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IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, Volume 28, Issue 7, July 2017.

1. Feature Selection Based on Structured Sparsity: A Comprehensive Study
Author(s): Jie Gui; Zhenan Sun; Shuiwang Ji; Dacheng Tao; Tieniu Tan
Pages: 1490 - 1507

2. Modeling Disease Progression via Multisource Multitask Learners: A Case Study With Alzheimer’s Disease
Author(s): Liqiang Nie; Luming Zhang; Lei Meng; Xuemeng Song; Xiaojun Chang; Xuelong Li
Pages: 1508 - 1519

3. Observer-Based Adaptive NN Control for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems With Nonsymmetric Input Saturation
Author(s): Yong-Feng Gao; Xi-Ming Sun; Changyun Wen; Wei Wang
Pages: 1520 - 1530

4. Neural Approximation-Based Adaptive Control for a Class of Nonlinear Nonstrict Feedback Discrete-Time Systems
Author(s): Yan-Jun Liu; Shu Li; Shaocheng Tong; C. L. Philip Chen
Pages: 1531 - 1541

5. Characterization of Linearly Separable Boolean Functions: A Graph-Theoretic Perspective
Author(s): Yanyi Rao; Xianda Zhang
Pages: 1542 - 1549

6. Fine-Grained Image Classification via Low-Rank Sparse Coding With General and Class-Specific Codebooks
Author(s): Chunjie Zhang; Chao Liang; Liang Li; Jing Liu; Qingming Huang; Qi Tian
Pages: 1550 - 1559

7. Impulsive Multisynchronization of Coupled Multistable Neural Networks With Time-Varying Delay
Author(s): Yan-Wu Wang; Wu Yang; Jiang-Wen Xiao; Zhi-Gang Zeng
Pages: 1560 - 1571

8. Embedded Streaming Deep Neural Networks Accelerator With Applications
Author(s): Aysegul Dundar; Jonghoon Jin; Berin Martini; Eugenio Culurciello
Pages: 1572 - 1583

9. Solution Path for Pin-SVM Classifiers With Positive and Negative τ Values
Author(s): Xiaolin Huang; Lei Shi; Johan A. K. Suykens
Pages: 1584 - 1593

10. Adaptive Event-Triggered Control Based on Heuristic Dynamic Programming for Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems
Author(s): Lu Dong; Xiangnan Zhong; Changyin Sun; Haibo He
Pages: 1594 - 1605

11. An Alternating Identification Algorithm for a Class of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Author(s): Yajun Zhang; Tianyou Chai; Dianhui Wang
Pages: 1606 - 1617

12. Exponential Synchronization for Markovian Stochastic Coupled Neural Networks of Neutral-Type via Adaptive Feedback Control
Author(s): Huabin Chen; Peng Shi; Cheng-Chew Lim
Pages: 1618 - 1632

13. Observer-Based Adaptive Neural Network Trajectory Tracking Control for Remotely Operated Vehicle
Author(s): Zhenzhong Chu; Daqi Zhu; Simon X. Yang
Pages: 1633 - 1645

14. Structural Minimax Probability Machine
Author(s): Bin Gu; Xingming Sun; Victor S. Sheng
Pages: 1646 - 1656

15. Global Synchronization of Multiple Recurrent Neural Networks With Time Delays via Impulsive Interactions
Author(s): Shaofu Yang; Zhenyuan Guo; Jun Wang
Pages: 1657 - 1667

16. Batch Mode Active Learning for Regression With Expected Model Change
Author(s): Wenbin Cai; Muhan Zhang; Ya Zhang
Pages: 1668 - 1681

17. Prediction Reweighting for Domain Adaptation
Author(s): Shuang Li; Shiji Song; Gao Huang
Pages: 1682 - 1695

18. Switched-Observer-Based Adaptive Neural Control of MIMO Switched Nonlinear Systems With Unknown Control Gains
Author(s): Lijun Long; Jun Zhao
Pages: 1696 - 1709

19. μ-Stability of Nonlinear Positive Systems With Unbounded Time-Varying Delays
Author(s): Tianping Chen; Xiwei Liu
Pages: 1710 - 1715

20. Learning With Auxiliary Less-Noisy Labels
Author(s): Yunyan Duan; Ou Wu
Pages: 1716 - 1721

21. Import Vector Domain Description: A Kernel Logistic One-Class Learning Algorithm
Author(s): Sergio Decherchi; Walter Rocchia
Pages: 1722 - 1729

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