Friday, June 2, 2017

Weeky Review 2 June 2017

Below are some of the interesting links I Tweeted about recently.

  1. An interview on how deep learning is used to infer human emotions:
  2. Why quantum computing is necessary for the future of AI: 
  3. Who is liable when an AI misdiagnoses a patient? A society being over-litigious makes this a problem.
  4. Shifting jobs in IT - what is going to become obsolete, and what is going to become more important:
  5. AlphaGo has defeated the world's best human Go player:
  6. "Music" composed by a neuromorphic chip: 
  7. AI in healthcare works better alongside humans, not replacing them:
  8. The relationship between AI and statistics (and abuse thereof): 
  9. AlphaGo has defeated the world's best human Go player in 3 out of 3 matches: 
  10. Time for academics to again control academic journals, rather than greedy, predatory corporations: 
  11. Using facial recognition technology to track if students are paying attention to a lecture: 
  12. A list of free tools for visualising data:
  13. How could we tell if a general AI were truly conscious? 
  14. Applying deep learning to sports analytics: 
  15. Is Apple developing a neural network chip? 
  16. Not so much racist algorithms, as the benchmark data sets are lacking diversity: 
  17. An AI that detects other AI: 
  18. Brief explanation of what an ontology is: 
  19. Quite a bit of disagreement over when AI will overtake humans: 
  20. Why it's a silly idea to try to teach everyone to code: 
  21. The challenges of identifying trust with machine learning: 
  22. The second wave of AI, and how it will impact humanity: 
  23. Nuts-ml, a Python library intended to preprocess data for machine learning algorithms: 
  24. How Google is using machine learning to improve security in GMail:
  25. Is China going to outstrip the USA in AI?
  26. A system that uses a neural network to generate code from a screenshot of a GUI:
  27. The New Zealand AI Forum is launching:

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