Thursday, July 13, 2017

Weekly Review 13 July 2017

Below are some of the interesting links I Tweeted about recently.

  1. When AI research collides head-on with privacy laws:
  2. A list of logical fallacies used in arguments - make sure you don't fall for these in your research:
  3. Chinese tech sector's concerns about AI:
  4. Should the heads of universities be academics?
  5. Using AI to assist with drug design:
  6. Ten simple rules to make your data science /AI research reproducible: 
  7. Relax, machine learning is not going to revolutionise business just yet: 
  8. I am starting to think that ethics in AI is a more complicated problem than AI itself: 
  9. Using deep neural networks to observe football games and bet on them: 
  10. In two years every successful software product will be expected to include some form of AI: 
  11. Automating machine learning so non-technical people can use it: 
  12. Using machine learning to detect hot jupiter planets orbiting other stars: 
  13. Google is funding the development of machine-written news articles: 
  14. Google's unified deep learning model:
  15. A session with an AI therapist: 
  16. Why machine learning doesn't work for some problems: 
  17. Preparing for the future of ubiquitous machine learning: 
  18. List of articles on TensorFlow: 
  19. Another attempt at using a deep neural network to name colours: 
  20. Getting into deep learning: how they built the Not Hotdog app: 
  21. How machine learning / AI is being used in US hospitals:
  22.  How AI can help to manage data:
  23. Why AI will change the business world:
  24. List of resources on self-driving cars:
  25. The ten IT jobs most likely to be taken over by AI:
  26. Detecting heart arrhythmia using deep learning:
  27. AI is now, finally, starting to deliver in the enterprise:
  28. DeepMind is letting virtual figures teach themselves how to walk, run etc through a virtual environment:
  29. How AI is being used in mobile apps:
  30. Detecting heart arrhythmia using deep learning: 
  31. Google is looking seriously at bias in AI:
  32. The role of AI in the 'digital brain' of a business: 
  33. AI is moving further into the enterprise:

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