
Page(s): 1305 - 1317

6. Adaptive Neural Control of Uncertain MIMO Nonlinear Systems With State and Input Constraints
Author(s): Ziting Chen; Zhijun Li; C. L. Philip Chen
Page(s): 1318 - 1330

7. Co-Operative Coevolutionary Neural Networks for Mining Functional Association Rules
Author(s): Bing Wang; Kathryn E. Merrick; Hussein A. Abbass
Page(s): 1331 - 1344

8. Quantum Ensemble Classification: A Sampling-Based Learning Control Approach
Author(s): Chunlin Chen; Daoyi Dong; Bo Qi; Ian R. Petersen; Herschel Rabitz
Page(s): 1345 - 1359

9. A Regularizer Approach for RBF Networks Under the Concurrent Weight Failure Situation
Author(s): Chi-Sing Leung; Wai Yan Wan; Ruibin Feng
Page(s): 1360 - 1372

10. Clustering Through Hybrid Network Architecture With Support Vectors
Author(s): Emrah Ergul; Nafiz Arica; Narendra Ahuja; Sarp Erturk
Page(s): 1373 - 1385

11. Design and Application of a Variable Selection Method for Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network With LASSO
Author(s): Kai Sun; Shao-Hsuan Huang; David Shan-Hill Wong; Shi-Shang Jang
Page(s): 1386 - 1396

12. Robustly Fitting and Forecasting Dynamical Data With Electromagnetically Coupled Artificial Neural Network: A Data Compression Method
Author(s): Ziyin Wang; Mandan Liu; Yicheng Cheng; Rubin Wang
Page(s): 1397 - 1410

13. Efficient Training of Supervised Spiking Neural Network via Accurate Synaptic-Efficiency Adjustment Method
Author(s): Xiurui Xie; Hong Qu; Zhang Yi; Jürgen Kurths
Page(s): 1411 - 1424

14. Sparseness Analysis in the Pretraining of Deep Neural Networks
Author(s): Jun Li; Tong Zhang; Wei Luo; Jian Yang; Xiao-Tong Yuan; Jian Zhang
Page(s): 1425 - 1438

15. Barrier Function-Based Neural Adaptive Control With Locally Weighted Learning and Finite Neuron Self-Growing Strategy
Author(s): Zi-Jun Jia; Yong-Duan Song
Page(s): 1439 - 1451

16. Label Propagation via Teaching-to-Learn and Learning-to-Teach
Author(s): Chen Gong; Dacheng Tao; Wei Liu; Liu Liu; Jie Yang
Page(s): 1452 - 1465

17. Optimized Kernel Entropy Components
Author(s): Emma Izquierdo-Verdiguier; Valero Laparra; Robert Jenssen; Luis Gómez-Chova; Gustau Camps-Valls
Page(s): 1466 - 1472

18. Quantized Iterative Learning Consensus Tracking of Digital Networks With Limited Information Communication
Author(s): Wenjun Xiong; Xinghuo Yu; Yao Chen; Jie Gao
Page(s): 1473 - 1480

19. Biomimetic Hybrid Feedback Feedforward Neural-Network Learning Control
Author(s): Yongping Pan; Haoyong Yu
Page(s): 1481 - 1487

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